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petit morpho represents a number of new invited and established artists, and is committed to introducing art with something at heart to an international audience by offering a long term collaboration and commitment. It shows and promotes both local, and international artists; the combination of established innovative artists, and younger talents makes the artistic profile of its actual, challenging, persistent, and unprejudiced.


{Report} August 30th/2014 | Stamp-Carving Workshop at Atelier MUJI

We had three sessions of Stamp-Carving Workshop 
at Atelier MUJI on August 30th/2014 
Our Qualified Instructor Fion, 
with her two assistants to make the activity fun and success. 

It was great to share the joy and happiness of Stamp-Carving. 
We hopefully everyone keeps up the passion to extend what you learnt from the workshop, and create your own original stamps!

For more information about the exhibition and workshop, 
please refer to MUJI Facebook Page

想以印章創作專屬自己的My Stationery嗎? 無印良品與一直致力推廣橡皮印章雕刻藝術的petit morpho工作室,將於2014年8月30日於尖沙咀Atelier MUJI合作舉辦My Stamp雕刻工作坊,教授雕刻橡皮印章,利用簡單的圖案,為愛用的物品加上專屬的記號。

只需回應這則帖子,寫上最希望於哪一件文具加上自己的印章,然後Tag上一位你希望可一起參加工作坊的朋友 (例如: @MUJI Chan)。當中最具創意的15位回應者即可免費和朋友參加My Stamp橡皮雕刻工作坊,除了可自製可愛印章外,更會獲贈MUJI記事簿,讓你盡情發揮創意。截止日期為2014年8月21 日下午11時30分,此工作坊只適合15歲或以上人士參加,不合資格者恕不招待。無印良品將會以私訊形式個別通知得獎者。

August 30th-September 26th | MUJI x petit morpho - My Stamp Exhibition

"MUJI x petit morpho - My Stamp Exhibition"

August 30th - September 19th/2014
*Extend to September 26th*

Atelier MUJI

4th/Floor at Harbour City


無印良品聯同推廣印章雕刻藝術的petit morpho藝術室舉行『MUJI x petit morpho – My Stamp』展示會,展出由日本印章雕刻家所創作的橡皮印章和作品,以及由無印良品的印章所裝飾的筆記本牆,展示生活中的藝術創意。


香港九龍尖沙咀海港城海洋中心4樓407店 Atelier MUJI

For more pictures, please check out MUJI Facebook Page


November.21-30/2014 | Tomomi Miura Solo Exhibition

Tomomi Miura Solo Exhibition 
November 21st-30th/2014

The Artist is going to use traditional Japanese painting techniques, to create small pieces depicting the essence of the seasons with plants as the central motif. 

毎日の中で、別になくても困らないけれどあったら素敵! というようなことを表現したいと思っています。