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petit morpho represents a number of new invited and established artists, and is committed to introducing art with something at heart to an international audience by offering a long term collaboration and commitment. It shows and promotes both local, and international artists; the combination of established innovative artists, and younger talents makes the artistic profile of its actual, challenging, persistent, and unprejudiced.


New Year Greeting from Shizue Takehara - Founder & Owner of petit morpho

Dear All,

Happy New Year 2014!

We are very happy and excited to inform you that we are going to move into the eighth years of running petit morpho in Hong Kong. We did various kinds of exhibitions and projects so far, without your supports, it was hardly having a continuously passion and motivation to introduce unique and charming artworks to everyone! Thanks from the bottom of our hearts J

We brought Stamp-Carving from Japan to Hong Kong since 2008, and introduced so many Japanese Artists to audiences in Hong Kong, for enhancing everyone’s the techniques and skills of the actual Stamp-Carving. After Hong Kong, we will bring those Artists to other countries for keep promoting.

This year for petit morpho, we will focus more on Art & Design, to introduce mostly related to paintings, and designing.

Thank you very much again for your supports, ALWAYS!

Shizue Takehara

Founder & Owner
petit morpho
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