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petit morpho represents a number of new invited and established artists, and is committed to introducing art with something at heart to an international audience by offering a long term collaboration and commitment. It shows and promotes both local, and international artists; the combination of established innovative artists, and younger talents makes the artistic profile of its actual, challenging, persistent, and unprejudiced.



Newly Joined Paper Artist


It is ready to celebrate a brand new year with her fun creation!


Year-end Clearance Sale

We are going to offer the Year-end Clearance Sale up to 50% OFF
for the entire collection from Original Paintings, artists' creations, and limited edition products. 

Starting from Today!


{Report} August 30th/2014 | Stamp-Carving Workshop at Atelier MUJI

We had three sessions of Stamp-Carving Workshop 
at Atelier MUJI on August 30th/2014 
Our Qualified Instructor Fion, 
with her two assistants to make the activity fun and success. 

It was great to share the joy and happiness of Stamp-Carving. 
We hopefully everyone keeps up the passion to extend what you learnt from the workshop, and create your own original stamps!

For more information about the exhibition and workshop, 
please refer to MUJI Facebook Page

想以印章創作專屬自己的My Stationery嗎? 無印良品與一直致力推廣橡皮印章雕刻藝術的petit morpho工作室,將於2014年8月30日於尖沙咀Atelier MUJI合作舉辦My Stamp雕刻工作坊,教授雕刻橡皮印章,利用簡單的圖案,為愛用的物品加上專屬的記號。

只需回應這則帖子,寫上最希望於哪一件文具加上自己的印章,然後Tag上一位你希望可一起參加工作坊的朋友 (例如: @MUJI Chan)。當中最具創意的15位回應者即可免費和朋友參加My Stamp橡皮雕刻工作坊,除了可自製可愛印章外,更會獲贈MUJI記事簿,讓你盡情發揮創意。截止日期為2014年8月21 日下午11時30分,此工作坊只適合15歲或以上人士參加,不合資格者恕不招待。無印良品將會以私訊形式個別通知得獎者。

August 30th-September 26th | MUJI x petit morpho - My Stamp Exhibition

"MUJI x petit morpho - My Stamp Exhibition"

August 30th - September 19th/2014
*Extend to September 26th*

Atelier MUJI

4th/Floor at Harbour City


無印良品聯同推廣印章雕刻藝術的petit morpho藝術室舉行『MUJI x petit morpho – My Stamp』展示會,展出由日本印章雕刻家所創作的橡皮印章和作品,以及由無印良品的印章所裝飾的筆記本牆,展示生活中的藝術創意。


香港九龍尖沙咀海港城海洋中心4樓407店 Atelier MUJI

For more pictures, please check out MUJI Facebook Page


November.21-30/2014 | Tomomi Miura Solo Exhibition

Tomomi Miura Solo Exhibition 
November 21st-30th/2014

The Artist is going to use traditional Japanese painting techniques, to create small pieces depicting the essence of the seasons with plants as the central motif. 

毎日の中で、別になくても困らないけれどあったら素敵! というようなことを表現したいと思っています。



September.1-20/2014 | Ly Yeow Solo Exhibition

It is really excited for having Ms. Ly Yeow
to show her series of artwork "Catboy" over to Hong Kong in 


She will be in Hong Kong to greet everyone on the 

Exhibition Opening 
August 31st/2014 (Sunday) 


petit morpho x tsukui tomoko STAMP CARVING TOOL BOX SET

It is to celebrate for petit morpho’ the eighth anniversary,
we specially collaborated with the globally well-known Stamp Carving Artist, 
Tomoko Tsukui, to produce a high quality collectible tool box set.

Limited Sets available!


The box includes:-

High Speed Tool Steel Carving Knife
Custom-made and polish each by Michihamono

OLFA Wooden Handle Cutter Knife
Custom-made and polish each by JOYFUL2 Moriya Store, Mr. Tanaka

Kneadable Eraser and Image Printed Rubber
Specially produced by Hinodewashi Co., Ltd

VersaCraft Soramame 35 Colours Inkpad 
Specially produced by Tsukineko Co., Ltd

Special Thanks to 津久井智子



Birthday Flower Stamp-Ordering by HUTTE.

We start taking an Birthday Flower Stamp-Ordering from today till the end of the exhibition. 
There are 365 days of birth flowers for you to choose from, very exciting yeah!!!
We will gather all the orderings by the end of exhibition, and the Artist will complete all the orderings approximately by the end of July.

Last Ordering will be on June.29th/2014


"All the Best from Hong Kong Island"

"All the Best from Hong Kong Island a folding greeting card, 
put a candle inside and you can see the Hong Kong under the dark beautifully.

it is always a good souvenir for visiting Hong Kong!


June.16-30/2014 | HUTTE. Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong

Ms. Eriko Kato 

Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong 

Birthday Flower 365+1
~ The Present from Flowers ~

during the exhibition period, we will specially take an order from your favorite birth flowers you find in the exhibition all framed it up in each month.

We group up all the orders by the end of exhibition, and the approximated completion will be in the mid of July or early August.


Amelia Art

We are going to welcome an artist from Poland 
- Amelia Art
whom had an interview featuring in little thing magazine a whole ago. 

Original paintings newly arrival in petit morpho. 
Utterly unique!


continues....April.1-27/2014 | Kei Moga Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong

Kei Moga 
Solo Exhibition 


April 1-27/2014

We will distribute two different version of flyers seperately in February and March. 
Please grab two flyers, and showing us to get an additional discount for the purchases during the Exhibition.

Please remember to bring along your schedule book or sketch book to get stamped on.


文具手帖 Vol.05

....after featuring Ippo Tanaka in Vol. 04
the upcoming issue will gonna featuring Tomoko Tsukui!
Please check her out in 《 文具手帖 Vol. 05 》



- 諸行無常ズ


This newly formed unit is still very new, 
and their concept is "to spread the Buddhism through Stamp Carving". 
They are willing to cope with petit morpho to have their performance in Overseas, 
however it is all related to Buddhism, there are many rules and regulations to be get involved. 

We both parties are very positive to find the best solution to have their amazing performance and artworks exhibit in Overseas in near future! Please allow us for the further study and proper preparation before making it happen. 
Thank You all!


June 28 & 29/2014 | HUTTE. Workshop Registration

Ms. Eriko Kato

She is coming to Hong Kong for her Solo Exhibition and Workshop in June/2014

She is going to teach you how to carve your name in Italic fonts with birthday flowers, stamping on the antique tag to put your own stamp in a box, to make it as a nice wrapping. 

*This workshop is targeting for the Advanced-Level carvers.

June 28 (Saturday) & June 29 (Sunday) 


For Enquiry & Registration, please contact


The Book Show 2014'

The Book Show 2014'


organized by Monster Gallery

to have a Group Exhibition in petit morpho, Hong Kong

All the Singapore Artists will greet you all on March 15th (Saturday) 12:00noon-3:00pm, please come to say Hi to them!!

You can also check out our Facebook Page for the live updates, 
with lots of pictures!


10 Artists Autographs inclusive RARE COPY


Hardcover Book

VERY RARE & SPECIAL in market.
We only have 2 copies available for you to add in your collection!


Earth Hour

Earth Hour is a global call to action to every individual, every business and every community throughout the world. It is a call to stand up, to take responsibility, to get involved and lead the way towards a sustainable future. Iconic buildings and landmarks from Europe to Asia to the Americas will stand in darkness. People across the world from all walks of life will turn off their lights and join together in celebration and contemplation of the one thing we all have in common – our planet.
petit morpho is proactively support Earth Hour campaign to invite one of the artists to design the campaign poster to help spread the important and meaningful message to the world.
You can review from the Artist designed the campaign poster since 2009.
Million Thanks to all the participating Artists!  
petit morpho always freely distribute the campaign postcards to WWF - Hong Kong, and help doing an educationl and promotional to schools, communities, and customers!

Earth Hour 2013
Ms. Fion Wong
(Hong Kong)

"Turn off The Lights, Light up Their Lives." 

Earth Hour 2012 
Ms. Isabel Roxas
(New York) 

"Lights off, lift off!"

Earth Hour 2011 
Ms. Kristiana Parn 
(New York)

Earth Hour 2010 
Ms. Naoko Stoop 
(New York)
"Turn off the Lights, Talk on the Moon"

Earth Hour 2009 
Ms. Ashley Liu 
(Hong Kong)

"Turn off the lights, light up the world." 

Earth Hour 2009 
 Ms. Candice Lui
(Hong Kong)




our annual decoration for the Chinese New Year is for this!!
We went to the floral garden in N.T. to freshly chop off the pretty one.
Actually we don't need to choose at all, 
because the gardener always reserve the best one for us!

Amazingly beautiful for this year!!
It is very welcome to come to have a look!


New Year Greeting from Shizue Takehara - Founder & Owner of petit morpho

Dear All,

Happy New Year 2014!

We are very happy and excited to inform you that we are going to move into the eighth years of running petit morpho in Hong Kong. We did various kinds of exhibitions and projects so far, without your supports, it was hardly having a continuously passion and motivation to introduce unique and charming artworks to everyone! Thanks from the bottom of our hearts J

We brought Stamp-Carving from Japan to Hong Kong since 2008, and introduced so many Japanese Artists to audiences in Hong Kong, for enhancing everyone’s the techniques and skills of the actual Stamp-Carving. After Hong Kong, we will bring those Artists to other countries for keep promoting.

This year for petit morpho, we will focus more on Art & Design, to introduce mostly related to paintings, and designing.

Thank you very much again for your supports, ALWAYS!

Shizue Takehara

Founder & Owner
petit morpho
Shizue’s Personal BLOG:

signed prints are always an ideal selection

Choosing the ideal and appropriate Print 
by simply framing it up is 
always a good selection to giveaway to any occasion 
such as a baby-birth, a birthday...

Each Print signed by the artist, and they are ready to be framed and 
decorated anywhere you like!

artworks soon to arrival!

We will start carrying her artwork from this year, 
after the Chinese New Year. 

BOUS Originalwork