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petit morpho represents a number of new invited and established artists, and is committed to introducing art with something at heart to an international audience by offering a long term collaboration and commitment. It shows and promotes both local, and international artists; the combination of established innovative artists, and younger talents makes the artistic profile of its actual, challenging, persistent, and unprejudiced.


Naoko Stoop | "Red Knit Cap Girl to the Rescue"

 the second BOOK of Naoko Stoop

"Red Knit Cap Girl to the Rescue" 

To save a copy, 
please contact


Tomoko Tsukui 10th years anniversary project | 津久井智子 10周年企画プロジェクト

It is her turning point in her life,
to have her very First Solo Exhibition in Japan,
in Tokyo at the end of this year.

She is going to have few projects to proceed to say Thanks from the bottom of her heart to all the related parties came across in her career in her past decade.
and by the time in August/2013' to celebrate her 10th year annivesary,
to have her "reset" to grow further as an Artist!


petit morpho and myself ofcourse will get involved some of the interesting projects,
and open call for the involvement with all of you LOVE Tomoko Tsukui.


- Step 1 - 
please grab 「ありが10はんこブック」
"Arigato 10 Stamp-Book" (Hanko Book)

it is 56 pages with introducing all the check-points which are the companies, and shops supporting Tomoko Tsukui for the 10th years anniversary project, and few pages for collecting the stamps. 

You can treat it as a MUST Collectible item!!  
Rare in Market!

- Step 2 - 
To visit the check-point to collect the stamps as many as you can.
Please refer to each check-point with terms and conditions

#petit morpho' terms & conditions#
1) Everyone visits petit morpho each time, can collect ONE stamp!
(maximum 2 stamps for each month)

2) All Stamp-Book Holders can receive 10% OFF discount for each purchase in both physical and Online Shop.

3) Everyone can earn one stamp when any purchases in Online Shop

- Stamp Collecting Period - 
August.1 - December.25/2013

- Step 3 - 
No matter how many stamps you collect, 
you will receive something from Tomoko Tsukui. 

Successfully collected more than 10 stamps >>
you will receive the 10th anniversary Original artwork!

Successfully collected 10 stamps >>
you will receive a tailor-made name personalized for FREE!!

Successfully collected 1 - 9 stamps >> 
something prepared by then refers to the numbers (TBA)

Please show your results during the 
- Redemption Period - 
December.14 - 25/2013

*please simply bring over the Stamp-Book to petit morpho, 
...or take a picture to e-mail at 


displaying artworks

We are displaying artworks back little by little....
Stamp Show almost comes to the end!

petit morpho' website is also updated accordingly, 
to make it more clean and more organized from what we did so far.

We suggested all the artists we carry in petit morpho, will get more focus on creating artworks from now if you are Stamp-Lovers, and if you find anything you like in both physical store, and is highly recommend you to adopt them in an earlier stage. 


September.20-29 | Joey Ma Solo Exhibition in Tokyo

Joey Ma
First Solo Exhibition in Tokyo

Gallery Sequel
3-9-3 Jingumae, Shibuya


September 20th-29th/2013

Opening Reception
September 20th 2013 (Friday) 

Joey Ma         

Joey Ma was born and raised in Hong Kong.

He started getting interested in art during the last two years of high school. 
Then Joey moved to Los Angeles to study Economics at University of Southern California and took a few painting classes. That’s when Joey discovered his passion in using oil paints and ever since then, Joey has been doing oil paintings regularly for the last eight years.
Joey has developed his current style by experimenting with pure oil paints mixes with chunks of wax to create a unique texture for the paintings. His bold use of all different kinds of colors and brush strokes certainly gives a strong impact on his paintings.

“I:Individuality” is Joey Ma’s first solo exhibition.

Individuality has always been Joey’s favorite word because he thinks everyone in this world is a unique human being and we all should be equal. In this collection, each of his painting is a result of an unique experience of exploring colors and patterns. And for the first time ever, Joey is using circle and oval shapes canvas in his paintings.









a notice | petit morpho+

Dear petit morpho Lovers, 

Happy Summer!!
It is to meet all the International Customers, 
and at the same time taking a good care of busy Hong Kong customers, 
From Today we are going to slightly change our habitat of retail part in petit morpho that we usually do.

Some collection will place on our official online shop treating as 

The price between the physical store and online shop will be different, 
some may set as a SPECIAL PRICE for a good bargain deal online. 
If you are smart shopper, you can earn your spending point by using credit card for checking-out!
There is NO duplication of collection will be shown in both physical store, and online.

If the system overcharged you the delivery cost, we will surely refund you the difference, No worries!

Please enjoy at petit morpho+

Thank you


a beautiful rose

Have you tried out the new colours of finger-tips inkpad yet? 
I tried all colours yesterday and the colours are great in vivid. 
I made a beautiful rose 

Why not adopting the whole collection to start your creation?

Stamps-Carving Certificate Test & Instructor Qualification

Stamps-Carving Certificate Test 
 Instructor Qualification 

*You can apply anytime throughout the year when you are getting ready to take the challenge.

*The test package will be shipped directly from Japan.

*All you have to hand in one test paper, with the actual stamps you carved for the Examiner to mark your paper after you finished. Hinodewashi Co., Ltd will issue an official certificate to prove you passed the test.

For enquiries & application:- 
petit morpho - 506 Commercial House, 35 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong 
Tel: 3104-2506 | Email: