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petit morpho represents a number of new invited and established artists, and is committed to introducing art with something at heart to an international audience by offering a long term collaboration and commitment. It shows and promotes both local, and international artists; the combination of established innovative artists, and younger talents makes the artistic profile of its actual, challenging, persistent, and unprejudiced.


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Stamp Show Hong Kong 2013' soon to close to the end.

Part 4 is starting from TODAY!

See your SMILE ^^

I can take a while rest for the whole August, 
at the same time I am working ahead on the next year projects!

my brain is always in "future tense"


New arrivals* alleluja

Latest collection from alleluja
Super cute little charm for the adoption!!


Part 4 of Stamp Show Hong Kong 2013 starts on July.28 ~ August.31/2013

Part 4 of Stamp Show Hong Kong 2013
....with 40 Artists' Collection
 specially starts on this coming Sunday, July 28th
till the last day of August

Saturday & Sunday

same as last year, we have LUCKY DRAW to all visitors!!
Please check out the prizes in petit morpho, Good Luck ~


「LIFE.ART」 Tour Exhibition 2013' comes to the end very soon!

Here is the [Report] of the Last Stop in Tokyo for the

Please enjoy!!
....and Thanks for everyone keep supporting us from March/2013

Million Thanks to all venue supporters, and related parties!
Thanks to all 10 Artists for creating an amazing artworks!


Hong Kong the FIRST publishing' Stamp-Carving Illustration Book 香港初出版の「消しゴムはんこ図案集」

It is the first time in Hong Kong publishing
the first Stamp-Carving Illustration Book



「橡皮印章雕刻速學‧10 分鐘上手!」
petit morpho 編著|萬里機構 萬里書店出版

There are five Artists participating in this book
atelier 11+1
*Seed of Smile*

...and one Instructor teaching the basic techniques of carving
Fion Wong

特別找來日本5位別具潮流觸覺的橡皮印章藝術家共同創作,從不同的類別中創作出超過 1,000 款充滿趣味的印章圖案,類別當中包括:小動物、生活小用品、人物造型、交通工具、花草樹木、文字數字等。圖案有趣簡潔容易臨摹,透過牛油紙的配合,不懂繪畫者亦可在瞬間將各種有趣圖案,轉印在橡皮膠進行雕刻。

透過書內 Step by Step 的教學內容,讀者們可在10分鐘內上手開始雕刻自己第一個橡皮印章。

1. 全書超過1000款別具風格及趣味的印章圖案。

2. 圖案超豐富,包含各類應用範疇。

3. 圖案線條簡潔,容易臨摹繪畫。

4. 簡單易明的繪圖及雕刻教學,10分鐘上手。


「橡皮印章雕刻速學‧10 分鐘上手!」
petit morpho 編著|萬里機構 萬里書店出版

Stockists in Hong Kong//
petit morpho, PaperArt, CitySuper LOG-ON
中華書局, 三聯書店, 商務印書館,天地圖書


「橡皮印章雕刻速學‧10 分鐘上手!」
petit morpho 編著|東販出版

Stockists in Taiwan//
major bookstores in Taiwan

Stockists in Singapore//


「橡皮印章雕刻速學‧10 分鐘上手!」
petit morpho 編著|上海科技教育出版社

Stockists in China//
major bookstores in China

Thank You!

Thank you everyone of your heart-warming messages and gifts
I keep receiving time-to-time.

every single word is one of the motivation to keep moving on!

Thank You!


[Report] July.6 & 7 | Free workshop at LOG-ON, Festival-Walk Store

Please contact directly at LOG-ON Facebook Page,
for how to register the workshop conducted by
our second guest artist of Stamp Show Hong Kong.

Mr.Akihiro Sakabayashi is going to teach you this funny bear
 at LOG-ON, Festival Walk store
on July 6th, and 7th afternoon


Here is the [Report]
.....of how popular among all the participants,
and we urgently added few time-slots at the spot to meet the majority needs.

Thanks to LOG-ON .....
offering us an excellent area for the artist to share the joy of Stamp-Carving.

he is under the spot-light, yeah!!

teaching the very basic skills of stamp-carving to everyone who successfully enrolled,
at the same time, he is preparing a little Thank You card to all, for the good memory!

busy a bee!!

we immediately added new time-sessions to meet the majority needs at the spot.

crazily lots of people for each session.


September.14 & 15 | Preserved Flower Jewelry Box & Photo Frame Case' Making

Floral Designer – Ms. Yumiko Ishii is coming to Hong Kong.

She is going to teach you how to make a jewelry box,
and the photo frame by using the preserved flowers

September 14 (Saturday) - Jewelry Box
September 15 (Sunday) - Photo Frame

Morning Session 10:00am-12:00noon
Early Afternoon Session 1:00pm-3:00pm
Late Afternoon Session 4:00pm-6:00pm

*maximum 4 persons per session

For Enquiry & Registration, please contact for more details.
Thank You!

preserved flowers are actual 100% real flowers.

They are NOT silk flowers or any other type of artificial flower.
They're the real thing.

Preserved simply means that the flowers have undergone a special preservation process to allow the flowers to maintain their original color and appearance - and as a result preserving their natural beauty forever.


Postcard is a MUST adoption in the current exhibition!
Limited number available.

We are more focusing on showing upscale artworks in the exhibition
to all the audiences from now on.


Memorable Stamp designed by our second guest artist - Mr. Akihiro Sakabayashi

Our second guest artist, Mr. Akihiro Sakabayashi
the memorable stamp for everyone to collect starting TODAY on July 1st/2013'
with his Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong.

ふわふわ堂 坂林明愽さん がデザインしたスタンプショー記念スタンプ
 いよいよ 今日から捺せますよ♪