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petit morpho represents a number of new invited and established artists, and is committed to introducing art with something at heart to an international audience by offering a long term collaboration and commitment. It shows and promotes both local, and international artists; the combination of established innovative artists, and younger talents makes the artistic profile of its actual, challenging, persistent, and unprejudiced.


Stamps Carving {a private workshop} - Beginner's Level | August/2013'

it is to meet the official requirements of the Organization,
we are going to categorized into the levels to give {a private workshop} to let more people to promote Stamps-Carving by obtainting a qualified certificate when they meet a certain levels of fundamental, and technical skills
...after successfully completed the sessions of workshop.

All the materials and syllabus will be used from Hinodewashi Co., Ltd

Here is the schedule of the ....

Beginner's Level

1) August 5th (Monday), August 9th (Friday)
2) August 12th (Monday), August 16th (Friday)
3) August 19th (Monday), August 23rd (Friday)
4) August 26th (Monday), August 30th (Friday)


it starts to enroll from today!!
please kindly contact at for more details.
Thank You!
> if you took a workshop before in petit morpho, and feeling confident enough it is always welcoming and flexible for you to apply ONLY for the Certificate test from Japan.


August.1-31 | Part 4 - Stamp Show Hong Kong 2013'

Part 4 - Stamp Show Hong Kong 2013'


We have (40) Stamp-Carving Artists joining from Japan, China, and other countries, each artist will deliver 20-30 stamps, so there will be approximately around a thousand of stamp collection for everyone to adopt your favourites!

The participating artists will be listed up with their profile introduction in the mid of July. Thanks for your patience!

July.1-27 | 坂林明博 Solo Exhibition Hong Kong

He is getting ready to show his works with amazing display in July/2013'

Same as naco Ms. Natsuko Taguchi,
he is first time holding a solo exhibition and selling his artwork in his life time!

Mr. Akihiro Sakabayashi
Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong



Open Call for the worldwide artists アーティスト募集

If you are wishing petit morpho to carry your artwork,
please email us at
with the pictures for the consideration!

It is Open Call for the worldwide artists

petit morphoで作品デビューを希望されてるアーティストを募集しております。


Share the InstaRain

Wanna get what ippo specially designed for this
Rainy-theme promotion campaign for LOG-ON?!
Be quick to "Share the InstaRain" activity to win a set for yourself!


another developing area in Singapore....
with a hidden stylish concept shop!

"Don't just buy them, experience them." 

beautiful space with a flexibility of holding exhibitions, and workshops
Joseph will have his exhibition this month-end, Looking Forward!

[Report] of the 4th stop of "LIFE.ART" Tour Exhibition in Singapore

I just returned from Singapore for the
4th stop of "LIFE.ART" Tour Exhibition

You can enjoy the Report

what a nice greeting gift ippo prepared for the Monster Gallery!!

Thanks to Monster Gallery, and Joseph....

and ofcourse all of you visited us during the last weekend.


ippo is flying to Singapore!!!

having a final preparation to Singapore!
ippo and myself will meet you everyone of you this weekend. 

I know Singapore is hot, and perhaps I am being melted on the floor...

stickers...created by ippo

We are now suggesting the artists to create the side products besides stamps...
so that we can get to understand more of each artist' strength for the project collaboration with different parties.

a sheet of stickers arrival
created by ippo


his talent stands out in Japan!

It is happy to know ippo will have his first live demonstration in Japan....
I feel very proud of him!!
Finally his talent stands out!
If you have a chance to visit Kyoto in July.3-5th/2013
please say hi to him!

sooooo funny!!!
ippo implied he wants to "try something on" in Singapore,
and advice his partner to take a picture for him "

If you are smart enough, then you would understand what he is talking about.


ippo is talking about his excitement towards
"LIFE.ART" Tour Exhibition 2013; and
Stamp Show Hong Kong 2013

little thing magazine #30

little thing magazine
latest issue #30

just arrival!!

new arrivals* Redbug

New arrival from Redbug

Pin brooches with envelopes

Rainy-theme' promotion

Thanks to LOG-ON
to offer a Happy project to their upcoming promotion on something related to

We appointed one of our artists Mr.Ippo Tanaka,
to design a certain number of stamp sets.

We keep receiving different projects time to time,
and hopefully we can offer different opportunities to different artists!

LOG-ON から7月の雨天プロモーション用に 数セットのはんこ注文が入りました。

petit morpho +

What "petit morpho +" is?
It is what we highlighted once in a while for everyone' adoption to add in your collection.
Everything specially selected by the Owner of petit morpho.
*Standard shipping charges to everywhere in the world for Only US$10.00
no matter you adopt one or multiple items.

For Hong Kong Residents, it is flexible to have waived for the delivery cost, you can freely contact us for the reserved, and collect it during the office hours by settled in local currency.


[Report] June.1-10: mimuthings Solo Exhibition & Workshop in Singapore

mimuthings is going to Singapore to tell

"The Story of mimuthings"

Monster Gallery
64 Neil Road, Singapore

She is also featured in the article as well.
She will also conduct Stamp-Carving workshop on the first two days in Singapore.