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petit morpho represents a number of new invited and established artists, and is committed to introducing art with something at heart to an international audience by offering a long term collaboration and commitment. It shows and promotes both local, and international artists; the combination of established innovative artists, and younger talents makes the artistic profile of its actual, challenging, persistent, and unprejudiced.


June.1~August.31/2013' 「津久井智子 作品展」 at 香港中央図書館 

If you missed to view her works last year in Stamp Show Hong Kong 2012' we'd like to make an official annoucement of letting you know
we are going to organize again in Hong Kong!

津久井智子 作品
June.1 ~August.31/2013

香港銅鑼灣高士威道66 號
66 Causeway Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
(tel: 3150-1234)

new arrivals* atelier 11+1

LOVE her drawing on the box!!!

latest collection from atelier 11+1
her artwork in Tour Exhibition is very beautifully-made,
and why not adopting one of these small size artwork to your collection.

There are nearly 80+ creations for you to choose from.

the artist mentioned that she will not use this handle from the next collection onwards, so this latest collection with this handle' unique finishing would be the last!

Thank You!!!!

As usual, May is the busiest month for petit morpho....
at the same time, the project I handle in May is always the big present to reward to myself!!

This year, the stop of "LIFE.ART" Tour Exhibition
 comes to Hong Kong which is May/2013...
three artists coming to Hong Kong is my big present to myself,
and also to all the Hong Kong people who loves them very much!!
Now you all dreams come true!!

Thank You!!! everyone sharing this important and happy month with us, and give a precious memory to the artist during the stay in Hong Kong!

I personally feel very extremely happy of MUJI loves what we did,
and willing to cooperate in a larger scale in some other day.

Since this kind of exhibition we arranged is very pioneer in the world,
even Japan is the origin of Stamp-Carving, you couldn't believe this Tour Exhibition I organized is the very first time to gather (10) artists to have a show in one roof,
presenting as an Art (i.e. Pop-Art)

We arranged Tokyo will be the last stop of Tour Exhibition, and hopefully this kind of brandnew Art may inspire everyone who loves Stamp-Carving within Japan.

Stamp Show Hong Kong 2013 begins.....

Stamp Show Hong Kong 2013 begins,
warmly welcoming the first guest artist
Ms. Natsuko Tsguchi showing her exhibition first time in Hong Kong.

Part 1 & 2は、アーティスト田口奈津子 個展とワークショップです。



FREE activity at Atelier MUJI in May/2013'

Please don't miss the date and time to get participated in our
FREE activity 
Atelier MUJI

"LIFE.ART" Tour Exhibition 2013

May.11 (Saturday)
Live Demonstration by Tomoko Tsukui

** **

May.18 (Saturday) & 19 (Sunday)
Eco-Bag Making with Keico Koma

** **

May.26 (Sunday)
Letter-set Making with Natsuko Taguchi

先行発売!!! 新色「そらまめ」

New colour of finger tips inkpads produced by TomokoTsukui,
arrived in advance in petit morpho.
津久井智子プロデユース 新色「そらまめ」 インクパッド


[Report] May.19/2013 - Stamp Carving workshop by こまけいこ

We had a Stamp-Carving workshop on May.19 (Sunday)/2013
conducted by our second guest artist: Ms. Keico Koma,
first time coming to Hong Kong for "LIFE.ART" Tour Exhibition

She rarely hold a workshop, demonstration in Japan,
so this time is very special for Hong Kong!

You are lucky enough if you joined her workshop.
Her carving skills is totally different way,
so I believe you learnt another techniques to apply in your creation.


[Report] May.18/2013 - Demonstration at LOG-ON, Harbour City

After Tomoko Tsukui, we have another master coming to Hong Kong
for the Stamp-Carving Demonstration.

Ms. Keico Koma is keen on fabric design by her original stamps.

This time, Thanks to LOG-ON placed a proper display, so that customers can view comfortably and select products easily.


Greeting with PaperArt

We had a quick greeting at PaperArt!
It is because they provided us a space for Tomoko Tsukui for the live demonstration last year in Stamp Show Hong Kong

3 minutes walk from petit morpho..
You can get all the necessary items from a variety range of paper, tools and stamps.

If you are new to Crafting, then they will recommend you how to start with.

Thanks for greatly supporting petit morpho placing the event' flyers with related items of Stamp-Carving

Why not drawing a brandnew POPs for PaperArt to display?!


[Report] May.12/2013 - Stamp Carving workshop by 津久井智子

after the Opening of Tour Exhibition at Atelier MUJI...
May.12 (Sunday)/2013' is specially organized for the Stamp-Carving workshop conducted by Tomoko Tsukui

To learn the Tomoko Tsukui style and techniques of stamp carving workshop.
 She conducted by using a super huge cutter knife!

actually we offered an Intermediate-Level workshop this year, so that everyone can learn her special techniques, she is really amazing of fully-using her cutter knife just like holding a pencil to draw without paying any strength on the rubber to carve.

everyone are good learners!!


I usually dont prefer the same artist to do the same thing in the event, so last year she came to Hong Kong for Stamp Show Hong Kong 2013;
this year is for LIFE.ART Tour Exhibition;
how about next year?!


Her newly formed unit called 諸行無常ズ
with the famous monk 麻田弘潤 spreading the Buddhism... now planning ahead and do something unique in Hong Kong.

details will be conglomerated by this year-end, so please do look forward~

Thank You again....

Last year she came to Hong Kong for the Stamp Show Hong Kong 2012;
this year she came to Hong Kong for "LIFE.ART" Tour Exhibition 2013

Thank You again for giving us another amazing show,
and lots of inspiration!!

New arrivals* Original Handcarved Stamps by TomokoTsukui

You can stamp the same elephant just like the postcard of what TomokoTsukui designs. What a super huge handcarved stamp, definitely it is a collectible artwork!
Elephant is her most favorite animal! 

Rare in market!!

New designs of original handcarved stamp by TomokoTsukui now in petit morpho.

[Report] May.11/2013 - Demonstration at LOG-ON, Harbour City

after the "LIFE.ART" Tour Exhibition' Opening to present in the artistic performance,
another activity follows in LOG-ON for the Stamp-Carving Demonstration referring to the theme of Mother's Day. 

Tomoko Tsukui made three different designs of stamps, one design includes the Rubber Duck ^^

These stamps are all displayed in the LOG-ON stores with her autograph, checked them out if you missed this event.

Thanks to all helpful staffs in LOG-ON, Harbour City store.

[Updated] Activities' coordination with LOG-ON

After Tomoko Tsukui, the coming Saturday we have Keico Koma, another famous stamp-carving artist coming to Hong Kong for the free activity.

Just simply follow us for the whole day in Harbour City, make sure not to mix up the time then you won't miss everything!

See you again very soon.

Stamp-Carving Demonstration by Keico Koma
May.18 (Saturday)/2013'
at LOG-ON store, Harbour City

petit morpho is to coordinate with LOG-ON,
it is to beneficial to all the Stamp-Carving Lovers...
they agreed to stock in the Rubber Boards for us, so that everyone can access the stores anytime to get the materials easily from now on. it is to keep up the motivation for the Stamp-Carvers,
petit morpho is trying our very best to coordinate with LOG-ON for different activities throughout the year!


Mother's Day Activity
May.11 (Saturday)/2013'
5:00pm ~ 6:30pm
at LOG-ON store, Harbour City

Yes, we will immediately come to say hi to everyone after we finished the Opening Party and Live Demonstration at Atelier MUJI on that day!

If you are free, please follow us for the whole day at Harbour City^^

[Report] 3rd stop in Hong Kong - 「LIFE.ART」 Tour Exhibition 2013'

We had an exhibition installation till late midnight at 3:00am on Saturday morning,
due to the lights turned off, and weaker air-conditioning....
extremely tiring with only 2 hours instant sleep

without a good sleep, rushed to the exhibition in the morning to adjust for the spot-lights

several meetings in the morning, and also with the press interview before the official opening time.

Thanks to everyone who assisted us on the first day of the Opening.

please refer to the official blog for the Report with lots of pictures.
If you want to follow us in instant updates, please follow us at Facebook Page/petitmorpho


[新聞稿Press Release] Atelier MUJI 展示會 「LIFE.ART」「生活.藝術」Tour Exhibition 2013

Press Release
widely distributed to all media in Hong Kong
For more information, please refer to:

Please kindly contact either MUJI Hong Kong, and petit morpho for the further arrangement. Thank You!


「LIFE.ART」 Tour Exhibition 2013' Memorable Stamps 巡廻展記念スタンプ

Atelier MUJI and petit morpho are willing to keep the exhibition space clean and tidy,
we agreed to place all the "Memorable Stamps"

in petit morpho for all visitors to collect freely during the exhibition period.

巡回展香港会場Atelier MUJIでは展示がメインとなり
限定商品の販売、記念スタンプは会期中petit morphoで行います。