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petit morpho represents a number of new invited and established artists, and is committed to introducing art with something at heart to an international audience by offering a long term collaboration and commitment. It shows and promotes both local, and international artists; the combination of established innovative artists, and younger talents makes the artistic profile of its actual, challenging, persistent, and unprejudiced.


since 2009.....

I resumed my habit of writing my personal entry from Today!
since 2009......
I never post my personal life and things in the open public.

Everyone around me love following my way of living;
love knowing my way of thinking;
curious of my way of do's and dont's.
etc etc etc 

how Shizue Takehara connects to petit morpho
from the past to the up-to-date

main display...all related to "LIFE. ART" Tour Exhibition

From the first day of April, we mainly lined up all related to
"LIFE. ART" Tour Exhibition limited edition items
from the artists with books, rubber boards.


second guest artist of Stamp Show Hong Kong 2013

the second guest artist
Stamp Show Hong Kong 2013
the exhibition flyer with the workshop details released.

Please check out at Stamp Show official blog for more details.

Thank You!


Meet all (10) Artists on July.20/2013 (Saturday) in Tokyo

if you are willing to meet all (10) artists participating in
"LIFE.ART" Tour Exhibition 2013

We strongly recommend you to show up on
the last stop in Tokyo starting on July.15-31/2013
Gallery Sequel

We specially arranged for the Meet the Artist Day!
ALL (10) artists will be on

July.20/2013 (Saturday)
こまけいこ | 津久井智子 | 田口奈津子 | 宮崎由紀 | 寺田淳

田中一歩 | 中澤薫 | 木梨薫 |  鈴木愛 | 茂苅恵


"Princess Set"

"Princess Set"
produced by our guest artist of this year Stamp Show arrived in-store.

which colour box set you like?


new arrivals* Redbug

New arrivals from Redbug

She is very keen on the retro cute!!


The invitation card for freely accessing to all the Opening Party in all venues

The invitation card
“LIFE.ART“ Tour Exhibition 2013
we specially designed and arranged for our very important guests to freely access to all the Opening Party in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo.
For the actual date and time details,
please contact the exhibition venues, or from the artists.

*Please RSVP to put you in our Guest List


60 days accomplishment

We have the most urgent priority task to accomplish
in 60 days to release in the market.
We are going to be the first one make it happening in Hong Kong!

Looking forward to work with the professional team.


artistic' development

I went to have a site check in little thing Concept Shop, Shenzhen yesterday.
try out the artwork on, and interact with the artist and everyone!
Please don't forget to wear this tag as an accessories~


Back & Front of the artwork.

Loose fit!! so it suits to everyone!

For me, it is so loosen...and I tied it up tight at the back.



through this Tour Exhibition, we keep receiving a happy enquiry with different parties for our artists' future collaboration. I feel so glad and proud of them, and hopefully I can get more and more opportunities for the artists to have challenges and move on to the artistic development in the coming years in the world!



The official online shop of petit morpho

we are very happy to make an annoucement to all who love petit morpho

The official online shop of petit morpho
starts launching on
March.18/2013 (Monday)

A place to Admire*Inspire*Acquire

... Open the door to an unforgettable experience when you discover our wide selection of hand carved rubber stamps, as well as variety of handmade art and crafts by our Artists from around the world.

Come to admire works by our Artists,
and discover joys of handmade!

Encore!!!...initial stamps


initial stamp by 2hikinokobuta

I, K, S, E, L, R, M, J, A, N, C


Thank You everyone!

Thank you to everyone say hi to mimuthings yesterday on the Meet the Artist day.
Your personal show up may give her a great motivation to move on to keep creating a lovely items! Hopefully you enjoy yourself in the mimuthings world!

So happy of Fion....
First time holding an exhibition in her life, and she didn't expect of her creation may gives Happiness to everyone!

after the show in Hong Kong, we scheduled to send her to have an exhibition in Singapore

mimuthings Solo Exhibition

Monster Gallery
64 Neil Road, Singapore

what did you draw yesterday?
show me show me!!


extend to their future artistic development

...keep receiving the safe arrivals of the 「LIFE.ART」 Memorable Book 
from the artists these days....
and I feel so glad and happy they like and treasure it
as one of the collectable items in their life.

 it is for the artists, and their fans....
we put an extra time and effort on this book.

petit morpho believes the overall presentation of this book may extend to their future artistic development.


陶器はんこ Ceramic Stamp

the designer of mimuthings - Ms. Fion Wong
from sketching to the design;
handcarved the stamps;
using the stamps to apply...
on the clay to make a creamic-stamp.

The lace pattern you can see from here, is using the ceramic-stamp to create the jewelries.

She creates an artwork with the combination of ceramic and her handcarved stamps. 


March.6th (Wednesday) 11:00am-1:30pm

interview arrangement with mimuthings
tomorrow on March.6/2013 (Wednesday)
Thanks for your cooperation!

new arrivals* alleluja

new arrivals from alleluja

latest collection of brooch pin...
how cutiest they are!!


Happy News!!! LOG-ON

What a Happy News to all the Stamp-Carvers in Hong Kong!!
Finally LOG-ON lined up the rubber boards,
so that everyone can easily accessing to any LOG-ON stores to grab anytime.

Thank you to the Stationery Buyer and related Marketing Department of CitySuper Hong Kong, and CitySuper Japan, to take a serious consideration to carry the rubber boards in Hong Kong, and make us dream comes true!! that petit morpho may put more effort on introducing artists by holding exhibitions, and events.



just finished the initial part of the 「LIFE.ART」 Tour Exhibition by coordinating the 10 artists, now it is the stage of showing and presenting their artworks....

not yet taken a good rest,
another amazing project approachs us to catch up the flow...

we are going to be the first one to make it happen in the market!

another organizing and coordinating big job for me again heeew

mimuthings world .....continues

the current exhibition in petit morpho is brought to you by Ms. Fion Wong
the designer of mimuthings

she will try to station in petit morpho to greet all the visitors
every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Please come to understand more of mimuthings world!

Meet the Artist Day
March.9 (Saturday)/2013


1st stop in Shenzhen, China - 「LIFE.ART」 Tour Exhibition 2013'

Today is the first day of the stop in Shenzhen, China
at little thing Concept Shop

「LIFE.ART」 Tour Exhibition 2013

the exhibition extends till March.24 (Sunday)


due to the space limitation, and we will highlight the stop in Hong Kong...
some of the attractive 3D creation, and installation display didn't show in the stop in Shenzhen.

Please do look forward to the stop in Hong Kong at Atelier MUJI for the full version!

Thank You!