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petit morpho represents a number of new invited and established artists, and is committed to introducing art with something at heart to an international audience by offering a long term collaboration and commitment. It shows and promotes both local, and international artists; the combination of established innovative artists, and younger talents makes the artistic profile of its actual, challenging, persistent, and unprejudiced.


introducing 諸行無常ズ

Stamp-Carving Artist 津久井智子 lately collaborated with 麻田弘潤 who is a monk and also a Stamp-Carving Artist, the newly formed unit called 諸行無常ズ

it is to introduce the Buddhism through enjoying the fun of Stamp-Carving,
they started to visit different different temples within Japan from this year.

Tomoko is very famous of using her own iconic super huge cutter knife to carve stamps, and to conduct the workshops to the students. How amazingly she created an artwork by using different stamps applying the combination with the colours and the placement.

You can enjoy the video clip' introduction of 諸行無常ズ