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petit morpho represents a number of new invited and established artists, and is committed to introducing art with something at heart to an international audience by offering a long term collaboration and commitment. It shows and promotes both local, and international artists; the combination of established innovative artists, and younger talents makes the artistic profile of its actual, challenging, persistent, and unprejudiced.


with Patisserie Uriwari

We will make a happy annoucement of what we offered to the sweet lovers
for this interesting special collaboration with Patisserie Uriwari
soon to happen starting from March/2013


March.1-31/2013' mimuthings Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong

Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong

" between...."


as introduced before, Ms. Fion Wong is a Product Designer in Hong Kong.
She created mimuthings since year 2002, and she is getting ready to show you her world after the Chinese New Year!

Please save the date to Meet the Artist 
March.9 (Saturday)/2013'

she will show her ultimate creativity idea from the motion,
the artworks to the objects, and ornaments!


Please grab a copy in advance! - 「LIFE.ART」Tour Exhibition 2013' Collectable Hardcover Book

Finally the 「LIFE.ART」 Tour Exhibition 2013'
Collectable Hardcover Book freshly arrived.

The first pile we are going to send to the artists, and the exhibition venues.

It starts to line up in March/2013 in all the exhibition venues.

You can direct purchase at the venues, at petit morpho,
and direct ordering from the artists.

Each Book comes with the heavy box case, and is sealed individually to prevent from the damages and humidity when delivery.
Please grab a copy for yourself in advance!!
it is because the artists are going to show up in the event of Tour Exhibition,
they are only able to give you an autograph on this Book.

new arrivals* nico

new arrivals from nico

She will give another baby very soon!! Congratulations~


introducing 諸行無常ズ

Stamp-Carving Artist 津久井智子 lately collaborated with 麻田弘潤 who is a monk and also a Stamp-Carving Artist, the newly formed unit called 諸行無常ズ

it is to introduce the Buddhism through enjoying the fun of Stamp-Carving,
they started to visit different different temples within Japan from this year.

Tomoko is very famous of using her own iconic super huge cutter knife to carve stamps, and to conduct the workshops to the students. How amazingly she created an artwork by using different stamps applying the combination with the colours and the placement.

You can enjoy the video clip' introduction of 諸行無常ズ 


James Clancy Photo Exhibition showing till February.27/2013'

Although we are busying in preparing for the upcoming events in Hong Kong,
we never stop our exhibition showing at this current moment in Tokyo.

James Clancy Photo Exhibition

Gallery Sequel
Tokyo, Japan


first two days of the exhibition,
attracted quite a lot of Japanese famous well-known Photographers to view James' photographs.

Tokyo is freezing these days,
so please grab a heavy coat to visit if you are in Tokyo!

Please refer to Gallery Sequel
...for more details about the profile introduction and the exhibition scenaries.

Thank You!


「LIFE.ART」 Tour Exhibition 2013'

logistic is the big job for us to challenge for the

「LIFE.ART 」Tour Exhibition 2013'

10 artists 10 creations

petit morpho given out one strict rule but providing a totally free and unlimited creation to let the artists' present their works, so please focus on the idea of what 10 artists created according to the theme of the exhibition.

different people may interpret differently,
that's the fun and enjoyable interatction between the artworks and the audiences


due to each venue' space limitation,
we try to place all but partial for some venues,
however you cannot miss the stop in Hong Kong
at Atelier MUJI
on May.11-June.7/2013,
it is because we will showcase the artworks completely!



I believe everyone had a good time spending time with families and friends..
...and lots of eating and chatting from the morning to the evening.

petit morpho resumed to the normal office hours from today on the Valentine's Day.

my home decoration still in the mixture of Christmas and Chinese New Year -_-"

my cat suddenly had a convulsions in the morning of 年初二,
all four legs freezed....
so I immediately took him to the SPCA for the emergency.

Thanks to him....
all my red pockets I earned goes to his medical fee.

He is a 20 years old cat.
He grows up with my little brother since 1983.

老猫同人一様, 身体机能一様会衰弱。
好彩年青時keep得好, 如果晤係睇医生睇到窮!

I went to climb up on the hills.


May.3-4-5/2013' BOUS is coming to Hong Kong

Just received the fun idea from the
.......of the activities gonna happen during her stay in Hong Kong.
Her activity will be totally related to what she created and what she is going to show in 「LIFE.ART」Tour Exhibition 2013'

Please save the dates on May.3-4-5/2013'
the annoucement with the flyers will be released very soon!



as usual to celebrate for the Chinese New Year...
freshly cut off the 桃花 from the garden at the New Territories,
and brought it back to Central to keep blooming in petit morpho.

we usually measure for the exact height of the vase, so that we don't need to do extra job.
it is just a 小桃花樹

this year, beautifully blooming and keep dropping -_-"
all the flowers and leaves dropped on the floor, chairs...and everywhere.


new arrivals* sora x stamp

new arrivals from sora x stamp
this time,
she prepared some of the machine-made stamps to Hong Kong!
Lovely aren't they?!


new arrivals* ippo

new arrivals from the latest collection from ippo
using the wall-paints to create his artworks.

artworks can be seen from the front and back.
amazingly beautiful when you see in real

...midest the midest of February/2013

....still my room fulled of stuff related to Christmas -_-"
perhaps I keep all of them throughout the year.

oily food....

before the Chinese New Year starts.....
my stomach has already fulled of oily food -_-"
relative gathering lunch and dinner makes my pace slowing down
because of consuming tooo fulled for each time. please not to consume too much during the holidays....
I understand it is difficult.

again this year need to select for the brandnew 揮春 for myself.

Please save the dates all happening in May/2013'

May will be the busiest for everyone of you...
it is because the artists keep coming to Hong Kong to say Hi to everyone!

Here is a quick note for you to drop down on your schedule:


the guest of 「LIFE.ART」 Tour Exhibition 2013'

the guest of 「LIFE.ART」 Tour Exhibition 2013'

the guest of Stamp Show Hong Kong 2013'
the guest of 「LIFE.ART」 Tour Exhibition 2013'


Linocut Printmaking {a private workshop} - March/2013

 since the technique is very similar to Stamp-Carving, we are very happy to introduce and promote this to the public to make it yourself to learn what Linocut Printmaking is.

the boards, and carving knives are specializing for the linocut is necessary to get directly from Singapore.
Linocut Printmaking

1) March 3 (Sunday)
2) March 16 (Saturday)

3)  March 10 (Sunday)
4) March 17 (Sunday)
For enquiry & registration,
please contact for more details.
Thank You!