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petit morpho represents a number of new invited and established artists, and is committed to introducing art with something at heart to an international audience by offering a long term collaboration and commitment. It shows and promotes both local, and international artists; the combination of established innovative artists, and younger talents makes the artistic profile of its actual, challenging, persistent, and unprejudiced.


Spring has come ♪

Spring has come ♪

Limited Edition products
specially prepared by the (10) artists participating in
our upcoming 「LIFE.ART 」Tour Exhibition 2013'
 will be line up from March/2013' in all the exhibition venues, and petit morpho.

very much ....Looking Forward!!



(this greeting card is created by Schnick!Schnack!)

it is time to get the 桃花 display in the office to start our brandnew year of Snake!

need to say Thank You and Hello our annual greetings to 車公廟、黄大仙


Wish you everyone have a fruitful year!



little thing magazine #28

little thing magazine
issue #28

if you wish to get the back issues,
we do have plenty of past issues for you to trace back.


津久井智子、こまけいこ workshop in Hong Kong - May/2013'

if you missed to take her workshop last year, then here is a chance to catch up in time during their visit of showing up in the「 LIFE.ART」 Tour Exhibition 2013' in May.

Tomoko Tsukui published lots of stamp-carving related books, and produced finger-tips inkpads, with the stamp-carving rubber boards.  
Keico Koma published almost 10 books related to Stamp-Carving on the fabric using, and also produced a series of fabric inkpads.

these two artist you never miss this year....
they are going to show the artwork in Tour Exhibition,
holding activites in Atelier MUJI; and
precious workshops in petit morpho
happening in Hong Kong

here is the workshop schedule released privilege to all petit morpho' lovers!!

Workshops conducted by 津久井智子

May.12 (Sunday)

1) 10:30am-12:00noon
2) 1:30pm-3.00pm
3) 4:30pm-6:00pm


Workshops conducted by こまけいこ

May.19 (Sunday)

4) 10:30am-12:00noon
5) 1:30pm-3:00pm
6) 4:30pm-6:00pm

For enquiry & registration, please contact
Thank You!


printing matters....

eventually we approved all the printing matters....
and we received the beautifully printed flyers of the Stamp Show for this year.
This year we used the best paper quality to place in the exhibition venues.


no matter...I treasure

no matter how busy you are...
only a little message, a notecard or greeting cards,
that may connect to each other in such a unique form.

a simple message handwritten by you;
or typing few words by e-mail;

I treasure each single card, and messages I received everyday.

new arrivals* 2hikinokobuta

New arrivals* from 2hikinokobuta

we are longing for the initial stamps,
and we will have this letter.

R, L, C, S, A, J, E, I, K, M 



Point Card returns!!!

Point Card returns!!!
You will earn one sticker for every purchase of HK$500.

After you successfully collect all 10 stickers, you will be automatically on our VIP list, all the new arrivals and event privileges will be notify you personally.

*workshop enrollment also applied from this year.


actual breathing?!

Lunch meeting at the Exchange Square on last Saturday noon.
Now I am fighting with the time, everyone are awaiting for my instructions,

this year, I need to be more alert and time managable to let all the parties feeling satisfy on what they are accomplishing by getting involved in the events.

the time of doing exercises and taking meals is my actual breathing moment -_-"



quick updates...
the (10) artists are going to participate in the
「LIFE.ART」Tour Exhibition 2013
they are now rushing to have a very final stage of completing the creation making.

It is to meet our deadline due just before the Chinese New Year,
they are now spending every minute and second,
sweating but enjoyable creation moment!
The Tour Exhibition starts from March.1/2013' in Shenzhen.

The official poster finally released today!
it is to match to the concept of touring, and balance well for each exhibition venue, and 10 artists...we designed it in round for this time, so that everyone can rotate freely!

although the colour is in grey for posting in the computer,
the actual colour of the postcard, and the poster will be in silver.


Earth Hour 2013 - March.23 (Saturday) 8:30pm-9:30pm

This year we are happy to invite mimuthings to design for the
Earth Hour 2013'
campaign poster and postcard

"Turn off the Lights, Light up their Lives"

please save the date on March.23 (Saturday)/2013'

You have to DIY this time when you grabbed a postcard, please turn off all lights,
you will see an interesting effect when you light up a little candle under the dark!
the postcard starts distributing now in petit morpho!

No matter you are running shops or restaurants, NGO or NPO...
want to distribute this campaign postcard to your family members or friends,
please don't hesitate to drop us a line for the number requested, we will post it out to you by mail.

Thanks for your Supporting!


OPEN CALL - Part 4 of Stamp Show Hong Kong 2013

-Stamp Show Hong Kong 2013-

We are now offering a great chance to all the stamp carvers living in Hong Kong, China, and Overseas to participate in the Part 4 of Stamp Show Hong Kong 2013'
with the popular Japanese Stamp Carving Artists this year during

Please contact us for more details at


本年度のスタンプショーPart 4の「消しゴムはんこアーティストの作品販売」の募集は



Stamp Show Hong Kong 2013的第四部曲


國內的愛好者請聯絡 "印橡誌"  詢問詳情
香港, 澳門及國外人士可電郵至 info@stampshow.hk了解


new arrivals* Art & Craft Kotori & Tsubuan Stamp

new collection keeps coming in....
these two popular artists you should not miss!!!

Art & Craft Kotori, and Tsubuan Stamp

new arrivals* atelier 11+1

new arrivals of atelier 11+1

...another amazing effect applied on the mounted stamps,
with a cutie package!!

Printmaking Workshops conducted by Joseph Chiang

Joseph Chiang conducted an amazing enjoyable and fun Printmaking Workshop by using different methods. They are Linocut, Silkscreen, and Gocco

He explained and described very well of each Printmaking, and the we do earn a lot of useful knowledge and information.

Joseph is a master of Printmaking,
thats why learning from him may reach you a quickest know-how.

dont rush....
be careful on your fingers!!!
take your time...

Originality makes everyone uniqueness!
a beautiful image from the Silkscreen.

I was being an assistant of Joseph,
so I learnt quite a lot from each workshop.

burning Gocco with a light bulb flashing...
...and we turned into a printing factory -_-"

Joseph wrote a message to all the attendees,
and exchanged the artwork!

Thank You Joseph!!
We are looking forward to see you again very soon in Singapore,
and we wish you return very very soon for another amazing workshop!!


movie-inspired prints and posters

If you love watching movies, then we believe you love his unique designs.
the colours and layouts are very interesting!

learning different techniques of printmaking from Joseph,
some of the artists and designers may apply in their creation!


Andy Warhol

Don't miss this rare chance to view closely for the pop art of

Andy Warhol showing at the Hong Kong Museum of Art

you can view the earlier age of his sketches to the larger pieces of artworks.


January.11 (Friday) 5:00pm-8:00pm Meet Joseph Chiang

Meet the Artist of the current exhibition
- Joseph Chiang -

January.11 (Friday)/2013'

Rubber Boards' stockists in Hong Kong

due to our lower stocks left for the various Rubber Boards, if you are rush to create it is highly recommended you to visit PaperArt for the sufficient stocks.

petit morpho will start lining up limited edition' Rubber Boards after the Chinese New Year.

besides petit morpho, PaperArt....
we are very happy to introduce LogOn, CitySuper is going to line up the Rubber Boards once the Stamp Show Hong Kong 2013' starts to promote the joy of Stamp-Carving, so that everyone may easily to get the materials anytime.

it is to suit the Overseas' market, Hinodewashi Co., Ltd is now rushing to design for the International version of packaging. Looking Forward!!


unexpected gifts

unexpected gifts received from ...
immediately....they are now placing in my room to start my year!

please dont be jealous!! mimuthings will exhibit her one of a kind creation from the original artworks, pottery, stamps and accessories in the exhibition.

There are lots of very original and precious hand-drawn sketches you can view.

ふわふわ堂 - 坂林明博

He is coming to Hong Kong in July
as a second guest artist of Stamp Show Hong Kong 2013'

....after naco 田口奈津子 Solo Exhibition finished at the end of June,
we are going to show his works from July.1-27/2013' in his First Solo Exhibition in his life time, so you are too lucky enough!!

He will also offer ....
morning workshop in Hong Kong
July.6 (Saturday) & 7 (Sunday)
so if you wish to learn the stamp-carving techniques from him, please check out our annoucement often.

one more thing you have to put in mind is....
this year we are going to cope with LogOn,CitySuper to hold one of the activities in

"Travel Photo Cafe"
July.6 (Saturday) & 7 (Sunday)' afternoon

坂林明博 will do a stamp-carving demonstration in live first time in the public,
with a casual interaction activity follows.

the details will be released in March/2013, Thanks for your patience!



Thank you for the greeting cards received from my very best friends of petit morpho to start my brandnew year!!


Happy New Year 2013!!!

Happy New Year 2013!!!

Wish you all with a joyful and fruitful year.

スタンプショー香港2013’ -「消しゴムはんこアーティストの作品販売」募集

Stamp Show Hong Kong 2013'




January.1-31/2013 Joseph Chiang Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong

Don't you feel it is sooooo cool for the exhibition flyer?!
...ummm already want to request us for the foamboard on hold to decorate it in your room?

Mr. Joseph Chiang
Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong


movie-inspired posters + prints


hurry up to secure a seat for yourself for....
 the Printmaking Workshop conducted by Joseph on
January.12 (Saturday) & 13 (Sunday)/2013'
please refer the details here