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petit morpho represents a number of new invited and established artists, and is committed to introducing art with something at heart to an international audience by offering a long term collaboration and commitment. It shows and promotes both local, and international artists; the combination of established innovative artists, and younger talents makes the artistic profile of its actual, challenging, persistent, and unprejudiced.


Christmas gifts freebies from here and there....

you finished your Christmas shopping yet?!
my main purpose is only to collect my rings engraved yesterday at Chaumet after I finished my work...however, adopted another pair of rings dropped my coins there -_-"
supposed to be very handy for just purchasing rings....
Thanks to the saleslady gave me a bottle of champagne (soo heavy)


it is because the spending amount meets to redeem the Christmas gift organized by IFC Shopping Mall, so I received a very nice silverware of Georg Jensen.
(Thank is another heavy free gift -_-" )
...comes with another coupon for spending at Georg Jensen

(I didn't know that the shopping mall offers free gift promotion....otherwise I splited out the purchasing amount in few payment receipts to redeem at least three free gifts, stupid I was -_-" errrrr )

so I moved on to have a look at Georg Jensen, adopted little thing and again received a Christmas gift for the decoration for free....(Thank You again -_-")

didn't expect for only visiting two boutiques, received many Christmas gifts freebies...
too heavy to move on....waiting "my driver" to come to pick me up while I was taking a rest taking picture for the Christmas decors in the shopping mall.