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petit morpho represents a number of new invited and established artists, and is committed to introducing art with something at heart to an international audience by offering a long term collaboration and commitment. It shows and promotes both local, and international artists; the combination of established innovative artists, and younger talents makes the artistic profile of its actual, challenging, persistent, and unprejudiced.


new arrivals* Okacchi

although we are busying in managing the coming year three big events

LIFE.ART Tour Exhibition 2013'
Stamp Show Hong Kong 2013'
Stamp-Carving Design Contest CHINA 2013'

new arrivals keep coming in-store time to time, so please better check it out often!

We received the latest collection from Okacchi

BOUS winter collection will be soon arrived.
a kind reminder, if you are wishing to receive the quickest arrival and notice all about BOUS, please send us email to list you up in our mailing list.

Thank you!



December 1st - 24th/2012

everything from 10% to further reduction 50% OFF

*a happy coupon can be found in our Facebook page*


November.19-24/2012 Kristiana Parn Solo Exhibition in Tokyo

Kristiana Parn will have her first Solo Exhibition at



Since we have quite a lot of meetings and appointments after returning from Japan,
please keep a patience for our updates.

Thank You!


Stamp Show Hong Kong 2013'

this year we proudly invited Ms. Natsuko Taguchi to design the general flyer of
Stamp Show Hong Kong 2013'

Here is the schedule and details of the event:

Part 1
田口奈津子 First workshop in Hong Kong
*early-bird registration starts December/2012

Part 2
田口奈津子 Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong
~ Unlimited Creation of Stamp-Carving ~

Part 3
坂林明博 Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong

Special Activity
July.6 (Saturday) & July.7 (Sunday)

坂林明博 workshop in Hong Kong

坂林明博 demonstration
at "Travel Photo Cafe" LogOn, CitySuper
(TBA for the details officially released by "Travel Photo Cafe" by March/2013)

Part 4
50+ Artists Collection Show

the flyer will start distributing in January/2013'
Thanks for your patience!

Please also check out the details at our


afterthoughts ippo

Here is the afterthoughts
....written by ippo just released in his blog.

Thank You.

[Top left] 9th, 10th many people come to have a tailor-made stamp ordering. Some of them are usually send the cards and letters to me before, and this time I have a chance to meet them in person….even from the customers from Shenzhen, and Shanghai. First time I signed and illustrated a lot in my life time. Each customer they have their own favourite drawing, and characters, saying “I love Maruchan!” “I love ippo no ki!”. Thank you for making a funny-face with me.

[Top Right] 11th 12:00~18:00 hold 6 sessions of demonstration. The first session I was so nervous and my hand was shaking! Thank You for taking a warm and kindness support. After few sessions I am getting more calm down, however my own concentration may influence everyone. Everyone keeps silent without talking, they all watching me carving. When I take a deep breath, seems everyone follows. After finished carving, I received a lot of happy messages, and they clapped hands. I definitely will not forget about this feeling.

[Bottom] I started to show my stamps when the time being I was being invited by petit morpho Takehara-san three years ago. Year 2011, holding a first ippo-ten in Hong Kong. At that time I was not expecting we are coming to Hong Kong. So far, I follow my own pace to keep creating what I love. petit morpho is the place that providing me of what I created may treat as an artpiece. I have so much feeling and of saying Thanks to Takehara-san.

ippo & kon presenting what we naturally are, meeting each one of you in Hong Kong…feeling so much appreciated and happy of sharing the time with everyone. Thank You.

2012 nen 11 gatsu 15 nichi


he feels so embrassed of showing his eating scenes, so as promised we don't upload in this blog....however he shared with you all what he consumed during the stay in Hong Kong!

Please enjoy!!

Here are the gifts and letters received from the visitors...
they all placed in-care at ippo's home!!

what a wonderful memory for ippo & kon!!
Million Thanks to everyone of you "coming into his life"

...which is a great motivation to him to keep up his creation!


~ Thank You for coming into my life ~

after seeing ippo in person....
you would understand the theme of the exhibition.

"Thank You for coming into my life."
~deattekurete arigatou ~

for ippo, it is a strong meaning behind when seeing everyone of you in these three days activities in Hong Kong. 

Thank you for everyone leaving your footprints and cheerful messages on this foamboard we specially prepared! He carefully hand-carry back to Japan this morning ^^

November.11 (Sunday) - Demonstration by ippo

(the pencil sketch released before the demonstration starts, ippo carved each design in different time-sessions. When all the six designs connected together it becomes to a complete story)

November.11 (Sunday)/2012
Leather-Board Stamp Carving Demonstration

ippo gave us his FIRST live demonstration in his life to Hong Kong!!
Million Thanks to him...

he did the rubber board demonstration before, but he never do a leather-board.
You are too lucky enough!!!

You may understand why I appreciated and treated "Stamp-Carving" as an artpiece!
...after Tsubuan and ippo's arrivals to show their demonstration, you would understand deeply. Thats the reason why I keep supporting these potential artists by providing a different opportunities to show their talent.

100% concentration needed for ippo
everyone keep silent, and watched his carving!!

everyone loves his works...

you may feel his passion towards the creation, and you will just appreciate even more of his works after watching his demonstration!

It is to respect the artist....
as usual policy, we strongly prohibited to take any picture, and video during the demonstration.

(6) stamps freshly carved in different time-session from 12:00noon-6:00pm

Thank you for everyone a warm support and cheering him up during the demonstration.

seriously, he was feeling so touched after he completed all the demonstrations, and very much appreciated of everyone' kindness support!

we received a voice of whether these stamps available for sale?!

ippo and petit morpho are considering to have a charity purpose. 
Everyone are able to place a bid to adopt these collection.  
the details will be made officially after he returned to Japan.

these (6) actual stamps displayed during the exhibition till the end of November/2012

why ippo was so busy....


besides dropping down the order requested by the customers, he was being asked to sign and draw his characters on sketch books, and schedule books...

....even asked him for the back of the Original artworks, and postcards

.....oh no -__-" this time I couldn't believe that customers would like to own the foamboard I printed for the exhibition.

usually some customers (maily Producers, and Designers) requested me to hold for them after the exhibition ends...coz we dont keep any foamboard after the exhibition, so if anyone asked me to reserve, it is always welcome!!

...thats why if find any foamboards you would like us to reserve,
please don't hesitate to let us know^^


it is a good character list.
I thought there is no difference between each mokumokus..
I was wrong -_-" Let's study!!!

all customers will receive quite alot of freebies after ordering the stamps!!
amazing to see each drawing is unique and cute!!!
I really could not able to catch up each drawing.

If you have one, please send the drawing to me ^^

30+ designs is quite difficult for everyone to choose.
very headache!!

thats the reason why ippo was so busy besides dropping down an order!!

we received quite a lot of e-mail/phone ordering this time before and during the activity, unfortunately we do not accept any ordering in this way it is because the artist strongly requested to meet each customer in person and discuss the details and designs.
Thank You for your understanding!

November.9 & 10 - tailor-made stamp ordering

tailor-made stamp ordering by ippo
November.9 (Friday) & 10 (Saturday)/2012

first time in Hong Kong with a leather board stamp, which is durable than the usual rubber board...with a unique ippo' handwritten wordings.

most visitors made at least (2) stamps personalized by ippo, and some of them ordered crazily..coz they felt so complicated for selecting designs, returning after ordering.

ippo received nearly (60) stamps ordering in these two days!
the completion and delivery is approximately by the mid of December/2012' before the Christmas time.

We will contact you by e-mail when they all arrived!

ippo brings along his display sets to Hong Kong, lining up all the sample for the visitors to see the actual size and design.

I received this gift from ippo with my name on it!!
a special handle only for me. Thank You!

"SHIZUE is also being a Sample!"

the stamp you ordered from ippo, the package comes like this....
tooo cute ^^

There are at least (5) customers asked whether this newly Original wall-paint artwork is available for sale or not.....

ippo said NO~
...but he will consider to create some in the near future!

Have you got your favourite characters in this stickers pool?!
Do you remember all the name of the characters?

visitors quietly lining up on the queue of the stamp-ordering.
busy busy ippo!!!

interviewing ippo ..with "a funny face"

..compared to the itinerary of Tomoko Tsukui, this time it is much easier and comfortable for me to least I can take a good sleep everyday!

November.9 (Friday)/2012'
interviewing ippo by few of the Hong Kong media.

if you had a chance to meet up ippo in these few days activities,
you would know what is "a funny face" always requested by ippo.

even to the photographer, he made a funny the reporter requested him whether he can shoot one with a serious face -_-"

ippo said, "serious face?! is difficult~"

did you made a funny face with ippo when you took pictures with him?!
for me?! YES I did....only one shot on the last day after finished all the demonstration!
the picture is in ippo's camera -_-"

November.8 (Thursday) - ippo arrived!!!

it's been nearly 3 years since last time I met him in Japan!!
...he changed a lot, getting more mature I mean the outlook -_-"

anyways, everyone are getting excited how ippo looks like?!

He arrived on November.8 (Thursday) afternoon.

..dropped a message to Hong Kong!

the new characters - mokumokus -
 is very popular among the visitors that we noticed.

shall we show you the scene of before and after for this display setting?!

YES, for those who are waiting till ippo' arrival to view his exhibition, it is tooo late for this time!! ..coz you might not able to find your favourite design anymore when you showed up on the demonstration day.

from the (80) collections showing on the first day of the exhibition....
we only have (10) collection left after we finished the last session of the demonstration.

Thank you for everyone coming to meet him up!


February.17-27/2013 James Clancy Photography Exhibition in Tokyo

will show his show in Tokyo
February 17-27/2013'


my latest study...好深奥

I am studying this lately -_-"
....but don't you feel it is so interesting of each description?!

I have so many times came across to view the bamboo paintings...
it is not just a simple bamboo leaf, 好深奥arrr

I usually get some inspiration through readings....somehow the idea pops up in one day!

We noticed that we are not only assisting talents to hold exhibitions and activities in Hong Kong, and Japan Market, but also in the different we are going to slightly change into something new for the concept behind.

we will have few meetings in late November in Japan, to discuss about something globally-related event....and something excited "petit morpho 8th anniversary group exhibition" may considered by inviting 100 artists. Yes a hundred!!!!

....quite a few projects to proceed for 2014'

I personally hesitate to repeat a similar event, I love learning and challenging through managing different events, and activities.


[review] Stamp Show Hong Kong 2012'

You can review all the pictures of

we will update all the details of Stamp Show Hong Kong 2013'
in this official website by the end of this year.

Thank you for your patience!


new arrivals* porigami

after the box set of Hong Kong Cards popular adopted by the Producers and Designers...
the latest collection of porigami released.

these two creations are awesome!!!

simply folding the card and make it as a lamp shade to view the Hong Kong Islands' landscape. A perfect souvenior!!


How about the card of the year of snake!

all the background on the card are all handcarved stamps made by porigami to match with her pop-up cards.

Originality and Creativity always makes people getting excited!

petit morpho is one of the selling spots in Hong Kong to offer these two latest cards,
limited number of (50) for each design...
so if you would like to have a single or few,
please simply contact us for the reservation!  



to everyone visited デコトボコ Solo Exhibition in Shenzhen.
Thank you very much.

Starting from today for one month, 
"Thank you for coming into my life"
~deattekurete arigatou~ begins.

ippo and kon will be in Hong Kong from 8th to 12th.

ippo no ki, houses, stars, skies
Daichan, Maruchan, and Shikakuchan
also mokumokus...

please come to see us!!!