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petit morpho represents a number of new invited and established artists, and is committed to introducing art with something at heart to an international audience by offering a long term collaboration and commitment. It shows and promotes both local, and international artists; the combination of established innovative artists, and younger talents makes the artistic profile of its actual, challenging, persistent, and unprejudiced.


differently for each handle.

each one hand-drawn differently for the handles of the stamps!
different blue colours skies, days and nights...
with puffy clouds and sparkling stars!

all these stamps collection you can adopt right away in the exhibition starting from tomorrow.

If you have a redeemable ticket, you can spend it anytime to adopt any one you like...
or perhaps you save it for using on the tailor-made ordering next weekend?!


(80) creations!!


There are (80) stamps
....for you to choose from his exhibition just delivered this afternoon.
each handle has its own story!!!

adoption starts from November.1/2012


a note.

a quick note here..
チッカモッカ, atelier 11+1
new collection will be soon arrived in-store

Thank you for your patience!


We CLOSED on October.30 (Tue) & 31 (Wed)/2012
we are collecting the ippo artworks showing at little thing concept shop, and will have an installation of new artworks to start on the next day.
Thank you for your understanding!


introduction of「LIFE . ART」Tour Exhibition 2013'

petit morpho is carrying this ever first never happen in the world...
to specially appointed and lead these ten (10) iconic Stamp-Carving Artist to
have a Tour Exhibition next year in 2013'

starting from Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo

the details will be released time-to-time at


this Tour Exhibition is gonna overlapped with Stamp Show Hong Kong 2013,
so please pay attention to the schedule.


counting down for his arrival!!

are you getting ready to say hi to ippo?!

click click click....

His new collection will be arrived very soon to say hello to everyone with his new artworks starting from

by mokumokus 

mokumoku is his latest collection, first hand in Hong Kong...

after those signature tree, houses, stars, clouds...
after the character Daichan, Square, and Circle..whatever -_-"
mokumokus is coming!!!!

you have so many questions to ask ippo right?!
come over and ask him directly on November.9-10.11/2012'

おしゃれな大人のなでしこ年賀状 2013

sending a new year greeting card is always a big job for all the Japanese.
if you are lazy, you can simply getting from the already-made cards ....
but for the people love handmaking, thinking about the design is always headache...
no insipration at all?!

this book may help you by Tsubuan he worked for the book during the summer time, to meet up the publishing date...just released today.

おしゃれな大人のなでしこ年賀状 2013

new arrivals* BOUS

new arrivals from BOUS
please do hurry up for adopt your favourite!!

as mentioned, BOUS changed the policy of not running an online shop from this collection onwards, only few selected stores carry her creations.

petit morpho is the one only for Overseas!!
Please treasure this previlages!!

a happy treat!!!

we will offer you quite alot of happy treats from year 2013'

please check us often....
a happy treat!!! occasionally happen.
 by our special coupon issued in the facebook page to get a free ticket for the activities, or you can redeem a little gift throughout the year.

The 8th Rubber Stamps Design Contest

The 8th Rubber Stamps Design Contest
Application period: January.7 – March.31/2013’
*For Overseas’ applicants, please forward your artwork(s) to petit morpho on or before March.15/2013’
If you love hand-carving rubber stamps, and using your original hand-carved stamps to create something else (i.e. greeting cards, tote bags, gift boxes, accessories……etc), it is a FUN challenge to win a super big size Rubber Board from the contest from the Organization in Japan – Hinodewashi Co., Ltd

·         The applicant is allowed to submit for one artwork or multi artworks by using your Original hand-carved stamps. If submitting more than one artwork, then it is a high possibilitie to win the contest.
·         It is strongly prohibited to use the famous characters (i.e. Hello Kitty, Disney) on the artwork(s) due to the copyright issue.
·         The image(s) of the artwork(s) should goes to the applicant.
·         We will not return the artwork(s) sent out for applying the contest.

The Best award (1 person): Super Big size Rubber Board (50cm x 50cm x
The Excellent award (2 persons): Big size Rubber Board (25cm x 25cm x
The Rubber Stamp award (5 persons): Rubber Boards Assortment Hamper
The Winner’s announcement will be made at the end of April, 2013’
·         petit morpho will receive an official award announcement on behalf of the applicant(s) from the Organization.
·         The Winner(s) should forward the actual hand-carved rubber stamp(s) to the Organization for receiving the award; otherwise the Organization will cancel the award if the applicant(s) failed to submit the actual hand-carved rubber stamps for the creations.
Application Form:


Stamp-Carving workshop in Macau

one young lady spoken to us for the highly demand, and passion towards the Stamp-Carving....we eventually make it happen in Macau starting from next month!

for those who are living in Macau, you are lucky enough by saving up your valuable time and turbo jet tickets. We will arrange our instructor to say hi to everyone!!!

November.25 (Sunday)/2012

Class A
11:00am - 1:00pm

Class B
3:00pm - 5:00pm

For registration and enquiries, please contact Ms. Michelle Lam who is our representative stationed in Macau.

*please refer all the details in the above flyer. Thank You

Special Activity in Singapore by Tsubuan, keep ongoing till November.30/2012

We specially arranged for the tailor-made stamps ordering by Tsubuan during the live demonstration during the stay in Singapore.

You can put any (10) alphabet maximum to make it as a name or a message.

Customers rushing in to seek Tsubuan for one, and even ten stamps in one time!!!
He keeps busying to meet everyone' request, and customers keep patience to view his carving.

(5) different designs for you to choose from.....

since there is quite large demands of this special arrangement....
so BooksActually will keep accepting the orders from today till the last day of Exhibition November.30/2012.

If you can wait, you can simple have an order at BooksActually anytime during the office hours. They will gather all the orders at the end of November, and Tsubuan will immediately work on it, and the completion day approximately will be in the mid of December.

All Stamps will be ready for your collection by the end of December/2012. BooksActually will contact each customer for the collection accordingly.

we surely will prepare another exciting activities very soon in Singapore!!!

Thank you very much to BooksActually,
and all related parties to make our stay fruitful, and enjoyable!

October.22 & 23 a private workshop conducted by Kotori

petit morpho usually hold a private workshop in Hong Kong for the stamp-carving, which is a one-on-one basis, to take a good care and teach the techniques to the student.

as a student, what a precious moment to share the time with the instructor, and ask anything question to solve the problem. The instructor is also willing to teach a quickest and smartest way of some design you feel complicated, and difficult.

it is not only teaching, but also sharing the time with everyone by creating and sharing ideas. Kotori asked each participant which design she likes and creates a personal stamp for a little gift to treasure!

this is what we considered as a BONUS spirit applied to make everyone HAPPY, and unexpected!!

Do you know the reason why Tsubuan and Kotori are popular among all the carvers?!
it is because they both have a wide range of design to catch the heart from the little kids to the old people, the design variation is extremely huge!!!

they created (100) stamps daily...
practise makes perfect + the passion + design varation

Kotori brings along her own carving knife!!!
very long and huge....

actually there is no such a standard way for carving, so we suggested everyone to find out the way you feel comfortable for carving.
Different instructors have their own carving techniques, so it all depends on your own way to figure out which way you like by learning.

You cannot believe BooksActually is not such a bookstore, it is also a place handling all different vintage furniture and goodies.....wao!! the front side is a bookstore, but when you keep walking inside of the store, a huge collection of vintage items here and there, ups and downs.

Please come to have a look if you have a chance to visit Singapore!!

what a trendy place in Singapore, it is called Tiong Bahru.
this kind of building structure I remember it looks alike what we had before in Kowloon Tong area....are they all disappeare?!

after the workshop, everyone can requested for the autograph from both artists!!
please treasure it....I forgot to obtain one copy of the new released illustration book too.

We couldn't expect stamps' collection adopted speedy fast by different customers....
please better visit earlier and adopt your favourites...not many left!!

10/23-11/30: Tsubuan Stamp Solo Exhibition in Singapore

Tsubuan Stamp
Solo Exhibition in Singapore

October 23 - November 30/2012'

he informed me that he would like to shift to create more artistic pieces from now on.....
compared to the Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong held in 2010, his design is getting more mature!

sooo many foreigners were feeling excited of his creations!!!

...and don't forget to check out his personal tools! 
Tsubuan and Kotori are the most popular admirest artists in Japan.
rich of  fun designs and perfect finishing!

October.21 (Sunday) - Arrived Singapore

(it is hardly seen both Tsubuan and Kotori in the single picture, or even in the event..what a precious one shot!! I even forgot to take a picture with them -_-") busy me....busy me.....
coz they keep carving in the hotel, but not on the the numbers of stocks keep changing, and I am getting busy in correcting, and double-checking.

we arrived Singapore in October 21 (Sunday) in late afternoon.

Tsubuan and Kotori spent 10 hours journey from Hokkaido to Tokyo, and from Tokyo to Singapore.... we met up in the hotel lobby, and immediately moved to BooksActually the only place we selected for holding exhibition, demonstration, and workshop.

(I am always assisting, and getting organized for everything, and give a proper and clear instruction to the artist when their mind is getting confused and complicated)

we have to wait for the shop closed to start our set up.
the artists' usual habitat is always throw me the documents, and artworks in the last minutes.

the idea of tailor-made stamps ordering by Tsubuan is also given to me before I get on the flight -_-"

this kind of activity is very new to Singapore, even to BooksActually ....
so they actually don't know how we presented during the stay.

everytime we are not presenting in the same way, coz we prefer to give customers' surprised, and we will not arrange the same please do look forward our next time visit to Singapore!!!

lovely kitty cats stationed in BooksActually!!

we had a good rest to have a tea break here before setting up!!
again....everything amazing in Singapore.
(what's wrong for Hong Kong?!)


印橡誌 vol.6

finally the 1st anniversary of Stamp-Carving online magazine issued.

it is a free online magazine published in China, and it is riched of information all related to Stamp-Carving.


new arrivals* はんこや和 - nagomi -

bottle collection were popular in Stamp Show,
and she delivered 4 different kind and size of bottle collection this time!

an illustration book with a tiny stamp as a bonus.
only a single lucky adopter can take it home!


Congratulations!! to Tsubuan & Kotori



they again received the designing award at Stamp Carnival.

they are not the first time receiving the awards...
almost every year they both like to compete each other -_-"
....and seems didn't put other competitors in their mind.

the theme is "DREAM" for this year!


quite a lot of noise....

the education just started in China... holding a very first exhibition related to Stamp-Carving

quite a lot of noise can hear from weibo.
we hopefully by holding more and more exhibitions in China, they may gradually understand and appreciated what "the originality", and "the creativity" are...

the exhibition just started, and it continues till the end of October/2012.

Thank You!


year 2014'

....getting started to work on the schedule of
year 2014'

I was planning to organize two big events next year,
unfortunately the time is tooo limited for me to get a proper preparation,
so I will postpone another exciting project hopefully make it happen in 2014'


everything in progress,
always!!!!.... lots of things to learn by cooperating with the famous companies.


January.12 (Sat) & 13(Sun)/2013' Printmaking Workshops conducted by Joseph Chiang from Singapore

Mr. Joseph Chiang (Monster Gallery)
from Singapore
will show his works in Hong Kong on

He will come to Hong Kong to say HELLO to everyone,
and teach you the techniques of Silk Printing, Linocut Printing,
and the commonly known Print Gocco.

Exciting Workshops

January.12 (Saturday) 2:00pm-5:00pm
Linocut Printing

Linocut is a printmaking technique dated back to the 1900’s. A sheet of linoleum is used for the relief surface. A design is cut into the linoleum surface with a sharp knife, V-shaped chisel or gouge, with the raised areas representing a reversal (mirror image) of the parts to show printed. The linoleum sheet is inked with a roller (called a brayer), and then impressed onto paper or fabric. The actual printing can be done by hand or with a press.


January.13 (Sunday) 10:00am-1:00pm
 Silkscreen Printing

In this hands-on basic silk screen printing workshop, participants will learn how to make their own screen prints with the Direct Block-Out method using screen filler.


January.13 (Sunday) 3:00pm-6:00pm
Screen Printing with Gocco

Print Gocco is a color screenprinting system developed in the 1970’s by the Japanese company, Riso. Resembling a toy, the compact and completely self-contained printer is clean, quick and easy to use. The system works using flash bulbs, a carbon-based image or photocopy and an emulsion-coated screen.

Registration starts from TODAY!

please pay attention!!!! ippo exhibition at little thing concept shop extends to October.31/2012'


Solo Exhibition
"Thank you for coming into my life"

at little thing concept shop

深圳市 南山区 香山东路 华侨城 创意园 北区A4栋113
(+86) 0755-8614-8010


Let's Study...before we go!!

Let's Study..before we go!!!
...later in this month

one more exciting news for Joseph and for everyone,
set up a stylish studio....

and I am glad to be invited to visit his studio and a gallery space Monster Gallery during my stay in Singapore!

Wow....I must steal some time to go this event  "The Book Show" before returning to Hong Kong perhaps in the morning on October.24/2012'


new arrivals* kururi

longing her new collection after the Stamp Show right?!
more than (50) of her latest collection arrived today




3 ways presentation as a whole set.

ippo will present his works in 3 ways
in his exhibition in November/2012

first step is from the basic water-colouring painting...

second step is referring to the painting, he presents it in a rubber board...

last step is presenting in a leather-board...

so the three individual artworks you can see how he presents by using different elements.

November.9-10-11/2012': ippo is coming to Hong Kong

ippo is coming to Hong Kong

the first two days on the 9th (Friday) and 10th (Saturday),
he will accept all the tailor-made stamp-ordering by meeting each of you upon your request.

He will display likely the same way of what he usually do in Japan, lining up all the different sizes, and sample designs to give you some idea to put any characters (English, Chinese, Japanese, and numbers)
the template designs are listed up in his website at

#Please note#

Special Price for only these two days!!
We will not offer any tailor-made stamp-ordering on the demonstration day.

You can take a picture and obtain an autograph from him only for these two days.
It is not allowed to take any pictures, and obtain autograph on the demonstration day.

Thank you for your understanding!

He will do a demonstration on his leather-board stamp-carving in front of you on the 11th (Sunday)

We will issue a different time-slot' entry ticket for the day on the demonstration.

1) 12:00pm-12:45pm
2) 1:00pm-1:45pm
3) 2:00pm-2:45pm
4) 3:00pm-3:45pm
5) 4:00pm-4:45pm
6) 5:00pm-5:45pm

The ticket is redeemable to any items you can adopt from the ippo' exhibition in the whole November, or even you can use it for the tailor-made stamp-ordering.

For more information, please contact
Thank You!


debut collection* mimuthings

mimuthings debut collection
eventually released in the public, in Hong Kong!

create your own handkerchief to boost up your creativity.


new arrivals* デコトボコ

new collection arrivals from デコトボコ

different style of leaves from the last collection....
a water-colour framed artworks with five stamp' collection.

if you are thinking to visit the exhibition at little thing concept shop,
please don't forget to bring along your sketch book!


a final preparation

We are now having a final preparation of ...

ippo' exhibition
at little thing concept shop
starting from the October 10th-24th/2012

at the same time, he will add some more new works to Hong Kong!
...arrived by tomorrow

>> little thing magazine issue #26 will be released on this coming Friday


it is all about the PRODUCTION in 2014!

the size of petit morpho remains unchanged since opening,
but the number of artists joining petit morpho growing every year.

petit morpho is representing and showcasing each artist' works exclusively in Hong Kong, Japan, China, and South-East Asia Regions.

Art has NO boundaries!

"Supporting the Arts means Paying the Artists."


it is time to start up a new thing for petit morpho....
it is all about the PRODUCTION!

...not in Hong Kong, but in Japan. that we can offer more opportunities to the International Artists and Talents to get into the Japan Market. (no matter what categories they are from)

hopefully everything goes smooth, team up by early 2014!

Happy News!!! from 津久井智子

Happy News!!! from 津久井智子

 the happiness and excitement keep continuing after showing her works in Hong Kong....
if you missed to meet her up in person or missed to view her works in her Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong...or perhaps you would like to consider to seek her to order the stamps.

petit morpho is now accepting throughout the year for the
semi-ordering stamps made by her
..... a same policy applied from selecting the designs from the list.

there are more new designs to offer, will let you know once released!