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petit morpho represents a number of new invited and established artists, and is committed to introducing art with something at heart to an international audience by offering a long term collaboration and commitment. It shows and promotes both local, and international artists; the combination of established innovative artists, and younger talents makes the artistic profile of its actual, challenging, persistent, and unprejudiced.



one of the big events to attend ...
one of the brothers getting married yesterday!!

A Big Congratulations to him ^^

he needs to take a huge responsibility to take a good care of his own family.

My back is pain today, coz of wearing few hours kimono just like a Japanese Doll taking a picture here and there entertaining with the guests -_-"


{Secret Sale} ends on October.31/2012

We OPEN as usual for the Public Holiday! if you always feel you cannot come to visit us during the weekday, and weekends;
then why not taking this long holiday to visit us?


Secret Sale

starts from today till the end of October/2012
50% further reduction

Artworks & new arrival stamp collection are exceptional.

Arrived!! ...for all the Semi-Ordering Stamps by 津久井智子

after the Stamp Show Hong Kong 2012'....
she immediately went to France, and then visited different cities in Japan...
doing volunteering for the help of the Relief of Tohoku area.

.......still keep herself busying everyday!!

all the orders received during the Stamp Show,
she informed us that she will try her best to deliver by the mid of September/2012

Finally arrived in-safe Today, and informed to each customer accordingly.
It is because of the mass number of ordering, and keep all of you awaiting...she included a little bonus with the stamp as a compliment!

for those who ordered her to carve a Chinese character, you would get surprised of how beautifully she carved of each character clear and neat!



you never understand I am now currently and continuously 忙到七彩 for the

Tour Exhibition 2013'

Memorable Book will be published by petit morpho for the Tour Exhibition 2013'
we seeked for the famous publishing designer to design a very very stylish hardcover book.

and tell you one more thing secretly here....
everyone are longing to see this artist a real person,
BOUS is scheduling to come to Hong Kong next year!!!! fixing the date to whether she is showing up at the stop of Hong Kong for the Tour Exhibition, or perhaps showing up in the Part 3 of the Stamp Show.
special activities will follow.

Tomoko Tsukui will be showing up at the stop of Shanghai of the Tour Exhibition.

all artists will be showing up at the last stop of Tokyo of the Tour Exhibition.

*now I already listed two artists here for the Tour Exhibition 2013',
and you may guess the other (8) artists -_-"


Stamp-Carving Design Contest CHINA 2013'

(4) hours meeting in Shanghai with the Chief Member of the Stamp-Carving community in is to support both parties, we shared the idea and the way of approaching!

one more project will be added for next year!
it is for the Stamp-Carving Lovers living in our Greatest China only.
(sorry, no Hong Kong, no Taiwan, and no Overseas' application)

Stamp-Carving Design Contest CHINA 2013'

we had already arranged for the Prize Sponsor;
the judges from Japanese Stamp-Carving Artist;
and the Promoters.

(the details will be conglomerated by early January/2013')



all brides will spend at least one year for the wedding preparation,
but for me it is a tiny task to accomplish in few minutes by submitting the necessary documents.....and perhaps need to adjust the schedule while my parents are here in Hong Kong, and over in Japan during my work -_-"

being a casual way is our style

....otherwise it is very headache for my partner to invite all the people from the advertisement field...

Next year will be another frequent travellers for us because of the Tour Exhibition 2013' is for us to easy accessing to the Greatest China, and slightly changes of the working habitat I decided to make a decision for moving on.

when everything accomplished,
I will surely giveaway the "just married" gift to everyone,
to all artists, and related parties I know!!!

16 years of relationship,
we will move on to have another stage together from 2013'!


ten days left...

ten days left...
 for the current exhibition by Melissa Moss

hurry up!!!!


BooksActually / Math Paper Press / Birds & Co.

after watching the interview featuring of one of the Owners of

I was totally touched of those people who are running a bookstore.
It is because running a bookstore is the most difficult business in the world!

BooksActually is more than that...
they assist the local potential young writers to publish a book!

BooksActually is also a Publisher
Math Paper Press

BooksActually is also offering vintage stationery & goodies
Birds & Co.

They have another roomy space for holding the workshop and activities just a few minute walk from the bookstore.

Looking forward to meeting all the Owners & Partners of BooksActually in Singapore next month!

Essence Casa

where is the most hip area in Shanghai?!
I can say it is 表参道 of Shanghai....

it is called 巨鹿路

please visit from the road number from 600 to the 900....
only this part of boutiques, cafe, and restaurants are the most stylish!

Essence Casa is the place where we are going to hold our Tour Exhibition in Shanghai...
it is because of the huge glass indoor unit, it is great for holding an exhibition in a uniqueness way!!

Essence Casa is run by few partners.

one of the Owners is a Furniture Designer,
offering his designed furniture to initial boutiques.

you never believe they have another secret place just a few second walk at the back corner of the shop....

Essence Casa Cafe

it is only for the private use.
only serving their VIPs!!

my goodness!!! I in Shanghai?!

running Essence Casa is for the Happiness....
gathering a similar people, style of living to share the Happiness moment!

Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo
focusing on these three cities, we will arrange exciting activities by inviting artists.
....but tell you secretly,
all (10) iconic artists will be get together in the last stop of the Tour Exhibition 2013'

it will surely be an amazing scene you never have a chance to see in one time!
All Japanese Stamp-Carving Lovers may crash in Tokyo for sure.



first time visiting Shanghai, didn't visit for the tourist area -_-"
but to the most trendy places!!

田子坊 the area recommended you to go,
the local Shanghai-nese said so.

you would definitely get lost when walking through here and there!
I didn't eat any Shanghai-nese cuisine here, but Thai cuisine -_-" crazy!!!


I was a bit confused for these buildings....
where am I?!

no cars....
SIM City?!
Northern Europe?!

these buildings are also designed by the famous architect,
who designed for the Oriental Garden.

these buildings are the unit for managing the Oriental Garden -_-"
my god~ how come the managment office are such a stylish building?!

I found these stylish buildings on my left hand side...

but on my right hand side,

what a beautiful garden with a long river, and bridge
very very Chinese!!!!!

are these all setting for the shooting a drama?!

crazily beautiful!!!!


东方庭院 Oriental Garden

a famous American architect won the award for designing this luxurious residential area
to make the concept of East Meets West

东方庭院 Oriental Garden

We arrived in the evening, and you never imagine how beautiful when you are driving through this entrance lining up with long bamboos lighting up...

even the taxi driver never been to this residential place at all....

it is a private area, so only the residents and the guests may allow to go in!
Lucky ME ^^

this is not a shooting area....
what a beautiful hidden place
peaceful and quiet!!!

it is definitely for people to have a real living and enjoying the life!


I wish this will be my 4th homeplace!!
when you keep dreaming...then it becomes true
(yeah I dream everynight, hahhaha)

you cannot believe it is China!!!
why you are staying in Hong Kong?!!!
even not choosing this place, you can move on to enjoy your life in China!!
...alot of choice!

Hong Kong people you are lucky enough,
it is easier to migrate to China compare to the other countries...
at least you dont need a visa.

1/10 of the market price in Hong Kong, you have this quality of living!

Hong Kong is a part of China...
Shanghai is a part of China....

you have a right to have a good quality of life!

you have to move....don't ask the government for this and that!
China needs to take care of 10億人,
they dont care about our 700萬香港人

China is huge!!
I believe you will find a suitable place for yourself...
no matter it is for working or living.

香港人要反省下!吾好自以為高級 -_-"

千年古镇: 朱家角

if we were not being invited to his luxurious house,
I believe I never know this place at all in my life.

千年古镇: 朱家角

it takes you only 30 minutes by taxi from the city-centre of Shanghai
I suggested you to visit this place during the weekday!

I crazily love this kind of ancient place...

this time, I visited for the most oldies, and the most modern places in such a 48 hours short trip.....and everything a big surprised!

definitely I will return very soon!!!!

just a 30 minutes to hide in this peaceful paradise from the city!

after discussing with my partner,
we are now considering to move on to explore our Greatest China.
...but still Hong Kong is a easy-accessing place for anyone in the world,
so I will keep it on!!!



"Please don't be a Tourist, be a Traveller!!!"

First time visiting Shanghai in my life.....
my goodness, out of my expectation!!!
the impression is far better than what I imagined, and what I heard from the other people.
compared to Hong Kong, I can foresee Shanghai will be great from now on!

I wanna shift my base to Shanghai after this visit!
(anyone please grab a working visa for me -_-")

let me organize some pictures first,
and I will share what I did in this 48 hours short trip to Shanghai.

from the luxurious residential area we were being invited;
....the exhibition venue site checking for the Tour Exhibition 2013' where is the most hip area in the city with a hidden private space;
meeting with the Stamp-Carving chief community member in China...

Hong Kong....emmmm
I don't have any comment for Hong Kong after this visit.

Hong Kong is gradually or sooner be just a normal city in China!
This past 5 years, sadly Hong Kong has nothing improved.
(Hong Kong is mostly 被邊縁化, 香港人自己造成)
Hong Kong people I strongly recommended you...
 please go to see what's going on in Shanghai!

if you are smart and outstanding enough,
you have your right and own decision making to seek for the better place in China to enjoy your life!! China is huge....Hong Kong is not the place for people's living!!

My dad always telling me "Hong Kong is a casino, it is for people to earn a quick money;
it is not a place for staying long!"


a little notice

to adopt the artists' collection....
from today till the end of October will be the last chance in this year!

after the ippo' activities, we will start our annual Christmas SALE.

Thank you for your attention!


new arrivals* alleluja

artworks keep adopted time-to-time,
so the artists need to add some of the latest collection to petit morpho.

new collection from alleluja
just arrived Today!




Thank you to the patisserie uriwari
who is one of the Supporters seeing the growth of petit morpho.

I was a Crafter before, stamping everyday no matter in the office and homeplace to release my frustration from the work....that's why I can make beautiful greeting cards as well. (unfortunately I couldn't get back to the simple stamping life -_-")

at the beginning of running this petit platform in year 2007, I never thought/imagine of the current situation....but the time and effort you paid in the past years may show everything happen now.

although the give & take theory may not apply in running petit morpho....
but I carry a mission of one single word in my soul

the capability I have may at least give a hand to the people!

sometimes I couldn't find myself' a proper position....
coz I don't know exactly what is the actual role of myself....
...however, I could able to see myself in people' point of view.

I am now puzzle "a world map" little by little!

Stamp-Carving Community in the Greatest China

it is all because of the Stamp Show we organized this year,
we connected to the Stamp-Carving Community in our Greatest China.
nearly 60,000 members at this moment!

Amazingly to know they are carving a sheet of postcard size of rubber board instead of handy size....

They are very skillful enough to carve a beautiful artwork!

one of the chief members visited me in May...mentioning me that it is very happy to see petit morpho can take part of the role to stand in between to connect China and the rest of the world due to the information' limitation hardly accessing the Overseas' website; and petit morpho could be able to connect all the Stamp-Carving Lovers as a whole.

They also released an online magazine occassionally to share the information of Stamp-Carving, and Artists' introduction.

We are very excited of
the upcoming VOL.6 will be highlighted about Stamp Show Hong Kong 2012'


I will visit Shanghai very soon to have a casual greeting with the venue supporter, and also to meet up the Chief Member of this community, and perhaps next year Tour Exhibition 2013' held in Shanghai may given to all the Stamp-Carving Lovers in China an exciting news to view closely of what we showed!