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petit morpho represents a number of new invited and established artists, and is committed to introducing art with something at heart to an international audience by offering a long term collaboration and commitment. It shows and promotes both local, and international artists; the combination of established innovative artists, and younger talents makes the artistic profile of its actual, challenging, persistent, and unprejudiced.


September.1-30: Melissa Moss Solo Exhibition

Melissa Moss
Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong

"love ~ found & lost"

for more information about Melissa Moss,
please visit her website at

you can also check from her feeling of how she created and prepared the Originals for the show in Hong Kong. Always feeling very touched of her story!!


illustration book

a latest illustration book will be released very soon
on the September.4th/2012' in Japan
by a popular 9 Stamp-Carving Artists.

How many artists do you know so far?!


Naoko Stoop - The Original Art 2012

very excited of Naoko Stoop....
it is because she is on the list of the featured artists for

Celebrating the Fine Art of Children's Book  Illustration
at the Museum of American Illustration
October 22 - December 22/2012'

Her Originals are getting rare in the market.
petit morpho only have two left at this stage for any interested parties for the adoption.

her popular notecards are discontinued for selling in the States,
so please treasure of the notecards we still have in-store!



do you remember my head was being used and tested by the Hair & Make-up Artist for the photo-shootings with the famed Photographer.

You can see how professional they are, including the models in the crazily hot forest for the shooting!!!

You can enjoy the video-clipping of the shooting site!!

the catelog released lately to make an official introduction of the new digital camera professional model of CANON

Here is the craziest photograph taken at the forest!
all costumes designed and hand-created by the Stylist.

you can trace back the past entry here....



we received clouds from the Spanish Artist for the latest collection.
if you adopted a star, and a moon before....
you may consider to adopt a cloud for this time!


the first fifty visitors will receive this mini bear comes with the package wrapped.
they are soooo mini adorable, hands and legs are movable.


"as a set/as a pair"

it is because of my personal connection,
the role of my partner is now getting busier as what I am doing.....

besides his original role, he needs to shift to different roles to assist me to handle and follow up what I am managing...

...and also through my connection, he earns another potential way to show his talents!

we have a quick gateaway project in Japan in the mid of October/2012'
seriously, I prefer to stay in Hong Kong coz it is needed to prepare for the Singapore,
but we are being invited "as a set/as a pair"
....because of the language?!
....or I need to be his manager?!
whatever the role it is....
we are extremely busy!!!


Thank You!! for meeting up two cats with Connie

Thank You!!!
....for everyone splitting out your valuable time to meet the two cats with Connie last night!!

Connie keeps telling the story to all the visitors of her two cats' adventure.
Only Connie can tell the story in a funny and interesting way!!
...thats why it is sooo attractive ^^

it is a Friday Night!!!
with their favourite wine, and food..

What a wonderful night for Connie!!!

...again this time she is telling the story in English

if you wanna follow her two cats' story, please check out her blog at


TODAY August.17 (Friday) 4:00pm-8:00pm Meet the two cats with Connie

Come over to meet the two cats with the artist:
Ms. Connie Yuen TODAY!!

August 17 (Friday)

we prepared a lovely cake, alcohol and fun snacks!

Just come!!!
Feel the warmth, and joy!!!



Last year, when I was searching for the "Made in Hong Kong" souveniors for the business counterparties in Japan.
I found a unique compact chair in a shocking pink colour, and the iconic red colour lamp shade we usually find in the wet market.

what a coincidence, one of our Stamp-Carving Instructor Ms. Fion Wong, who is also an Artist/Designer of mimuthings used to work in this well-known plastic company in a short period of time called "紅A" re-designing for the products in a stylish way.

She used to be a Product Designer!!!

no wonder, I noticed from last year the products are getting very eye-catching to me!



the moment I do working out in the morning enhanced my thinking and
...getting some inspiration when coming out from the "cloud" << steam room -_-"

I treasure the moment of "thinking"
(I dont know exactly of the structure of my brain...
but it always keep thinking when inputting a new information)

everything on progress....

getting excited!!! of the Tour Exhibition 2013'


new arrivals* 2hikinokobuta

She prepared 17 new collection, with some of the floral arrangement decors...
there are only (3) sets, so if you are thinking to adopt one, please do hurry up!





different from in Japan,
it is not easy to find a washroom to wash hands before having meals in Hong Kong...
some restaurants may provide wet-tissue, but majority are not.

carrying at least 2 packs of wet-tissue is my personal habit.

I found these funny wet-tissue on the street today!!
They make my day^^


Irregular Choice

latest favourite adopted at Irregular Choice by a British Designer....
a huge double-side ribbon clutch,
and a pair of fancy wedge heels.

little thing magazine issue #25 - Limited Box Set version

only few selected selling points in Hong Kong placed a certain number of
Limited Edition Box Set version of the latest issue of #25 little thing magazine
to celebrate for the 4th anniversary.

petit morpho have (20) sets!!


unexpectable Guest

..continue the below entry, here is the unexpectable Guest
from BooksActually, Singapore

one of the Owners of BooksActually, Renee visits Hong Kong with her parents!
a 20 years old young lady managing a bookstore very well!!
....surprisingly she is only 20 years old!!!!

Her belover mother used to be a Gallerist, owning a gallery in her younger time!!
wow!!! no wonder she has a clear vision and good understanding of what I am doing.
Thank You!!

I will see her again in late October/2012' with our artists for the Exhibition.
Looking forward!!

you can see my tiredness rushing back to the office just now from the beach.

that's what I did within 36 hours -_-"

わあ~ お若い女性!20歳になったばかり。

今年の10月末にTsubuan Stampの井上智雅さんとArt & Craft Kotoriの宮西理絵さん

..continue this morning

...again to continue our project discussion, we had a lovely lunch at The Repulse Bay this afternoon.....and then dropped her in Causeway Bay, and I returned to the office immediately by 4:00pm to follow up my daily task!

while I was concentrating my paper documents, who poped in?!
ehhh....unexpectable -_-"
luckily I was in the office.

今週、国内でも大変活躍されてる フローラルデザイナーのYummy様が来港。

within 36 hours...

within this 36 hours ...
 I was super busy in hanging here and there to say hello to the special appointment!

Last night, we were being invited to have a private party...
but I could not leave our Floral Designer on the street, so I let her stay next to me with a glass of wine.

besides the appointment, I discussed with her for the upcoming project of her business expansion in Hong Kong, and also the flower arrangement for the next year Tour Exhibition we organized.  


a real necessity

ummm....lucky or not?!
finally petit morpho and myself' story will be get featured on the upcoming issue of
little thing magazine

I am always standing at the backstage to look after all the artists on the stage.
...however some situations may ask me to show up at the important moment to speak a few word or say hello!

I only come out when it is a real necessity  -_-"

be the FIRST on the brandnew version of paper!

I personally feel very happy, and comfort of delivering nice instructors one by one, and let them facing to the media to show their archievement of promoting what they love!

Happy of Fion, having her first appearance on the paper very soon...
showing in a brandnew version of supplement page on the freshly new column of introducing about the crafting article released in late September.

we are very happy of her to appear on the brandnew first issue!
...the article about Stamp-Carving!


get excited!!!

you will get excited of what 2hikinokobuta prepared for the new collection!!
new design of notecards from Naoko Stoop arrived very soon.
....and also the speedy adopted collection from kururi

Please keep a patience for the exciting arrivals' notice!!

we have two press interviews' arrangement this week, and few appointments with the designer and the I am not able to leave too long from the office!!
while I am busy in handling my daily tasks, I let Yummy to shop around by herself, leave her enjoying herself to experience for the survival Hong Kong!!

I am in the comic!!!

another exciting and funny news is....
the comic written by Tomoko Tsukui, is being featured and released in the latest issue of Bun2 which is a free paper talking about the trend of the stationery distributed widely in Japan.

Here is the comic content you can enjoy!!


pink & red

the air seriously polluted in Hong Kong...
need an oxygen mask -_-"
no wonder I hardly seen pretty flowers on the street.

received a beautiful original artworks from Melissa Moss lately!!
longing for the September' exhibition.

Summer Holiday gotta end very soon....


October.10-24/2012' デコトボコ Solo Exhibition at little thing concept shop

4th anniversary celebration of little thing magazine, with the little thing concept shop private party will be on this coming Saturday August.4/2012

...being invited but we have an important guest from Japan to serve......
we prepared a little surprise for them to receive on that day,
which is to meet their party theme "sweet candy"!

we specially arranged ippo to show his works at little thing concept shop to boost up his fame in both China and Hong Kong through his personal visit!

the little wooden house was built inside of the concept shop is really match to what ippo created for all related to trees, houses!!!

another long holiday for all chinese people in China starting from October 1st/2012, so why not taking this chance to take a ride to visit the little thing concept shop to view his works in different atmosphere!


Solo Exhibition
little thing concept shop

深圳市 南山区 香山华侨意园 北区A4113
(+86) 0755-8614-8010

proud of him!!!

Let me introduce my another best friend since a high school.
He designs and maintains all petit morpho, and Stamp Show' website.

Mr. Louis Lor Junior is getting featured on today's newspaper.
very proud of him!!

He is talented in inventing computer programmes, and the trendy apps.




ends on August.31/2012' (Friday)