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petit morpho represents a number of new invited and established artists, and is committed to introducing art with something at heart to an international audience by offering a long term collaboration and commitment. It shows and promotes both local, and international artists; the combination of established innovative artists, and younger talents makes the artistic profile of its actual, challenging, persistent, and unprejudiced.



do you remember a former Reporter went to Japan for studying Japanese language before, and mentioning his dream is making sweets.....finally his dream comes true!!!

he visited me today, and I found his cheerful SMILE on his face!

he just started his small business in Hong Kong, and why not trying out his unique heart-warming lovely cake by simply making an order online.


stealing time...

a floral designer, Yummy is coming to Hong Kong to have a visit during
August.5-13/2012', so I may getting busier in socializing with her.

again, I will fly to Tokyo for a quick gateaway project to manage in the mid of September...
guess like I will be a frequent flyer for the coming years -_-"

need to steal one weekend to fly to Shanghai for the site-checking....


Report: mission「ANNY」

Thank you for everyone to support the spirit of ...
Mission 「ANNY 」produced by BOUS Ms. Yuki Miyazaki.

all funds 50,100 yen carefully delivered to Mission ANNY in early July/2012

we successfully SOLD 501 units of stickers, and brooch pins during the charity period

If you have any good idea, and seek our assistance...
please do contact us anytime for any purposes!

new arrivals* atelier 11+1

what a pretty new collection from
atelier 11+1

the packaging is always amazing!!!
... how delicated of her notice hiding underneath.

a notice of DO's and DON'Ts

come over to feel the warmth

come over to feel the warmth of what "Gone Fishing"
 telling the story all about "raining", and "fish"
you can share the idea with Connie on "Meet the Artist" day 

August.17 (Friday)/2012'


new arrivals* デコトボコ

new arrivals* from デコトボコ

his first machine-made stamps, with original artworks.

colourful "signature tree" first time showing in the public!

「ippo の木」


...for the weekday's evening

we are now considering to offer...
Stamp-Carving {a private workshop} for the weekday's evening,
 due to the mass enquiries of interested parties would like to take a workshop in their convenient time.

the additional evening schedule for August & September/2012' will release shortly.
Thank you for your patience!


another mission

another mission is to select what to wear on my brother's wedding in coming September/2012'

kimono is the best choice to attend the formal celebration.
trying different from my mother's greatest antique kimono collection, see which combination would suit me.


yea....I cannot wear by myself -_-"
have to wear so many layers inside to make a nice base for a good proportion to make the kimono looks good when wearing.

...tiring when wearing, coz you cannot wear faster -_-"
cannot bend your body, need to be a straight position all the time.
..then how can I eat on that day?! (I wanna eat~)

once a year of visiting ....

(can you see my grandma' cat? Japan is very hot everyday.
....and you can imagine my grandma loves reading, she is a book worm, same as my mother -_-")

what a shamed!!!

everytime I visited Japan, trying to visit my homeplace
.....however it is hardly for me to steal even a half day off -_-"

but this time, it is not for a business; it is my own leisure.....
finally take a whole week to stay in my homeplace!

another cat is trying to come in to my grandma' place, but he is not allowed!!!
...coz he is not a permanent resident, he is a 野猫

(my grandma doesn't want to be in the public coz of her casual wearing at I used the paws to hide her face, hahahhahah)

definitely it is a once a year of visiting...

Tokyo Sky Tree

we visited the latest icon of Japan this time!

Tokyo Sky Tree

it is because we were being invited by Hinodewashi Co., Ltd for a lovely French cuisine, to view the beautiful moment when the Tree is lighting up next to you.

It changes to blue or purple colour in some other day.

I can see the Tree from my homeplace as well....can imagine it is very tall indeed!


we stayed in 赤坂 for this time....

new collection arrivals*

There are quite alot of new collection keep arrivals!!
Please keep your eyes open everyday.

we need to have a short trip to Japan again in the mid of September.


7/20-8/20: petit exhibition by Maoshan @ My Seaside Studio

Maoshan @ My Seaside Studio
"Gone Fishing"


Here is the artist's introduction:

"Grew up in North America, currently living in Cambridge, UK, left my heart in Japan; but in native Hong Kong for the summer.

Trained as an architect, aspiring children's literature scholar, but secretly just a collector, of lighthearted and joyful moments to share.

Have been illustrating picture books & painting lamps for more than seven years now. Often suspected by my friends of living in a hidden fairytale land, but hey, magic is everywhere around us."


battery recharged.

Thanks for everyone allowing me to have a fruitful break in Japan!
battery recharged.

There are quite a lot of collection arrived while I was out of town, and I will immediately do a double-check before displaying.

Let me settle all the outstanding tasks in a priority basis!


Stamps-Carving {a group workshop} for teenagers

© mimuthings. All rights reserved
We now specially offer a have a
Stamps-Carving {a group workshop}
....specially for the teenagers 12-18 years old
in Summer Holiday, by cooperating with PaperArt.

August.1 (Wed) / 3 (Fri) / 8 (Wed) / 10 (Fri)

Class A 11:30am-12:30pm

Class B 2:00pm-3:00pm

Class C 4:00pm-5:00pm

4 sessions workshop
*each workshop allowed 4 teenagers maximum.

the instructor has a strong sense of designing due to her riched experiences in her past career, so it will be a good opportunity for the teenagers to learn something beneficial to their artistic way.

You can simply contact petit morpho at,
or PaperArt at for the details.
Thank You!