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petit morpho represents a number of new invited and established artists, and is committed to introducing art with something at heart to an international audience by offering a long term collaboration and commitment. It shows and promotes both local, and international artists; the combination of established innovative artists, and younger talents makes the artistic profile of its actual, challenging, persistent, and unprejudiced.


a notice!

Finally the typhoon won't make everyone disappointed to rush in on the last day of the show!  Thank you very much.

Finally we can take a short break on July.1-6/2012,
ReOpen on the July.7 (Saturday).
My assistant will greet everyone of you, coz I will have several meetings in Japan on the first week; and please allow me to have a family gathering on the following week. (Many Thanks^^if you are specially looking for me for the specific matters, please kindly e-mail me or leave a note to my assistant)

We have lots of things to show you, lots of activities for you to participate in the latter half of this year. If you are looking for the Stamp Show Hong Kong 2013', then please keep your eyes open to check out our annoucement often!

There are lots of happiness news to share with you all, but please allow us to handle the most priority projects in hands which gonna happen next year.

 It will be the World First
- Tour Exhibition 2013' - lead the iconic Stamp-Carving Artists representing Japan to show their artworks in unusual way.
They are not only carrying a mission to promote what stamp-carving is; but also showing you how they present the way that we never think of!

the details of schedule, venues, the exhibition theme, the sponsors will be conglomerated  by the latest August/2012' (the flyer will be released by the end of November/2012)

most likely the Tour Exhibition 2013' will start from...
Shenzhen > Shanghai > Hong Kong > Singapore > Tokyo


longing for this scenary?

longing for this scenary in petit morpho?!

 perhaps we can show you the latest collection in the mid of July/2012'



If you love vintage fashion,
then you should know this Hong Kong famous comic writer.


She visited petit morpho with her two pretty daughters this afternoon!

I didnt recognize her at the beginning when she walked-in, but compared to the two daughters, she is the most active one to look around everything and flapping I was sooo curious and asked whether she creates anything in life?!

It is my pleasure to see her in person!

a straw hat

yes it is tooo long I haven't share with you of my latest adoption!
a vintage LuLu Guinness

a straw hat for summer!!!

you can see two different facial expression from the bag, funny right?!

New Artist: Okacchi

introducing a New Artist


... joining petit morpho with her debut collection arrivals!

She run her own cafe in Japan,
and she sent me these cute original sugar cubes to me.


October.1-14/2012' ippo is showcasing in little thing shop

we had an early bird meeting at little thing' office located
at the Grand Theatre Station, Shenzhen last week....

again it is another beautiful shopping mall just look alike a IFC Central with lots of luxury boutiques!! 

Thanks for the thoughtful idea given us to proceed for the another exciting breakthrough to petit morpho in the coming years!

...and Thanks for the great offer for our artists to show their works in the little thing shop!
which is another unexpected exhibition we need to prepare urgently.

There is a brandnew furnished wooden house will be built inside of the little thing shop is launching very soon in a month. It is used for showcasing the artists'/designers' collection.

ippo' Solo Exhibition
little thing shop
ShenZhen, China


the exhibition flyer will be released by August/2012'
the flyer for little thing shop, and petit morpho would be different design!
Don't forget to grab both!!


exciting news!

It is a very exciting news for all the Stamp-Carving Lovers!!!

It is because we prefer more and and more people are easily to get supplies and materials in the market; in the past year, petit morpho stands in between to build a conversation with CitySuper by introducing Hinodewashi Co., Ltd through the several meeting appointments discussion.

you will see the stocks will be line up very soon in LogOn. that petit morpho can pass the retailing mission to them, and we can do more focusing on exhibition, and events coordination.

win win win!!!

it is beneficial to all Stamp-Carving Lovers in Hong Kong!
it is beneficial to LogOn to open up a new handcraft category in Hong Kong!
it is beneficial to Hinodewashi Co., Ltd to open a market in Hong Kong! please go often to LogOn to stock in the rubber boards;
visit petit morpho regulary for getting an inspiration from the exhibition;
and keep up your creation!!!

anyways, we keep delivering a nice communication between different parties time-to-time, coz petit morpho is always thinking as a whole, and our time and manpower is very limited, and we are more likely to focus on artists' management by organizing exhibitions with different cooperation parties.

Tour Exhibition is coming up in year 2013' occupy most of the entire months!

we will have a meeting next week with the person familiar to the publishing!
everything gonna present in more sophisticated for next year.



© mimuthings. All rights reserved
She has a strong passion towards everything related to the growth of these creatures!
Check her out by adding her facebook page!

She will show her "mimuthings"

we miss Gorjuss

We never miss our artists under a roof of petit morpho.
we all missed very much of Gorjuss Girls since the group exhibition 2010'

..due to Suzanne Woolcott health condition, she rerely released her new works since then!

...but if you are walking around on the street, it is very proud of her merchandise are getting popular, and it is able to find her "replica" in Hong Kong as well..... -_-"

it is very happy to see her works again in the public by holding an exhibition in her homeland. 

petit morpho will display back her Original artworks from July/2012'.

Cooperation Partner: little thing

petit morpho is very proud of being selected by little thing, to be one of the selling spots of the current and past issues of little thing magazine in Hong Kong!

It is very convenient for all the Readers to grab the past issues of what you missed, and the current issue without searching around in the cities.

petit morpho is being invited to be one of the Cooperation Partners with little thing from this year, and all the events and activities held by petit morpho, and the useful information will be widely distributed in little thing' related counterparties, and all the Readers as well.

Thank You!


artists' collection returns!!

some of the display items of the exhibition will be shipped to Paris to Tomoko Tsukui to arrange her event in early July/2012, so it is to inform everyone of you to get notice of the last week of exhibition will be dramatically changed as our special shipment arrangement.

the artists' collection starts displaying from this weekend!

Thank You for your attention.


beautiful crackers

what a beautiful cracker .....
printed a different design of seasonal flowers on each cracker.

these days, I am working on the documents gonna happen in this coming Fall/2012'
...about Tsubuan Stamp, Art & Craft Kotori in Singapore
...about ippo coming to Hong Kong
...about Kristiana Parn in Tokyo Exhibition

do you remember the Earth Hour 2012' Campaign Poster?!
the designer, Ms. Isabel Roxas is coming to Hong Kong in Decemeber to say hi to me!!! Looking forward ^^


Michi Hamono

I tried to station during the Stamp Show, it is because we assumed there are lots of unexpected visitors to say hi to me!

one of the unexpected visitors is the famous carving knife company from Japan
- Michi Hamono  -
...visited me on last Friday.

most of the Stamp-Carving Artists are using cutter knife, design knife and some of the carving knife are from this company.

perhaps you have an opportunity to get a nice carving knife in a mega chain store very soon in Hong Kong! very very looking that more and more people can get a professional materials and tools to carve a beautiful artworks.

a single event may gather lots of companies to get together to promote all related to Stamp-Carving, and share the joy with everyone!!

It is all beneficial to everyone who loves Stamp-Carving!!!

additional collection

She never offer her original handcarved stamps in the market,
but for this time for the Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong is exceptional.

she created another batch of collection to meet the requests for Hong Kong.
perhaps will arrive by this weekend!

Most of the larger piece of artworks are being adopted, so she immediately prepared for the only one postcard size original rubber board' creation for the show to say Thank You! to everyone who loves her works!


beneficial to yourself!

sense of colours, and the combination should let all the children to see, feel, and experience especially when they are spending the time in a childhood.

all the sensibility will strongly influence when they are grown up as an adult, to select a stylish clothes for themselves, and furnitures to decor their homeplace. least they know what colours may suit themselves.

Unfortunately in Hong Kong, we are lack of educating this the basic concept towards all the children in the schools.

Thats why some parents, and young generation love bringing along their children, and their young relatives to view the exhibition, by viewing different things may automatically educate their sense of beauty.

we put 50% promotion of Art; and 50% Education holding different kind of petit exhibitions throughout the year.

It is all beneficial to yourself by viewing different beautifully-made creation.

It is all free of charge, and why not taking all the opportunities...viewing as many as you can in your life!

Just see it, feel it, and experience it!


a paper-buffet

"I never see this kind of paper!" she said.
....and having a paper-buffet

shopping crazily for the papers.

ummm? what is this?

she enjoyed a lot at PaperArt

You can ask the ladies in PaperArt what she bought during her stay in Hong Kong.


collect all yet?

did you collect all the Memorable Stamps yet?!
hurry up...
we only have 3 weeks left...
 to end the Stamp Show Hong Kong 2012'


carving anywhere....

you could trace back what we did on her first day arrival.
after having a 30 minute afternoon-tea at Sevva;
catch up the press interview;

and then rushed to the meeting place with a person of a mega chain store. 
we immediately had dinner after this meeting;
and then to The Peak;
the exhibition set-up put in the last till 2:00am midnight. is the usual artist' habitat
carving anywhere...
working in anywhere while we had a meeting.
actually she is catching up to create collection for the exhibition.

Lucky him!!!
he was feeling amazing of her just a few minute, just a few second carving speed to complete  a single bird.

these two pictures captured by him.
interesting angles!!

I think he is the only one got her handwritten autograph!!

planning ahead for her

Japanese ladies are soooo powerful!!
..coz they love beer very much -_-"

I don't take any alcohol, so I let them drink drink drink.
They are very happy with a glass of beer!

I prefer sleeping!

now, I gradually getting resumed to the normal time zone.

there are lots of visitors are asking whether she is still in Hong Kong or not after the articles released.

all I replied is, "we have a chance in the future, no worries!!"

I am planning ahead for another opportunity for her, but perhaps it happens in year 2014' coz of my schedule were fully-packed.

debut book from Naoko Stoop

spending two and half years of making this story book...
finally released, and arrived in-store.
We will specially carry (10) copies comes with her autograph.
Congratulations to Naoko Stoop!

Her book is being featured in The New York Times


her actual stamp

We will show you her actual Original Handcarved Stamp after the Stamp Show.
Stay tuned!

You would definitely feel very amazing of her details.