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petit morpho represents a number of new invited and established artists, and is committed to introducing art with something at heart to an international audience by offering a long term collaboration and commitment. It shows and promotes both local, and international artists; the combination of established innovative artists, and younger talents makes the artistic profile of its actual, challenging, persistent, and unprejudiced.


inspired by...

© mimuthings. All rights reserved cute it is!!!

inspired by Starbucks Coffee

She will show her works next year in her Solo Exhibition in petit morpho!!

Looking forward!

thinking "as a whole"

did you enjoy your workshop with Tomoko Tsukui?
Please treasure the moment you shared the time with her.

She is first time experiencing like a Hollywood Celebrities (...or an actress) managed by other people, and couldn't believe that she could do so many things in such a short period of time in an extremely tight schedule.

dont forget my full-time jobs before was a Personal Assistant to the Company Chairman, all the efficiency skills, and the time management learnt from my previous career.

at that time, I was preparing for the 2-3 months long itinerary for the boss to fly over to different countries to make a proper business meeting appointment with different important people, to offer the BEST service and arrangement to each people. Thats why I am always thinking in different angles to make the best solution, always thinking "as a whole" to give a best service to make everyone feeling comfortable and happy.

You cannot make any mistake, or failure for the one-take event, so it is necessary to prepare everything in a proper time-management, and it is also need to prepare for the alternative way for just-in-case. "Flexibility" is also need to be considered.
"the image", and "the presentation" is always apply in all the situation.
An artist is always focusing on creating, thats why they need a management person to assist the part of presenting, and introducing their works. Thats' what petit morpho is taking a good care of each artist we carry!

doing a translation, socializing and taking a photo is a very very easy job for me if comparing to the management -_-"

You would understand I always put myself at LAST...
coz the artists, and the visitors are the most important elements to petit morpho.



three days workshop!


Everyone getting excited to see her in person, and learn the techniques and know-how of stamp-carving in the workshop.

all the important points of stamps-carving melted in my brain, coz I repeatly doing a translation for the workshops, hahahha!

she only used two simple tools:

super huge cutter-knife,
v-shaped carving knife

making your own penguin with your favourite wording insert inside of the tummy,
you can put an initial, a word, a logo, a number etc

she put my name inside of the tummy ^^

it is called a "Shizue-Penguin"

her birthday present!

 the origin of the stamp-carving actually is from our Greatest China, 
for a Stamp-Carving Artist, I believe she respects all the carving professionals from China.

That's what I prepared for her birthday present!

She is the First time seeing the stamps made by stone.
Feeling Excited!!!

It is because of her favourite "Elephant" on the top.

....wanna immediately stamp on the paper!


Thank You!

She is returning to Japan today, but we have one more interview to go in the morning.

First of all,
Thank You to all members assisting me in the Part 2 of the show -
Stamp-Carving workshop by Tomoko Tsukui
.....being very helpful to assist me to get everything smoothly done before and through the workshops, and I believe you fully-enjoy yourself by learning for the special techniques directly from her.

Thank You to PaperArt support the Stamp Show Hong Kong 2012' to make the Demonstration that we specially arranged to show how amazing for the inkpads she produced may use in such a beautiful way. Without your venue supporting, it is difficult to gather all the Stamp-Lovers and Craft-Lovers to view this show comfortably.

Tomoko Tsukui mentioned and felt very appreciated to our invitation to Hong Kong to have a FIRST Solo Exhibition in her life, which is never thought of presenting in this artistic way.
She said she would like to re-set herself after returning to Japan, to spent time and effort on creating more and more artworks from now on.

seems, I have one more mission to carry to take a good care of her upcoming career path after the show in Hong Kong.

we will do our best, will do more promotion and show her works in the near future!

------> a lot of pictures will be get uploaded after settling down all the outstanding tasks.


See you today at PaperArt!

due to my "multi-roles" happening at the same time during the artist's stay in Hong Kong, it is hardly for me to pick up all the calls for any enquiries in these three days.

today would be the last day of the workshop, and we have a demonstration at PaperArt is the only chance to see her if you missed her workshop.

all participants attending the workshops were very excited and feeling amazed of her unique carving techniques and know-how that you never get the information in anywhere.

She only used a minimum number of carving tools, to create her works!

for the demonstration today, again you would feel amazing on her techniques of how to fully-use of the finger-tips inkpads she specially produced.

See you today at PaperArt
at 4:00pm-6:00pm

We will have a special arrangement after all the demonstration finished!
Thank You.


May.23 (Wednesday)

She is now in Hong Kong!!!
Getting excited!!! for everything on her first time coming to Hong Kong....

a quick afternoon-tea at Sevva on the roof top located on the Prince's Building.
due to the tight schedule we have, only 30 minutes allowed for her to consume a portion, and then catch up for the press interview awaiting in the office.

luckily these two days would be a fine weather, to view clearly for the Victoria Harbour from The Peak.....

.....exhibition setting up put at the last, because she is still young....
(but for me -_-" accompanying her for the display till the late mid-night at 2:00am; and returning to the office early morning today before 7:00am to follow up her tasks given to me in the last minutes for making a title of works, and the rest, thanks to her!!!)


charity continues...

charity continues ...
during the Solo Exhibition of Tomoko Tsukui.

She will soon to be in Hong Kong,
start setting up for the exhibition display ....
if arrived earlier, we plan to have an afternoon-tea, will depends on her condition!

these days....

a private banquet ...
attended on last Saturday evening at the Grant Hyatt Hotel the pool side of the 11th Floor.

Monday & Tuesday I immediately worked for a pile of documents after the end of the Part 1 of the show, but only successfully completed for the set of 30 artists'; the other rest of 10 artists' I need to complete them by this weekend -_-"  I am already efficient enough, but still it is hardly steal a little time, sigh~



5/24, 5/25 & 5/26: 津久井智子 FIRST Stamps-Carving workshop in Hong Kong

(this version is designed by Tomoko Tsukui)

FIRST workshop in Hong Kong
May 24, 25, 26/2012'

消しゴムはんこ職人    津久井智子 
Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong

May.24 - June.30/2012'

OPEN to PUBLIC from May.27 (Sunday)/2012'

all materials will be prepared by Hinodewashi Co.,Ltd.
what kind of illustration?! is all prepared by Tomoko Tsukui

It is strongly NOT ALLOWED for the other visitors freely view the exhibition on May 24, 25, 26 during the workshops are on-going. Thank you for your understanding!


what we are!

from this week onwards,
you would have a chance to see quite alot of feature article mainly focusing on our Guest Artist, no matter it is a free giveaway newspaper, a normal daily newspaper, to different magazines....

for the people who are not familiar to petit morpho,
they are not really sure petit morpho is the Main Organizer of Stamp Show Hong Kong.

First time to know petit morpho; 
 First time to visit petit morpho; 
 they are not likely understand what we are doing.

We are not only organizing Stamp Show; but also carrying a mission to assist the potential artists from all over the world to introduce their works by coordinating with different parties to hold different exhibitions, and events throughout the year.

some people ever dont understand clearly whatever we explained;
but some people do understand what we are actually doing.

we are not a pop-up store...
we are not a one-off gallery space...
it is not always too late for you to know petit morpho, if you LOVE what we are doing!

about the pictures.....

please allow us for a little time for the updating for all the websites....
We will update all the pictures very soon for the events happened in the past 3 months for both Hong Kong, and Japan.

Eric Luk' website had been updated with his latest portfolio and projects.

the picture of the Part 1 of the Show, will be get updated accordingly after we finished the workshop conducted by the Guest Artist.

Thank you for your patience!


BE HAPPY in your past, the present moment, and the future!!

always...getting busy on the day of my birthday -_-"
this year is also not exceptional..

consumed an early-bird morning birthday cake already today...
very fulled~

petit size would be a good portion for me!

I had already spent 1/3 of my life, 35 years old!!!
if I have a 100 years old age to survive in this earth;
but if I say bye bye to this earth too early somehow in 60 years old age, then I already spent half of my life......thats why please fulfilling yourself!!
DO something positive and meaningful in your life!
Thats the way of proving your value in this Earth.

something you did in the past may prove what you have in this present time;
so please do catch up with your every minutes!


early-bird registration in late November/2012'

here is a kind notice...

if you missed or if you are too late to register for this year workshop conducted by our Guest Artist; please keep your eyes open for checking out our announcement will be made for the early-bird registration offer in late November/2012' 
for the one conducted by "her" in Stamp Show Hong Kong 2013'

Thank You!

early July/2012'

several meetings need to have in early July/2012' in Tokyo,
straight after the end of Stamp Show Hong Kong 2012'...

the first thing is about the Stamp Show Hong Kong 2013' 
 the Tour Exhibition' arrangement

the second thing is about The Flor
we may consider to set up another brandnew office in Hong Kong; so that our team may managable all related to The Flor' business in this new office.


everything 40 sets

working everything 40 sets ....
for all the documents;
for all the gifts;
for all the envelopes;
for all the labels...

40 sets for the participating artists of the Part 1 of the show...

lack of facial expression these days -_-"


We CLOSED on May.21-23/2012' for the preparation of
Part 2 & 3 of the Stamp Show Hong Kong 2012'

It is strictly NOT ALLOWED for the visitors to view the exhibition on
 due to the workshop is ongoing on these three days.

The Solo Exhibition of Tomoko Tsukui will be open to the public on

Thank you for your attention!



If you are not familiar to the Gocco Printing...
then he is the person very keen on using this tools on his creation.

He is an artist from Singapore,
will hold his Solo Exhibition in petit morpho in January/2013'
showing his works, and different kind of Gocco Printers...
perhaps will give a precious workshop in Hong Kong!

He was getting featured in the upcoming issue of casual days magazine released in Singapore. Check him out!! He is HOT in Singapore!!


a clip shooting on May.26 (Saturday) 12:00noon-6:00pm

We specially arranged a Professional to have
 a video-clip shooting of the whole day for our Guest Artist on
May.26(Saturday)/2012 12:00noon-6:00pm 
so please if you are taking a workshop at petit morpho,
or participating in our Demonsrtation at PaperArt....

we recommended you to dress well....
coz this clipping perhaps the artist will be used to upload in her official website, it automatically goes to the worldwide audiences.

Thank You!


I love receiving something "with a box or a tin can" that I can use it for keeping all the stamps collection.

Thierry delivered a bunch of nice red flowers this afternoon.

Thank You!

...seems everything in RED colour today ^^
They give us an energy!!

final preparation of our Part 2 & 3 of the Stamp Show!!


my thoughts is...

it is an interesting article!!!
people who can master more than one language are building a more resilient brain, one more proficient at multi-tasking, setting priorities...etc

do I fit to this sample?!...

..however my thoughts is, there are alot of people can speak fluent languages in the world.
but there is not a lot of people have an ability to fully-use the languages to apply on their works.

"speaking a language fluently is not equal to the person working very outstanding!"
thats my conclusion -_-"

introducing: PORIGAMI

PORIGAMI is a collection of Tereza Hradilkova’s original designs inspired by Asian paper craft.
PORI is her nickname and GAMI(or KAMI) means paper in Japanese as a mark of respect for its traditional paper culture.
Originally an architect from Czech Republic, Tereza had the chance to see the Japanese culture from inside while living in Tokyo for 2 years. She enjoyed reading books from the local libraries about textile, woodprints, Chinese stamps and paper craft, especially the works by MASAHIRO CHATANI.

The Hong Kong collection is a result of two years experimenting with paper and her original handcarved stamps.

We are going to carry her a box set of 9 different designs of architecture using a recycled cardstock.


when I received the wishlist from the artist of ...

what she wanna eat..
where she wanna go...
what she wanna experience...
what she wanna see.... is to satisfy her wishlist, I believe we have an extremely craziest time during her stay in Hong Kong....

She wanna eat hard and play hard besides working I need to re-make the itinerary by squeezing time from here and there.

after our mission completed, I will let you know.

one more thing, her beloved mother is coming with her friends to join her trip by taking this chance...
and the artist's request is......大排宴席 -_-"


MONDAY Excitement

We have a MONDAY Excitement today!!!
it is because of a single call makes us tooo excited and very unexpectable.

once conglomerated with all the details, we will definitely make it officially announced!


Million Thanks.....

Million Thanks.....
to all my valued Customers who keep supporting petit morpho in the past years, and you are the strong evidence of seeing us the growth from the time being you started appreciating what we are doing!

It is because I would like to get in touch with the visitors, so I tried to station every single day to have a conversation and seek comments, and how they feel of this ever first Stamp Show held in Hong Kong; so that the valuable comments may help to apply for the next year' Stamp Show to make it happen in a larger scale to get involved different parties!

Part 1 of the show is nearly comes to the end in 2 weeks...

our Special Guest is having her final preparation to show her New Works in Hong Kong, some of them are "Not for Sale", so it is for sure a valuable opportunity to view her artworks in such a close distance.

little creatures!!! by alleluja

if you missed the chance to view our past exhibitions.
You are lucky to view the live video secretly clipped by alleluja' husband during their visit to experience for the ever First Solo Exhibition held in January/2012

You would see the artist ^^


welcome to weibo

it is easier to gather all the Stamps-Carving Lovers in our Greatest China,
we finally open a weibo to connect between different cities in China and Hong Kong.

YES, one of my assistants will manage all the updates and enquiries here in Chinese.

It is free for everyone to join!

Thank You!


unlimited collection

(captured from the artist's own picture. Thank You!)

once you started playing her stamps, you never stop for collecting -_-"
you never know what the artist will prepare for the next.

for sure, you would definitely get addicted to this game of never-ending.

unlimited collection!

5/26 (Saturday) 4:00pm-6:00pm 津久井智子 at PaperArt

Please pay attention!!
We only have 5:00pm-6:00pm session left for the Free Registration.
Please contact PaperArt  for RSVP.
Thank You!


a registration starts to offer from today at PaperArt for the special event on
May.26 (Saturday) 4:00pm-6:00pm

Do you remember the finger-tips inkpad produced by Tomoko Tsukui ?
She will have a demonstration of how to fully-use the inkpads.


5月26日(土) 午後4時~6時
*RSVP* to secure a place for yourself!!




Thanks for this lady consumed quite a long time to prepare her heart-warming handmade cards to our artists to show her LOVE. beautifully-made she made!!
This is for ME ^^

Thank You~


Special Event in November/2012'

 ...on our special event scheduling in early November/2012'

We all expecting this greatest artist is coming to Hong Kong to say HELLO to everyone!

the artist is planning to show the latest artworks, and giving an amazing demonstration.

the details will be announced after the Stamp Show!

if you missed to view Tsubuan Stamp' amazing Demonstration in two years ago,
we strongly recommend you to save the date, not to miss this chance again!!!
unfortunately we are not likely to repeat inviting the same artist...
if you are guessing right, I give you a candy^^