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petit morpho represents a number of new invited and established artists, and is committed to introducing art with something at heart to an international audience by offering a long term collaboration and commitment. It shows and promotes both local, and international artists; the combination of established innovative artists, and younger talents makes the artistic profile of its actual, challenging, persistent, and unprejudiced.


new products

we assumed the new products will be released upon the artist' arrival in late May/2012', however it would be postponed to release. (I mean for the Tsukui' version)

it is soo amazing for this time....
 Hinodewashi Co., Ltd released a new rubber board product in a set, by cooperating with the artists, Tomoko Tsukui, and naco seperately.

...will be soon to be in Hong Kong perhaps in the summer holiday!

you can check the new products at the artists' blog for the updates.


my home cat is giving a pose...

He is 20 years old already -_-"

accompanying me to watch TV last night, stealing my water to drink.


petit morpho is secretly known by Chinese people who are living in China.

when Chinese people asked me for 「打折?」

when they are asking me 「where to get change from the RMB?

..should I start offering a RMB acceptable from now on?
but how to identify it is a real or fake note?! ..headache -_-"


something about the Tour Exhibition 2013'

it is very excited to have a new coordination between different parties in different countries, to gather all the Stamps-Carving Lovers.

something gonna happened in Malaysia? ...and Shanghai?
due to the counterparties have a strong community to gather all the Lovers...then all we need to do is focusing on leading all the Excellent Artists to exhibit their works by organizing a Tour Exhibition in year 2013'

couldn't believe that it is all because petit morpho is based in Hong Kong, as an international hub to connect globally. Ofcourse I again admitted it is all about 「縁」to meet a good counterparties, and all the artists, and visitors.

Next year would be another busiest year for me...coz of the tour exhibition' arrangement, to fly over different countries to carry a mission to introduce our greatest artists!


please keep it in-safe!

the colour of Lucky Draw Ticket will change differently for every month during the Stamp Show... the different colour of tickets may goes to different prizes! please retain your ticket till the last day of the show in the safe area. 

Thank You! 


my goodness!!! Tsubuan & Kotori

my goodness.....

they both are getting featured in a single article!!

Tsubuan Stamp
Art & Craft Kotori

amazing to see both in the same article...
when I asked Tsubuan last time when he gave a demonstration in Hong Kong,
"who is your admirest artist?"

He said, "ofcourse Kotori-san!!"

These two Artists always keep competing to fight for the different prizes in Japan!!


We feel very proud of both of them, can show their talents in Singapore in this coming October!!!

...always on the flight' feeling

after the show starts, I feel myself have a pre-sign of 「耳水不平衡」, the body function is normal; but both ears are always feeling I am flying high on the flight -_-"


wanna be a Tsubuan Stamp?!

do you wanna be a Profession as Tsubuan Stamp?!
why not trying his rubber board releasing in late May/2012.

as an Organizer, and Coordinator...
petit morpho is focusing on assisting artists by leading them into the artistic career path.
petit morpho stands at the neutral position.
.... thats why it is possibly to invite the Excellent Artists gathering in Hong Kong for the Stamp Show.

no matter what kind of brands they are using.....we treat FAIR to all Artists to give a fair opportunity. Seriously it is very rare and very difficult to gather these Artists in a single roof in Japan; but only for Stamp Show Hong have a chance to see them all in one time...
it is because petit morpho is more concerned on their creation which is a part of important issue.....rather than the brand they are using for the creation.

Hopefully everyone understand what we are talking about!
We only hold and organize exhibitions and events which is beneficial to the Artists' career path!


..received a gift from デコトボコ
sooo sweet!!

it is because he based in Osaka province, so he designs a series of 大阪弁 of stamps!!
Actually this is a machine-made stamp~
I dont know how many designs so far...

His machine-made stamps will be carry from July/2012'
Stay tuned!!

Original Handcarved Stamps by Tomoko Tsukui

we will start offering the Original Handcarved Stamps Semi-Ordering by Tomoko Tsukui

There are around 25 designs for you to choose!
all you have to do is select your favourite design, and she will design your name in any languages you requested (Chinese character, Japanese, English or numbers)

this ordering period is from May.1-June.30/2012'
we will gather all the orderings after the exhibition ends, the artist will start working on all the orderings, and you will receive the stamps in August/2012'

the details and the sample will be displayed during the ordering period.
Thank you!


strange phenomenon

it is very interesting to see the strange phenomenon after the show starts...
some visitors are targetting for the specific artist' creation that we used to carry throughout the years (perhaps we assumed the visitor is first time to know her creation being delivered in Hong Kong only for the show?!)

if you did a study in our website at; then you would familar to the artists we carry throughout the year; not just for the Stamp Show.

...another interesting phenomenon is,
when they could not able to adopt the specific artist' creation, they targetted to the next one that all visitors are in same habitat
.....very strange?!

did anyone spread a strange message to the market?!

Please adopt your Favourite(s)...
...but not for listening to the other people' gossips to screw up your mind please~ Thank You!


20 days over....

some of the artists delivered just a few for the Stamp Show, so once they were all fully-adopted, then you missed the chance to see them in real.

creations were being adopted one-by-one every day, it's gonna lesser than the day before; we strongly suggested you to visit the show as earlier as possible.

20 days over since the opening, and 1/3 were being adopted by different Owners.
Thank You! 



for the finger-tips inkpads Demonstration at PaperArt
on May.26 (Saturday)/2012'

1st session - 4:00pm-5:00pm
2nd session - 5:00pm-6:00pm

the artist will do a demonstration on PAPER for the 1st session;
and on FABRIC for the 2nd session.




we called it as 手ぬぐい
you can use it as a simple hankerchief;
use it for displaying your home decor;
 use it as a dust cover;
...or use it as wrapping a gift and wine bottles. many ways for you to fully-use this special long size.

津久井智子 is now delivering another side products very soon...

as mentioned in the past entries, it is difficult to get her products in the market, even in if you are considering to collect her items, please do act fast to prevent from your disappointment. Thank You! 



Tomoko Tsukui, and naco are the artists that rarely offer their Original Handcarved Stamps in the market even in Japan.

They both are mainly focusing on showing their works by holding exhibitions and events throughout the year; and giving workshops for promoting the Stamps-Carving.

for your information, this year Tomoko Tsukui is showing her artpieces in her exhibition; and offering a special semi-ordering Handcarved Stamps upon your request by selecting your favourable images.

naco specially delivered her Original Handcarved Stamps to Hong Kong for the Stamp Show this year, it is because Hong Kong is the ever first time to hold this kind of Stamps-Carving event, thats why it is a very exceptional case for her to prepare and deliver a limited number of her creations to Hong Kong. ( please treasure it and keep it well if you adopted her creation in the show. Thank You!)


Thank You!

one of the artists participating in the Stamp Show delivered a nice gift to me...
it is because her husband comes to Hong Kong for the business trip, so her husband takes a mission to deliver a little gift to me, and visits the show!!

Thank You!

Black Friday

Black Friday might not have many visitors as what I expected.......
however I was non-stopping socializing with the visitors for the whole day!

Thanks for the card delivered by the postman made my day ^^



as mentioned before...there is a lady coming from Madrid, Spain to Hong Kong for travelling...and at the same time seeked us for the private workshop of Stamps-Carving during her stay in Hong Kong.

What a passionate lady!

It is good to know from the Instructor that she learnt the skills very fast.

She was having fun by checking and adopted some of the creation by the artists' made during the show. she mentioned she will pop in again to continue her stamp-hunting before leaving tomorrow!


so early.....

I assumed I could take a bit rest today after the long Easter Holiday...
when I was waiting for the elevator to return to the office with my favourite breakfast, the building management officer informing me by viewing the security camera, "there are two ladies standing in front of your door wor!"

......(are you sure?!)

it is 10:15am  -__-"

so come?!


yes, definitely they are waiting in front of the office door........
two Japanese ladies.
I nicely adviced them to please return by our official opening hours, sigh~

couldn't expect quite a lot of visitors coming to the show today!


feeling puzzle? she is very smart!

this artist is very smart of catching the player's heart!

it is based on the doll-house design for the full line of accessories.

if you buy only a single pack of accessory, you cannot puzzle the combination with other essential items...thats why the player needs to buy at least 4-5 packs to mix & match.

each packing is also very calculated, the accessory attached with other accessories stamping as a sample, so the player will look for the stamped accessories to collect for the whole collection.

indeed, for the Stamp-Lovers who love playing for the doll-house, they definitely fell in LOVE for this collection.

I found there are quite alot of visitors feeling puzzle for this artist' creation....
but she is very very smart, and really catch the player's heart!


this is a sample!

It is very interesting some visitors love this album from the artist prepared for displaying with her collection. She is very kind of preparing this album for the visitors to flap over to get inspired of how she created things by using her original stamps on different elements.

It is because of the few visitors' special request, she is not willing to sell this sample; however she is willing to make a brandnew one to meet the request. Actually she said she could not able to make the exactly the same version, coz she forgot the placement of stamping for each page; however she will try her best to create the BEST one for sure!

Only (5) copies will be delivered very soon!



"Stamp-Plate" displaying for the just only a few collection left from the popular artists....
this morning the Singapore side called me up when I was in just awaken condition -_-"

when I was on a mini-bus, PaperArt called me up asking me there is a customer asked whether we open yet?! early for everything -_-" not completely 回魂 yet!!

we are now scheduling the (3) winners of Lucky Draw who have a chance to win our "best selection of 10 artists' creation" would be drawned by Tomoko Tsukui upon her arrival, and hold a prize ceremony on the May.26 (Saturday)/2012' please pop in freqently during the Part 1 of the show!!!



the first week of the show would definitely be the busiest time for us...coz of the special arrangement for our valued customers, especially for the public holidays and weekends, we need to socialize early in the morning at 9:00am till the late evening at 7:00pm.


there are few tasks need to meet the deadline, especially for the Singapore' project held in this coming October/2012' to arrange Tsubuan Stamp, and Kotori to have their exhibition, workshop and demonstration. 
I need to forward some of the documents by this weekend....

at the same time, there are few projects in hand to proceed to make it happen in one year after -_-" my time-chart be set in my brain all line up as 2013' and 2014' ....some projects for Hong Kong, some projects for Japan, some projects for China, and some projects for the space...whatever zzzzZZZzzz

I know some of you are getting busier to prepare your LOVE to be sent to your favourite artists...please take you time to create the best one to the artist!

There are few artists' of collection were fully-adopted, and we are trying to recommend them to deliver another collection if possible. It all depends on their mood actually....not a lot but just a few I suggested ^^



a new illustration book will be released by naco on April.27/2012'

She will specially deliver (15) copies to Hong Kong by early May, so that if you would like to secure a copy for yourself, please kindly drop us a line for the reservation.

Thank You!


I was working overtime till late evening at 9:30pm yesterday, to socialize with our valued the same time, follow up some of the enquiries from the press; and arranging few meeting appointments with the companies and shops when the counterparties comes to Hong Kong with the artists in late May to proceed for the business issue.

please deliver some attractive snacks to me when you pop in the show ^^

these two weeks would be abnormal workload for me!!


Stamp Show Hong Kong 2012' starts!!!

Thank you for everyone who comes to the show on the first day!
Hopefully you enjoyed yourself...

when I see everyone is very serious to check each artist' creation, it is better not to bother them to make them confused.....coz I found some visitors had already getting LOST!!

Some of the artists' creation dramatically dropped to 20%-50% after the first day of the show, so everyday it is to balance all the artists' creation, the display may slightly every time of your visit would be different.

Easter Holiday is coming....we strongly recommended you to take this opportunity to have a view before some artists' creation were disappeared!