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petit morpho represents a number of new invited and established artists, and is committed to introducing art with something at heart to an international audience by offering a long term collaboration and commitment. It shows and promotes both local, and international artists; the combination of established innovative artists, and younger talents makes the artistic profile of its actual, challenging, persistent, and unprejudiced.


Save your energy!! for the first day of Stamp Show

the official opening for the first day of 
 Stamp Show Hong Kong 2012'
April.1 (Sunday)
Here is a little tips for you to put in mind before coming to the show, we expect each visitor may need to spend at least 30-45 minutes.

FIRST time to visit:-
1) leave your "footprint" by signing on the board 
2) fill in your name, e-mail address for the "Lucky Draw"
!!!!3) find out and check out your targetted artists' creation first;
and then check out for the rest.
4) Collect all the "Memorable Stamps"

it is understandable if you forget to do everything in the show;
but you cannot miss out to check our 40 artists' creation on your FIRST visit!


cool for both!

it is very interesting, and feeling proud of my old friend, Clement, and Thierry who just finished her exhibition by her artist's name - Monkey Made) being featured as a youngest 玄学家 in the World.

Thierry forwarded me the link of Clement, and herself, and it is sooo cool!!!


3/31 (Saturday) 8:30pm-9:30pm >> Earth Hour 2012'

This year, we have Isabel Roxas to design the
Earth Hour 2012' campaign poster.

Please remember our annual switch off the lights on
March.31 (Saturday)/2012' at 8:30pm

"Lights Off, lift off!"


例年、世界各国で行ってるEarth Hour
今年は3月31日 夜8時半~9時半

Isabel Roxasにキャンペーンポスターをデザインして下さいました!


hot released by naco

finally the last package arrived today!

this is another great opportunity to adopt this just hot released in Japan,
the lettersets produced by naco

all images on the letterpad and envelope stamped from her original handcarved stamps.

if you still don't have a copy of her illustration book, please try to grab a copy to study beforehead, coz she is coming to Hong Kong to say hi to everyone next year!


rare and collectable

it is hard to get even when you visit Japan for her related products...
rare and collectable items produced by 津久井智子,
will also be line up when the Stamp Show starts!



「東北応援はんこシール」 produced by Tomoko Tsukui charity sale for the help of relief of Japan.
fulled of fun stickers in a A4 size of paper, with a cute illustration drawing of telling the story of this sticker at the back.

each sticker is printed from the original handcarved stamps by Tomoko Tsukui.

It is not only for the charity purpose; but it is also one of the collectable items!

the price is same as in Japan at HK$50 for each.

Charity Period: April.1-June.30/2012'

Memorable Stamps

We invited 6 selected artists to design for the Stamp Show Hong Kong 2012'
Memorable Stamps

There are (8) designs in total.

I expected visitors keep stamping these stamps during the show, so we re-make them in the machine-made stamps for more durable

the one designed by Tomoko Tsukui remains as an original rubber board,
Please be considerate to the other visitors; only the Tomoko Tsukui' one should be used in RED ink-pads.


a banner

sometimes you may feel curious of whether you can introduce this event to your blog by linking up....please link up freely with this banner or the original version from the website for the clearer version.

Thank You!



I am gonna fainted soon..

atelier g delivered her latest addiction of making an illustration-envelope.

actually this time some artists asked me whether they can deliver some of the paper-goodies or related items using their own original stamps to the show?!

I suggested this time we only focus on "Handcarved Stamps", so that we can easily control all the creation during the event. 

...However, I know it is soo attractive to carry those related creations made by the artists....
how's that?!
after the show...we will let all the artists to show anything they like!

(...but please give me a break straight after the show,
coz there is another exhibition will start on the 20th of July/2012)


Million Thanks to ALL!!

although the entry just we made this morning, we received a lot of supporters love to carry a Mission Anny...and it is totally out of our expectation (coz the majority would like to have each colour of sticker and badge...), thats why we immediately adviced BOUS to deliver another certain number to meet the needs for the Stamp Show!

if you are living far away from us, and it is hardly to take a ride to Central...
we are very flexible for you to give us a call or e-mail us for the number and colour you requested, so that we'd love to send it to you by post, or keep it in-safe to prevent from the hassle during the show. Mission ANNY petit morpho


it is to spread the LOVE of "Mission ANNY" produced by BOUS

Only ONE COIN of HK$10
you can adopt one sticker, or pin brooch during the Stamp Show.


Charity Period: April.1 - June.30/2012


mostly arrived!!

mostly arrived!!
petit morpho is gonna be a storage....
we are still waiting for 5 more boxes plus a huge one from Tomoko Tsukui.

it is gonna be a hurdle for everyone to select the Favourite(s) in the Stamp Show!

I can tell, each artist did a good job!
They prepared and delivered the very best selection to this show in Hong Kong.


Tea Bag Coaster?!

getting used to the rough life-style in Hong Kong...
culture-shock sometimes return to Japan, for the considerable attitudes towards everything -_-" this time I was so shocked of "Tea Bag Coaster"


getting a final preparation for the Stamp Show;
and now I am waiting for another huge box from Tomoko Tsukui, assist her to seek for a nice frame for her artworks in Hong Kong...

at the same time I was scolding myself to get updated for the petit morpho Japan, coz there are lots of information and pictures need to be updated -_-"
I will immediately follow up when the show starts...



now I am working on the [itinerary]
for the artist during the stay in Hong Kong for the workshop and exhibition
.....due to her tight schedule, I am a bit headache of how to squeeze the time for the press interview we received.



take a rest with a cup of tea...

a newly built hotel invited us to have a trial stay,
I forwarded this mission to my partner to have a try...

It is very interesting, some artists included some snacks, and instant hot drinks with the creation.  They know I am getting busy in organizing, and managing everything for the show...and kindly added some refreshment to me to take?! sooo moved!!



so far, we received partial collection from 1/5 artists,
however the boxes were fully-occupied placed at the back door of the office...
I couldn't imagine when all the creations arrived -_-"

it is definitely a difficult decision for everyone to make when you see thousand of creations in one time, and each one is sooo unique, and amazingly nice from the stamp' design to the packaging!

even for me as a is difficult to make.....



March.9 (Friday) 4:00pm-7:30pm "Meet Monkey Made"

( I got this little floral pot to her, coz the colours are very suit to her creations!!
...and it implies this little plant is young energetic, and keep growing up day by day ^^)

Come to meet the designer of Monkey Made

Ms. Thierry Chow will be in petit morpho on
March.9 (Friday) 4:00pm-7:30pm

There are quite alot of Thierry's old classmate visited, majoring in illustration in Canada, very talented, and currently working very outstanding in Hong Kong.

some of them are pure artists coming from Canada, shift the base from Canada to Hong Kong...showing artworks in varies galleries.

"Hi", and "Thank You"

we won't recommend the artists to create additional when the creation were completely sold out, so please if you make up your mind to target which and which artists' creation, please adopt it before it disappeared.
NO additional creations will be added during the show!
the artists participating in Stamp Show Hong Kong 2012, perhaps you won't have a second chance to say hi again in the following years of the events that we organized, it is because we need to let the other potential artists to join.

Please say "Hi", and "Thank You"
to all the artists participating in Part 1 of the show!


make my day!!...very moved!

when I am being an Octopus...I received this to make my day!!!

this is from the artist I met at the Instructors' Gathering in Tokyo last time, she came up to me and asked me for the address, coz she would like to send me a stamp after returning her home town.....she said she feel embarrased of she didnt prepare a nicer one to give me on that day!

when I said, "Thank You"
...but I keep asking "why you wanna send me a stamp?!"

...what she replied is, "coz I am living in Nagasaki, and I do stamps-carving by myself lonely in that place...and I wish someone may cheer me up to continue the creation!"

...very moved!!


what I am doing at this moment?!

(my latest favourite: shocking pink blouse; and sparkling pink flat shoes)

I am now getting busy in organizing for the next year exhibition and activities...especially for the Singaporean Artist is willing to show his works in Japan after Hong Kong in early Spring/2013; so I am waiting him to forward me an idea and see how I can make a schedule.

..and also thinking of how to display nicely at PaperArt for the Stamp Show' information.
we will display by this weekend!

my mother asked me when I have time to visit our new home in Japan....due to my busiest schedule, really have no idea...but planning for the first week of July/2012!
(I think you will allow me to take a short break after the Stamp Show right?!)

need to attend few banquets this month...
yeah I love eating!!

Charity Period: 4/1-6/30 we need your SUPPORT & LOVE!

one year after of 3.11 earthquake & tsunami,

...still thousands of people missing,
and we lost those beautiful natures.

we need your SUPPORT & LOVE!

petit morpho can do just a little thing...
we will start selling the stickers produced by Tomoko Tsukui;
the stickers & pin brooches produced by BOUS to spread the LOVE of
"mission ANNY"

All funds will goes to the charity purpose to the help the relief of Japan.

Charity Period: April.1-June.30/2012'

the artists will prepare for the donation box, so please simply donate just the accurate amount of the products, or we are very happy if you are willing to donate more!

 Thank You!!


a notice of the show.

(study and prepare well before you come to the Show...)
the artists participating in Part 1 of the Stamp Show all updated,
we squeezed into 40 artists in total.
they are now getting busy in creating, and getting into the final preparation.....
.....we are very looking forward!!! 

It is to be fair to all the artist in the Stamp Show, we only allowed each artist to show the maximum 50 creations. Some artists may try their best to show the maximum numbers; but some of them may only deliver within this number.

If you are thinking to adopt a specific artist' creation, we recommended you to pop in on the first week of the show to prevent from your disappointment. Thank You!


There are 6 selected artists will design for the
Memorable Stamps



Etsudio N




Don't forget to bring along your sketch book, to collect them all.


what kind of prize you have a chance to win the LUCKY DRAW?!we will list out the prize information during the Stamp Show.



the story is ....
we received an enquiry from the visitor from Madrid, Spain early last week...
who is coming to travel to Hong Kong on the first week of Stamp Show.
She is seeking us for the Stamps-Carving workhop while she is travelling in Hong Kong.

I was quite surprised of this enquiry, and immiedately made a special arrangement for her to offer a private workshop by outsourcing the qualified instructor.

She introduced her teacher - Ms. Ishtar Olivera (I think I can name her as a multi-crafter) who teaches Stamps-Carving in Madrid, and I had few conversations made with her ...we both are feeling very excited to organize something together in the near future in Spain.

petit morpho is getting more be international to connect all the Stamps-Carving Lovers in the world.


March.1-31/2012' Solo Exhibition by Monkey Made

Ms. Thierry Chow is showing
"The Secret of the Journey" in her Solo Exhibition

would that be a marketing strategy?!
what a coincidence, she is being featured with his dad on the current issue of weekly local magazine. Do you remember I introduced Clement Chan to Thierry last time?!
(you can track back to the past entry at here, and here)

Clement is now crazily busy in having a shooting of the coming new season of
The America's Next Top Model, as a will be interesting I believe!