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petit morpho represents a number of new invited and established artists, and is committed to introducing art with something at heart to an international audience by offering a long term collaboration and commitment. It shows and promotes both local, and international artists; the combination of established innovative artists, and younger talents makes the artistic profile of its actual, challenging, persistent, and unprejudiced.


Originals from Naoko Stoop

Some of the customers feeling curious of any Originals from Naoko Stoop arrived in-store lately in petit morpho?!

YES, we do have three (3) Originals just brought back from the last year Tokyo Exhibition.

We will display it by this weekend.

in the cloud

I have a little break for today while the artist is setting up her exhibition in the office...
I went inside of the cloud this morning (I mean in the steam room -_-")

oh~ Hong Kong is very polluted.
it is not good for people to live for long!!
the government should do something for the double-decker bus...

every time I returned Hong Kong from Japan,
Hong Kong smells bad, and getting more and more dirty in everywhere.


artists introduction

artists introduction
of Part 1 of the Stamp Show keep updating everyday!

some people keep asking me....
"will xxx coming?"
"why I cannot see xxxx on the list?"

Please don't get worried!!
we just introduced half of the participants at this stage.

Please do a study before you see the real creation from the first day of the show.
I expect all of you will get a panic or you will face the difficulties of choosing during the show!


outsource' opportunity

we keep receiving offers time-to-time from the public of seeking a qualified Stamps-Carving Instructor to give a workshop in Schools, Offices, and Community Centres.

since we reached a certain number of qualified instructors in Hong Kong at this moment, from now on when we received an offer, we will automatically do a matching with the clients' requirements, and offer an outsource to the Instructors.

If you are working on the Instructor' Qualification Certificate at this stage, and if you feel interested in and willing to receive a workshop offer from petit morpho.
Please kindly contact us for the good opportunity.  

exceptional for the student

I usually turned down for the personal interview from the press,
but it is always exceptional for the student who needs to hand in the assignment.

seems, every year there is a secondary school student approached me for the personal interview. They need to select a person to have an interview, and write a certain number of words to hand in for the school assignment.

this young lady really did a good preparation before questioning me.
the interview took nearly one hour yesterday!

actually she loves Handmaking,
and it is so surprised of receiving this Thank You card after the interview.


as a Guest Speaker

the whole day meeting at the Instructors' gathering
from 10:00am to 4:00pm
on February 18 (Saturday)/2012'

I woke up at 7:00pm; but most of the Instructors are not living in Tokyo, so they took a bullet train from their home town to Tokyo, some Instructors mentioned they woke up at 4:00am. Thanks for attending the meeting with us!

(the experienced Instructor is demo-teaching how she gives a workshop, and share the information with the other Instructors. This session is very good for the Instructors who just received the Qualification, and learn the know-how and techniques of giving a workshop by themselves.)

actually I am sooo sleepy for the whole day meeting, coz we just had an Opening Reception for the Eric Luk' Photography Exhibition the day before.

I was being invited as a Guest Speaker,
to talk about the Concept of petit morpho..
to talk about the Stamp Show Hong Kong..

First time meeting in person with the greatest artist: こまけいこ who released quite a lot of books (after Tomoko Tsukui), and also produced her own brand of fabric inkpads.

She is also one of the Guest Speakers in this meeting.
coz she released quite alot of books, so she shared some of the experiences and afterthoughts of making a book.

eh? what happened?!
こまけいこ and I are feeling lonely?!
watching what all the Instructors are doing for?!

I believe this little girl is the youngest Instructor that I ever met.
I think she is 6 or 7 years old age?
She came with her mother! 

Exchanging name cards with the Instructors...
actually I remember this lady, I met her two years ago at Stamp' event in Japan.
Unfortunately, she forgot me...and keep saying sorry to me, hahahhah!
こまけいこ is laughing for our conversation!!

busy me...busy me....
bowing for million times I think.


I had a chance to meet some of the Examiners who marked the papers for the Stamps-Carving Certificates, they are sooo professional!!

from this year, petit morpho is carrying a mission to lead the potential Instructors & Artists to show their artistic side, so it is a very good channel for the Artists who want to show their works by holding exhibition, and participating in different events we organized.

There are around 200 qualified Instructors,  plus a hundred of Artists doing their own way within Japan.  petit morpho is now selecting for the BEST from the huge pool for the upcoming projects.


a pear

now I am addicted to take a pear for everyday, instead of apple!
as usual, my routine every morning lazy work out at PURE...
sometimes at IFC, sometimes at SOHO

a pair of star is my latest favourite^^

Lunch meeting at Tokyo Midtown

I had a Lunch meeting regarding to the Exhibition preparation with 津久井 智子, and Hinodewashi Co., Ltd
at 六本木 Tokyo Midtown
on February.15 (Wednesday)/2012'

what a charming young lady...
definitely she is spreading out an artistic atmosphere from her speaking. 

It is because she is first time showing her works out of Japan, so she would like to understand more what kind of styles and designs Hong Kong people may fond of.

I prepared a little gift to her...which is a mohair scarf!!

Looking forward to seeing her in person right?!


actually there are few events need to attend after returning from Japan.

one of the exhibition is from the Photographer: Ms. Frances Tong, captured those beautiful natures before the disaster in Fukushima.


the tour exhibition starts from November/2011', and the current stop is showing at Man Yee Arcade, Central...due to the positive feedbacks received from the public, the exhibition will extend till March.2/2012'

Why not taking this chance to view these beautiful natures in a close distance!


7 toys

here is a part of Eric's toys....
he carried along with 7 toys to Tokyo

he keeps playing with his toys anytime in everywhere....
I keep eating and eating, he keeps playing and playing...
sigh -_-" hahhahaha

「Opening Reception」 of Eric Luk Photography Exhibition in Tokyo

「Opening Reception」
Eric Luk Photography Exhibition in Tokyo

February 17 (Friday)

Thanks for everyone visiting us!!

Hopefully you enjoyed the scent of 50's Hong Kong-style cafe

 back to the 江戸時代?
an interesting guest, who is a lighting designer in Japan.

champagne time!!!

wowow....everyone is taking pictures ^^

seeking for an autograph on the polaroid, busy Eric!

I believe Eric bowed quite alot during the stay in Tokyo for this time?!

February.17-26/2012' Eric Luk Photography Exhibition in Tokyo


"as time goes by"

Eric Luk
Photography Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan


it was freezing in Tokyo with snowing some days.
Congratulations to Eric, showing his photographs successfully in Tokyo.

You can also freely view at Gallery Sequel for more pictures.

again, 花ちゃん is our First visitor of the exhibition, she is waiting for the guests coming at the door like a guard! ..or should we call her as a 招き猫?


a ceiling

it is not a floor, it is a ceiling

...please allow me to accomplish all the paper document first.

Let's counting down for the Stamp Show!!


Freezing Tokyo

I just returned late last night from the business trip from the Freezing Tokyo.
The trip was crazily packed up with the meetings besides the exhibition,
not enough sleep for everyday...

I know visitors poped in last week, I will get in touch with you after settling down all my outstanding tasks first....quite a lot of appointments this week too!

will update what I did in Tokyo after I cleared up all the important tasks.

I wanna share some of the Happy News to all of you^^


something excited!!!

something excited!!!
...gonna happen with PaperArt

regarding to the Stamp Show Hong Kong 2012, we are very happy of receiving a huge supportive from PaperArt.

the details will be made officially both from petit morpho, and PaperArt after I returned from Japan, at the beginning of March.


give me a big hug!!

from this weekend, I will have a business trip to Tokyo to arrange for the
Artist' demonstration workshop;
several meetings with the counterparties;
give a speech for the official gathering;
Eric Luk Photography Exhibition arrangement.

each time I carry along with a Happy news back to Hong Kong after the business trip.
very looking forward for this trip!!
...for sure I will share with you all ^^

Please give me a big hug!!
I am working hard for everyone of you who LOVE petit morpho



since there are quite alot of applicants successfully completed the
Stamps-Carving {Basic-Level Certificate},
some applicants may go ahead to get the Advanced Level anytime.

the 3-session workshop of
{Intermediate & Advanced Level Certificate}
{Instructor' Qualification}
will start from June/2012'

*it is the last application to obtain all qualification in one-time.

it is a very interesting pheonomenon,
the number of Certificate application dramatically increasing from the first day of after announcing we have a Stamp Show in Hong Kong...thats why I am kind of 「忙到不得了」


H.K. Club

it is a good news for all the qualified Stamps-Carving Instructors in Overseas, if you are continuously being a member of H.K. Club (Hankeshikun-Club), which is a membership of all the Qualified Instructors grant for a certain merit throughout the year; and there is an opportunity to have a chance to release your Original Products under the support of Hinodewashi Co., Ltd. please keep doing best to yourself, brushing up yourself, please do something merit to everyone by promoting Stamps-Carving in your own way in your country. Thank You!


over estimated

the last two sessions to be added to meet the needs of the over estimated enquiries for the Tomoko Tsukui' workshop

May.26 (Saturday)/2012'
7) 10:30am-12:00noon  
8) 1:30pm-3:00pm
...for those who feel very disappointed of not able to attend on the weekday workshop, it is a great news for you to get hurry up to reserve a seat for yourself!

please contact for more details.
Thank You!

connect in globally.

always have a little surprise from everythings in my daily life.

....I received the greeting cards from Kristiana Parn, and Alla Kinda; they know petit morpho mainly offering lovely stamps, and they carved something to show their little heart!!

when I was drafting up my speech for Japan, there is a Japanese young lady visited she said she just finished her morning' marathon, and then came over to adopt our artists' stamps by her sister's referral!

seriously, I feel very happy of the current status of petit morpho.
.... even in Japan it is difficult to gather all the greatest stamps-carving artists in one place;
but somehow we do have in Hong Kong, in petit morpho!

Thank you for different parties support petit morpho,
assist me to connect everything in globally.


「奥行き」 「立体感」

One day, I showed the entire artists' handcarved stamps to my mom for the consultation.
She is also an artistic person, so her comments also very valuable to me!

I asked, "What is the difference between Japan, and Hong Kong stamp-carving artists?"

She said, "they are overall very good in skills and lovely for the designs; but Hong Kong artists' are not attractive enough...."

she comments, "there is no 奥行き(depth) for the Hong Kong artists'...the design is very flat; Japanese artists are very sensitive in lines to made it thick or thin to make the general image having more 立体感(stereoscopic effect)” She especially feel amazed of the lines of SnowyCrystal, she said this artist has a strong drawing power to make sure to show the specific line to be thick, and to be thin. No wonder her creations keep catching the repeaters to adopt since 2008.

Stamps-carving is a kind of Art Engraving.

After the Stamp Show, petit morpho will focus on carrying the potential artists to lead them to the artistic way by organizing different activities and events in Asia-Pacific region.

stylish taiwanese pineapple cake

received the ever the delicious & stylish taiwanese pineapple cake today!!
cannot compare to those traditional one...
very good in taste, using the taiwanese grow pineapple

when you visit Taiwan next time, please grab a box for yourself!

little illustration

couldn't expect this is popular among the instructors and students to purchase for the easy carving with the little illustration on each rubber board.