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petit morpho represents a number of new invited and established artists, and is committed to introducing art with something at heart to an international audience by offering a long term collaboration and commitment. It shows and promotes both local, and international artists; the combination of established innovative artists, and younger talents makes the artistic profile of its actual, challenging, persistent, and unprejudiced.



VVIP are coming this week to Hong Kong.

one is from Hinodewashi Co., Ltd for the meeting of upcoming event for 2012' & 2013'

the other one is the designer of Alleluja - Ms. Sawako Hayakawa, it is because she is so excited and eager to view closely of her exhibition in Hong Kong.
She is only staying two days in Hong Kong...what a rush!!! 

( owner is coming to Hong Kong to see us!!!)

there are quite a lot of restaurants I usually go were closed down,
so I need to squeeze my mind to seek the proper one.