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petit morpho represents a number of new invited and established artists, and is committed to introducing art with something at heart to an international audience by offering a long term collaboration and commitment. It shows and promotes both local, and international artists; the combination of established innovative artists, and younger talents makes the artistic profile of its actual, challenging, persistent, and unprejudiced.



this is the bag for carrying to the PURE, with a little black star!
...still squeezing the content of what I am going to give a talk at the Stamps-Carving Instructors' gathering in Japan.

want to get a soft-eraser with a sweet scent like strawberry, melon, banana, grapes or even a coca-cola.....we have some in-store now!

what did I do in the past 31 days?!
Tomorrow is February laaaa -_-"


meet two greatest artists at BooksActually

 we decided to organize a Stamps-Carving workshop, Demonstration and the exhibition at the same time by sending the highly-qualified Instructors from Japan.

both of them received quite a lot of prizes in the design contest, and the book just released included both of them as well.

Tsubuan Stamp will have his Solo Exhibition, and Demonstration;
Kotori will hold a Stamps-Carving workshop..
Kotori is the one Tsubuan Stamp the very admirest artist....

I believe it will be a very excited scenary to see both artists in a single event in Singapore!

(shuuu....both of them will show their creations in part 1 of Stamp Show this year!!)

....things will gonna happen on October 23 (Tuesday)/2012',
coz this time-slot is the only available schedule for me  -_-"

Tsubuan Stamp' Solo Exhibition will last till November 30/2012'

couldn't expect of the amazing things gonna happen in real at



BOUS is now doing a supportive campaign of


BOUS is thinking about the Energy
BOUS wants to live with the Earth peacefully
BOUS doens't like fighting
BOUS doesn't want to leave any Nuclear Rubbish to our future
BOUS is looking for real heart
BOUS loves smiling, and your SMILE
BOUS loves you!

We are now working out with BOUS,
to spread the word of "Bye Bye NUKES!" to the world.

details to be annoucnced very soon!


a talk.

aiyo~ I am being invited to have a talk at the Stamps-Carving Instructors' gathering held in the mid of February in Japan, regarding to the Stamp Show; and the activities we are organizing ahead for the coming years.

working on another project for the charity exhibition for the year-end of 2013'

alleluja exhibition keeps continue till February.10/2012'


Happy Chinese New Year!

relative gathering dinner is always too heavy for us....
this time, not the IFC Cuisine Cuisine,
not the Renaissance Dynasty,
not the Shangri-La Summer Palace..
(always dine in a mood-_-")

it is Conrad, The Golden Leaf

always too heavy for us!!
just taking a bowl of plain congee this morning,
otherwise another meal need to go tomorrow -_-"


Happy Sharing!!

Let's study and understand more about what Polaroid is...
please enjoy the talk with Eric Luk at

another nice dark beauty in Berlin
captured by James Clancy

very excited this year we have Eric Luk to show his works in Tokyo Exhibition;
next year we have James Clancy...looking forward!



growing very successfully for this year 水仙,
it is time to tie it up with a red ribbon!!


time flies...

time flies...

last year, a beautiful artwork from ippo
this year, we have alleluja decorated with 桃花


meet alleluja on January.15 (Sunday) 3:00pm

come to meet the Designer of alleluja on

January.15 (Sunday) 3:00pm

She is able to speak English, so please if you are feeling interested to chat with her...
it is the only chance to say hi to her!!!

due to the positive feedbacks received from Visitors, we will
extend the exhibition till February.10 (Friday)

Thank You!


a note..

a quick note here...

- we closed the application of petit exhibition 2013' for Hong Kong & Tokyo, coz we had already lined up for the schedules, so please if you are potential artists/creators would like to line up in petit exhibition 2014', please contact us for details.

- Stamp Show Hong Kong 2012' official annoucement made by 津久井 智子 at her official website

- Rubber boards were quickly adopted, another round will arrive very soon.



perhaps we will have a Tour Exhibition in 2013'
 to group up all the Stamps-Carving Instructors' to show their framed works
....starting from Tokyo > Hong Kong > Macau > ShenZhen or Shanghai

I wanna include Bangkok, and Singapore too, we will see!
being arranged to meet another greatest Artist in the mid of February after settling down the Photography Exhibition for Eric Luk.

if you love using the fabric' inkpad, then you should know her!!

she is the second popular artist after Tomoko Tsukui,
published quite a lot of books as well...around 7 or 8 I remember.

It is hard to tell, maybe we can invite few artists in one-time next year!



when customers asked me what did I do for the year-end break?!
to Macau, to ShenZhen, staying in Hong Kong working for a pile of paper-works..
English, Japanese.....ghost languages...

my role is slightly turning into "a Curator", somehow "a Event' Coordinator" for the projects planning ahead in year 2013'

...and many socializing.....
 (anyone sponsor me for the additional socializing expenses?!)

the first week of January makes me crazily busy o_0"

no matter what, I am always taking care of eat well and sleep well...
doing a lazy workout in the morning besides working hard!


a cage for...

is it a cage for a bird???
it is The Flor' packaging of wrapping the Preserved Flowers when the customers purchased.

There are so many large and small floral creations were adopted during the Christmas season, no matter the size is small or large....we will wrap it nicely to give the Receivers surprised. When we were doing a delivery person, the pedestrians are also feeling curious to know what inside of the wrapping!!

small pet?!!

when you see someone carrying this nice packaging,
then you would know it is from The Flor

anyways, Yummy the Preserved Flower Designer is confirmed to come to Hong Kong on March.26-30/2012'
at that time, she will create another floral pieces for Hong Kong!


VVIP are coming this week to Hong Kong.

one is from Hinodewashi Co., Ltd for the meeting of upcoming event for 2012' & 2013'

the other one is the designer of Alleluja - Ms. Sawako Hayakawa, it is because she is so excited and eager to view closely of her exhibition in Hong Kong.
She is only staying two days in Hong Kong...what a rush!!! 

( owner is coming to Hong Kong to see us!!!)

there are quite a lot of restaurants I usually go were closed down,
so I need to squeeze my mind to seek the proper one.


coming soon...

coming soon...

 new notecards from Naoko Stoop
new Originals from Lullaloo
special request ordering from ippo



come to say Hello!!! us

There is only one uniqueness in black colour,
if you found in a uniqueness version, say Hello!! to them....coz you cannot bring them home!

alleluja' exhibition


"she" used to be an Architect

we are organizing to invite a Special Guest ....
annually to Hong Kong for the precious workshop that you can save up your cost for purchasing flight ticket, and accomodation
but you grant for a happiness moment!!! with the Artist in Hong Kong.
津久井 智子 is a very well-known for her books published in many countries, admitted she is the best-known artist using the cutter-knife for Stamps-Carving.
She is the Starter of Stamps-Carving, thats why most of the Stamps-Carving artists admired her very much, like a Super Idol in the Stamps-Carving World.
田口 奈津子 is a popular Instructor always ranking NUMBER ONE in the blog viewing.
She spent her childhood time in Sweden, used to be an Architect, but somehow she fell in love in carving stamps!!

seriously, there are so many artists I would like to invite.....
YES, she promised us she is willing to have her workshop
....and Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong in year 2013.
(she is also showing her works in Part 1 of Stamp Show Hong Kong 2012)


Happy New Year 2012!!!


what did you do on the first day of January/2012?!
I was having a lazy workout at PURE IFC in the morning for "purifying" myself to start my first day of 2012', and then return to the office for cleaning, and ready for the exhibition.

Now I am getting organized all the past files and folders, wearing "Cookie Baby Pendant" necklace from alleluja created, too cute!!

Thank you for the New Year Greeting!!
It's time to visit 黄大仙to say Thank You for the past year and say hi to the brandnew year...and shake-shake-shake ^^


January.2-31/2012' Solo Exhibition by alleluja

Ms. Sawako Hayakawa is going to show you
- a mixture of porcelain, wool & needles -

"Pincushion Woods"

besides those for can wear them everyday!!!