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petit morpho represents a number of new invited and established artists, and is committed to introducing art with something at heart to an international audience by offering a long term collaboration and commitment. It shows and promotes both local, and international artists; the combination of established innovative artists, and younger talents makes the artistic profile of its actual, challenging, persistent, and unprejudiced.


catching up ....Naoko Stoop

If you dont have Naoko Stoop
any of the Originals, Prints, or even notecards?!
it is better to collect one for yourself...
otherwise it is too late to adopt one in the coming years!

one thing I need to tell you here is the notecards supposed to for sale in the market, it is now all the stocks we have now in petit morpho will be the last batch.

She is getting more and more well-known by different channels.

Her below journal books are newly released specially in Europe!

REPORT - Charity Auction by ippo チャリティー オークション

Here is the report of all the funds has successfully donated to the specific organization in Japan. Thank you once again of your participating in this auction!

You can also refer to the ippo' official website for the notice.


ippo and petit morpho are willing to assist the necessary children and young adults in the world, we are now proposing to have a meaningful Charity Auction for the stamp collection of what ippo carved on the Demonstration Day in Hong Kong

いっぽとpetit morphoは11月11日香港実演会で出来上がった作品を必要な方に寄付しようという気持ちが一致し、今回のチャリティー オークションを企画しました。


All fund will donate to
こどものホスピス プロジェクト へ全額寄付致します。

Starting bottom price is HK$500 (5,000 yen) with a set of three stamps
最低値ははんこ3個セットでHK$500 (5,000 yen) からです。

CLOSING on the last day of ippo Solo Exhibition November.30/2012 (Friday) 11:59pm HKT  いっぽの個展最終日11月30日(金)午後11:59香港時間にてオークション終了致します

Set A: three stamps with day time handle 

Set B: three stamps with night time handle 

For interested parties, please simply e-mail to with the following information オークションに参加される方は、以下の詳細も含めメール へ連絡ください。

1. Name名前:

2. The country you liveお住まいの国:

3. Emailメール:

4. Contact電話番号:

5. Bidding price希望値:

6. Set A or Set B 希望セット

The winning bidder will be contact by e-mail with the payment method on December.1/2012 (Saturday) 最高値を出したお客様へ 12月1日(土)に個別にメールでお支払い方法など含め連絡させていただきます。

The fund will be delivered to ippo directly by December.10/2012 (Monday), and he will donate the fund accordingly with the receipt showing in the both websites.  
petit morphoは 12月10日(月)までにいっぽへ送金手配を致します。
いっぽは受け取った金額をこどものホスピス プロジェクト へ全額寄付し、領収書をサイトにて公表。


last guest of year 2012 - Ms.Isabel Roxas

....before closing the end of this year,
we have one more guest to serve!!!
she will be the last guest for year 2012.

Ms. Isabel Roxas is coming to Hong Kong say hi to me!!

so fun having a casual gathering with her, and thanks for a very happy gift!
I crazily love her dinasours with a supportive message.

it is such a great motivation for me to start my brandnew year!

She will exhibit her works in Hong Kong and in Japan next year October and November/2013'



my assistant personally delivered this interesting Christmas treats to me -_-"
...need to consume these bubbles?! eh......

She adviced me to "treasure-hunt" from these bubbles pool.
how funny it is~ 有心思

Cynthia is our Project Assistant in petit morpho.
I see her growth since she was in the secondary school, to the universitry...
and currently studying for the Master degree in Hong Kong.

She is also my important "right hand" to assist me,
turning to be my Personal Assistant while I am too busy around.

VERO Chocolates the latest trend for giving away to the clients....
we received a box today, Happy!! COVA GODIVA

please grab one for yourself next time!!

Christmas gifts freebies from here and there....

you finished your Christmas shopping yet?!
my main purpose is only to collect my rings engraved yesterday at Chaumet after I finished my work...however, adopted another pair of rings dropped my coins there -_-"
supposed to be very handy for just purchasing rings....
Thanks to the saleslady gave me a bottle of champagne (soo heavy)


it is because the spending amount meets to redeem the Christmas gift organized by IFC Shopping Mall, so I received a very nice silverware of Georg Jensen.
(Thank is another heavy free gift -_-" )
...comes with another coupon for spending at Georg Jensen

(I didn't know that the shopping mall offers free gift promotion....otherwise I splited out the purchasing amount in few payment receipts to redeem at least three free gifts, stupid I was -_-" errrrr )

so I moved on to have a look at Georg Jensen, adopted little thing and again received a Christmas gift for the decoration for free....(Thank You again -_-")

didn't expect for only visiting two boutiques, received many Christmas gifts freebies...
too heavy to move on....waiting "my driver" to come to pick me up while I was taking a rest taking picture for the Christmas decors in the shopping mall.

甜品工房 The Dessert Kitchen

one of my university' mates running a dessert house lately.....

they are now planning to open a branch in Tokyo and Osaka hopefully in the mid of next year 2013, it is such a good news for the Japanese who loves sweets.


that girl?!

Do you remember that girl?!
who did an exhibition in petit morpho in March/2012

Please enjoy the article and get to know more about her!

The artists we carry in petit morpho have an interesting background,
but one thing commonly to each other is they are passionate in Art,
....creating what they love "by hands" from the bottom of the heart.

No matter their appearance is funky, weird;
you never know their backgrounds are very interestingly to know....

although surrouding people judged and appointed him/her as a specific icon, or whatever;
he/she will show you his/her real passionate side in the exhibition, so that you will get to understand he/she is an artist loves creating things by hands.


Please treasure whom you meet today, and met in the past.
Better keep in touch occasionally by sending out greeting cards or casual gatherings.
You never know that people may give you a hand in the future when you need him/her in some situation!

That's what I come across by running petit morpho;
 ...and treasure everyone I met and everyday I meet!


Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

the last business day of this year will be on December.24th/2012'
Please allow us to have a Year-end Break on

We will see you again on the brandnew year of 2013'
starting with the Solo Exhibition by Joseph Chiang on

2013' Calendar "ippo no ki"

have you prepared your 2013' schedule book for yourself? about 2013' Calendar?!

first time released in printed version by ippo
..for the 2013' Calendar "ippo no ki"

different trees for each month!


new arrivals* Capule*

new arrivals from Capule*
....changed the name from the former one due to her personal issue.


Cake Tasting Patisserie uriwari

received this charming christmas card from

we are now scheduling to organize
 Cake Tasting
....before or after the Chinese New Year...
 to introduce the varieties of new launched cakes.

my personal days...

my hair and the spirit is totally blurred in the morning, so when you have a chance to see me on the street rushing, somewhere around in IFC, or SOHO area....
 please don't call me up....
coz I won't say hi to you due to my messy look!
Just see me as a stranger would be better -_-"

getting renewal of the membership at PURE, to keep on my regular workout, yoga, pilates, and stretch tone for another 24 months.

repairing watches and rings engraving at IFC...
lots of things to follow up!!

Please allow me to handle some of my personal stuff at least on the last month of the year.


Front & Back entries updated lately?!

I am not being lazy these days, just stealing some time to pace down a little bit, sharing the time with my parents during their stay in Hong Kong; and thinking about the back office of petit morpho hopefully gonna set up in the few years later, we went to have a site checking at Industrial Buildings in Chai Wan.

We are now planning ahead for the 10 years after of the development of petit morpho.
we are studying and doing some research for the unlimited challenges.

Front Office & Back Office
of petit morpho will be happened in the coming years.


a television shooting

as our usual habitat, no matter for the newspaper, magazine interviewing;
or the television shooting....we only selected the better one.

this time they have a new television programme, to introduce a hidden place
targetting for the age of 40 years old and below who have a high spending power for the quality of living.

I am a low profile person I hesitate to be on air -_-"

....but probably from 2013,
myself' exposures will be getting higher in the public as an Event' Organiser. is time to force myself to come out from the back stage~

we noticed there are quite a lot of male Producers love what we carry.
They mostly love designing, and unique charming creations!

Christmas ippo

Christmas ornaments created by ippo just arrivals.
cute cute wooden stick!

for the petit morpho VVIP,
you are lucky enough....
perhaps being spoiled by the artists?!
ippo prepared a little x'mas gift.


I was feeling dizzy when I received this completed tailor-made stamps by ippo, coz I need to double-check all the ordering -_-"

wowow!! amazing with a seasonal colours~

You can come over anytime during the office hours with the slip for the collection.

ippo also delivered few new collection this time, will catch up with you after today's shooting!

Thank you for your patience!


additional info.

It is because of the high demand of the Advanced-Level workshop conducted by Ms. Natsuko Taguchi, we adjusted from the original Beginner's Level workshop on
May.24 (Friday) 4:00pm-5:30pm to Advanced-Level.

This additional session will be the last chance for you to secure your seat!

Thank you for your attention!

12.10.2012 reformed

it is because of the Hardcover Book of

Tour Exhibition 2013'

we fully-used all the Professionals around us... seek the team to create the ever seen stylish design from the outside cover to the inner pages; seek a Professor to final-proof each word to get a proper description;

the poster, and the flyer will be in very modern design,
it is not the usual standard size you normally think of it.

the invitation card prepared for sending to the special guests for attending the Openings of each venue will be in a stylish texture.

the presentation by petit morpho completely will be reformed from year 2013'

Looking Foward!!

12.09.2012 best old friends

(my favourite hidden place at The Upper House, Admiralty)

....catching up with lots of best old friends lately.
I usually meeting up my best friends once a year.
it's too enough, coz we are busy.

most of my best friends are doing their own business, and archieving their dreams in different industries.

whom I met last night was...
the one who is now doing a Happy Farm in China...
owned three 10,000land to grow veggies, yes three farms!!
(my goodness, extremely huge area of farm -_-")
....employed around 200+ farmers

he used to run a I.T. business before, and shifted to agriculture

....asking me for any potential artists' artworks to invest?!
oOOOO don't kidding me!!
He is in a wrong channel, hahhahaha

I can tell you my surrouding people are all tooo unique and strange -_-"
myself inclusive....

12.12.2012 (Wednesday)

It is a kind notice of...
we will have a Television shooting on the coming Wednesday
December.12/2012'   2:00pm-4:00pm

It may gives you an inconvenience when you visit petit morpho.

Thank You for your understanding!


introducing こまけいこ

if you dont know this artist, then I can tell you are not very familar to the history of the Stamp-Carving.

How about this inkpad specially for the fabrics.
I bet you might come across this inkpads before,
and perhaps you used at least once in your life time for the creation.

こまけいこ is very famous and in the same rank as 津久井智子
She published more than (10) books, and this book cover you may very familiar to I believe.

She will come to Hong Kong for the Tour Exhibition 2013' please better drop down your schedule, coz it is rarely see these two very well-known artists exhibit together.

a note.

have you started your Christmas Shopping yet?
I did a little for getting a shocking pink sketchbook with a little decor.


For your information,
all Advanced-Level & Decorative workshop conducted by Ms. Natsuko Taguchi
were FULLED. We only have few seat left for Beginner's Level workshop.

schedule & venues with the details of Opening & Activities for
「LIFE.ART 」Tour Exhibition 2013' released.
Thank you!


please don't mix them up together!

We have two individual events next year, please don't mix them up together!


「LIFE.ART」 Tour Exhibition 2013' 

March.1 - July.31

we will lead (10) iconic Stamp-Carving Artists to show their artworks in different cities, 
you have chance to meet the artists in each venue.

**especially for the stop in Hong Kong in May/2013,
we arranged and scheduled the artists to hold activities almost every weekend at both Atelier MUJI, and petit morpho.

the details will be released time-to-time,
so please don't miss this rare chance.


Stamp Show Hong Kong 2013'

May.24 - August.31

it is the annual Stamp-releated event petit morpho organized.

we have (2) guest artists coming to Hong Kong.
They are 田口奈津子、坂林明博

new arrivals* BOUS

the last collection of this year from
BOUS machine-made stamps!

Please enjoy!


BooksActually - Online Store


online store launched TODAY!

come to say HELLO!


ippo is getting ready to ship all the completed tailor-made stamps requested by all the customers very soon!!!

you may check out his afterthoughts of his experience to meet everyone of you!

my tears dropped when I was chasing of each line expressed by him.

田口奈津子 First Workshop & Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong

finally we released the ....
Part 1 & 2 of the Stamp Show Hong Kong 2013'
we will start from the workshop conducted by our guest artist this time.

田口奈津子 First workshop in Hong Kong

田口奈津子 Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong

Please check out Stamp Show Hong Kong' official blog for more details.
Thank You!


new arrivals* Okacchi

although we are busying in managing the coming year three big events

LIFE.ART Tour Exhibition 2013'
Stamp Show Hong Kong 2013'
Stamp-Carving Design Contest CHINA 2013'

new arrivals keep coming in-store time to time, so please better check it out often!

We received the latest collection from Okacchi

BOUS winter collection will be soon arrived.
a kind reminder, if you are wishing to receive the quickest arrival and notice all about BOUS, please send us email to list you up in our mailing list.

Thank you!



December 1st - 24th/2012

everything from 10% to further reduction 50% OFF

*a happy coupon can be found in our Facebook page*


November.19-24/2012 Kristiana Parn Solo Exhibition in Tokyo

Kristiana Parn will have her first Solo Exhibition at



Since we have quite a lot of meetings and appointments after returning from Japan,
please keep a patience for our updates.

Thank You!


Stamp Show Hong Kong 2013'

this year we proudly invited Ms. Natsuko Taguchi to design the general flyer of
Stamp Show Hong Kong 2013'

Here is the schedule and details of the event:

Part 1
田口奈津子 First workshop in Hong Kong
*early-bird registration starts December/2012

Part 2
田口奈津子 Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong
~ Unlimited Creation of Stamp-Carving ~

Part 3
坂林明博 Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong

Special Activity
July.6 (Saturday) & July.7 (Sunday)

坂林明博 workshop in Hong Kong

坂林明博 demonstration
at "Travel Photo Cafe" LogOn, CitySuper
(TBA for the details officially released by "Travel Photo Cafe" by March/2013)

Part 4
50+ Artists Collection Show

the flyer will start distributing in January/2013'
Thanks for your patience!

Please also check out the details at our