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"little thing shop"

First time visiting ShenZhen in my life time on December.28 (Wednesday)/2011, because we need to have a real site of the space of "little thing shop" after meeting up the parties in Hong Kong before the week of Christmas.

well~ everything amazing to me by having a first visit to ShenZhen.
getting into the china-chic atmosphere only a step of border...
between Hong Kong, and ShenZhen

the scale of space is huge!!!!
I assumed it is a few walk for each block, I need to spend at least 10 minutes to walk each of the street...totally getting lost in this OCT-LOFT village.

it is NOT a little thing shop.....
it is such a huge little thing shop, with a 2,000 sq.ft

super high ceiling floor with designer's funiture here and there.

I personally love those designer' clothes they selected..
I wanna buy some clothes back for myself, however I didn't prepare any RMB ....
otherwise I probably dropped quite a lot of cash note here -_-"

next time when I visit again, perhaps it is for my own shopping here.
Thank You for the privilage discount offer to me!!

after having a real visiting, we have some general idea to have a proposal to the counterparties and perhaps we can work something together in the coming future.

..again... Thank You very much of your gifts!
We will be back very soon.