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....completed over than 50km

yesterday I went to complete our annually bicycle ride in 2011'
we usually have a ride 4 times a year!

in this similar route, I believe we completed riding for the whole Hong Kong Island for back and forth in 4 hours...

....completed over than 50km

沙田 > 大埔 > 汀角路 > 大美督 > 船灣淡水湖水霸
return to > 大美督 > 汀角路 > 大埔> 沙田

my daily lazy work out in the fitness centre may lead myself keeping up energy to boost out when I have a long hour exercise!

starting from 沙田, what a nice sky and clouds!!

I love riding on the huge wheel bike (for men' size) ....

reached at 大埔, see the Lion Rock Mountain and 沙田 is sooo small.

saying hi! to my friend....

I can say riding from 大埔 along the 汀角路 is the most difficult part,
coz  the road is so rigid.  I had a little incident over there scratching a little of my "paw" -_-"

reached to our the end of the reservoir 船灣淡水湖水霸
this path always letting you feel it's never end -_-"

WOWOW!!! very beautiful ~

my habitat is usually put the towel handkerchief on the grab...
just completed only the half way of the ride, we still need to return to 沙田