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petit morpho represents a number of new invited and established artists, and is committed to introducing art with something at heart to an international audience by offering a long term collaboration and commitment. It shows and promotes both local, and international artists; the combination of established innovative artists, and younger talents makes the artistic profile of its actual, challenging, persistent, and unprejudiced.


architecture creates cities. cities create architecture

....besides visiting the "little thing shop",
our another mission is to check out this amazing exhibition
"2011 Shenzhen & Hong Kong Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture"
...held in OCT-LOFT is a huge village I can say!!!
it is a huge park -_-"
I was expecting to finish in one hour, indeed it is out of my expectation.

I am not in Thailand, it is my first time first experience to be in ShenZhen..
everything amazed me, and I feel Hong Kong is kind of fell behind.

wowow!!! the exhibition is toooo awesome.
the quality of creating each model to present their works is surprisingly amazing!!!

if the case in Hong Kong, I believe you have to squeeze with other people taking pictures here and there....however there is none of those craziest people here!!

it is not an Art Fair, it is the exhibition all about the architecture....
sigh~ my eyes hurt by viewing too many beautiful things!

too many things to view, and check of each......
a single comment to give.....
"ShenZhen is just one of the cities in our greatest China, 
they are even doing great than in Hong Kong!"

I am not in 六本木, it is ShenZhen

...definitely will return again!!!

"little thing shop"

First time visiting ShenZhen in my life time on December.28 (Wednesday)/2011, because we need to have a real site of the space of "little thing shop" after meeting up the parties in Hong Kong before the week of Christmas.

well~ everything amazing to me by having a first visit to ShenZhen.
getting into the china-chic atmosphere only a step of border...
between Hong Kong, and ShenZhen

the scale of space is huge!!!!
I assumed it is a few walk for each block, I need to spend at least 10 minutes to walk each of the street...totally getting lost in this OCT-LOFT village.

it is NOT a little thing shop.....
it is such a huge little thing shop, with a 2,000 sq.ft

super high ceiling floor with designer's funiture here and there.

I personally love those designer' clothes they selected..
I wanna buy some clothes back for myself, however I didn't prepare any RMB ....
otherwise I probably dropped quite a lot of cash note here -_-"

next time when I visit again, perhaps it is for my own shopping here.
Thank You for the privilage discount offer to me!!

after having a real visiting, we have some general idea to have a proposal to the counterparties and perhaps we can work something together in the coming future.

..again... Thank You very much of your gifts!
We will be back very soon.

Scription - thoughts on stationery and beyond

I am longing to see the mega chainstore may stock in some of the related materials and supplies for the consumers who are looking for the good quality stuff handy in price!

It is appreciated of his visit on the last working day on the 24th of December by having a riched conversation regarding to the current situation of the stationery market in Hong Kong.

We will have a meeting in the early January in Hong Kong with the counterparties from Japan, and definitely will introduce you to consider to have a chance to develop a "Handcraft Corner" in the coming years in your mega chainstore.

can you see...he adopted and fully-used some of our artists' creation.
beautiful artworks!!

Scription - thoughts on stationery and beyond


"Brandnew" Iaohin Gallery Macau

from year 2012', they moved down the Gallery Space from the Industrial Building into this brandnew Iaohin Gallery located in the city-centre in Macau.

the former place at the Industrial Building may use it as Private workshops & activities!!

soft-opening on December.27/2011', so we are going to have a casual visit to Macau!!

....very very interesting floor-plan,
depth inside as a long corridor!!

customers in and out because it is too new to see a private gallery in Macau.
actually there are not many private galleries in Macau, only less than five I counted. 

the Founder & Owner of the Portuguese Bookstore - Ponto Final - and he is also the Publisher of one of three daily Portuguese newspapers in Macau.
Mr. Ricardo Pinto
visited us and it is tooo excited to know they are going to set up a little cafe very soon in the bookstore!!

taking a picture with Moby who is the one taking a good care of the gallery!


Happy Boxing Day!!

(the snowman & x'mas tree is from Swarovski, serving with a little coffee plate)

...couldn't expect visitors coming in while I was cleaning up the office, and working on the paper-documents on the Happy Boxing Day!!!

sorry of our year-end break may give you inconvenience!

We will re-open on January.2 (Monday)/2012'


new arrivals* BOUS

for those customers who sent seasonal greeting cards to our artists,
we dont expect of any returned by sending cards...

however, each of our artists returned cards to you!!

they will go to your treasure box!

new arrivals from BOUS


another ...

very looking forward...
Do you remember the group exhibition held at Iaohin Gallery Macau in 2010?!
the counterparties will have another Gallery Space located on the street in the city-centre very very soon, Congratulations!!

I will be in Macau on December 27th,
and in ShenZhen on the next day the 28th for the meeting.


a visitor from Singapore visited petit morpho to view our the creations from our excellent stamps-carving artists.

He is an actual artist (speciality in screen printing, letter pressed etc, and now he is getting addicted to the Stamps-Carving), and actively holding different events in Singapore throughout the year. We are very excited to hold an activity hopefully at the end of 2012'

I love satay!!! I love Fullerton Hotel!!
I love the Night Safari!!!


「はんけし」rubber boards

we are going to offer an entire collection of 「はんけし」rubber boards from January/2012'
a handy price for everyone to practise more by using the official rubber boards.

「はんけし」rubber board contains the one of the chemicals called "Phthalic acid"
it is NOT a play toy, so there is no "CE" mark attached.
it is NOT allowed for selling to the children under the aged of 14 years old.


"little thing"

it is NOT a "little thing" for us....

this afternoon we had a great chat, and concepts' sharing with ...
Publisher & COO, Editorial Director, Product Manager

it is so excited to have something collaborated in the coming years!


OVO logue

annual gathering with the Advisor of petit morpho
 OVO logue


sparkling metallic blue

my latest favourite sparkling metallic blue wedge shoes!!!
I think no one will pick up this sparkling to wear for the office -_-"
wedge is quite comfortable than pointy heels.

have you do your Christmas Shopping yet?!
although it is so many people on the street, it is better get something you like to reward yourself ^^

Chinese New Year

Christmas is coming very soon...
but I am now rushing to work on the Chinese New Year greeting cards, and start packing up the red-pockets at the same time!

....completed over than 50km

yesterday I went to complete our annually bicycle ride in 2011'
we usually have a ride 4 times a year!

in this similar route, I believe we completed riding for the whole Hong Kong Island for back and forth in 4 hours...

....completed over than 50km

沙田 > 大埔 > 汀角路 > 大美督 > 船灣淡水湖水霸
return to > 大美督 > 汀角路 > 大埔> 沙田

my daily lazy work out in the fitness centre may lead myself keeping up energy to boost out when I have a long hour exercise!

starting from 沙田, what a nice sky and clouds!!

I love riding on the huge wheel bike (for men' size) ....

reached at 大埔, see the Lion Rock Mountain and 沙田 is sooo small.

saying hi! to my friend....

I can say riding from 大埔 along the 汀角路 is the most difficult part,
coz  the road is so rigid.  I had a little incident over there scratching a little of my "paw" -_-"

reached to our the end of the reservoir 船灣淡水湖水霸
this path always letting you feel it's never end -_-"

WOWOW!!! very beautiful ~

my habitat is usually put the towel handkerchief on the grab...
just completed only the half way of the ride, we still need to return to 沙田



again...admitted what a small world!!!

There is a Japanese Stamp-Carving Instructor living and teaching Stamps-Carving in Bangkok, passionately promoting to the local people to share the joy of stamp' creation!

we have a great passion to plan and organize an event in Bangkok in the near future, actually we have quite alot of Customers from Bangkok visiting petit morpho, coz they mentioned there dont have shops selling nice Rubber Stamps, or even Handmade Stamps.

I may need to plan for splitting out some time to fly over there!!


On the corner of 108 Hollywood Road lies this strikingly notable yet modest...


I had an early-bird meeting with konzepp33 
regarding to the Stamp Show Hong Kong 2012',
and the Preserved Flower Demonstration Show scheduling at the end of March/2012'

Everything on a POSITIVE processing!!!


all about...."Stamp Show Hong Kong 2012"

Stamp Show Hong Kong 2012'
April.1 - June.30

all details and information will be officially informed at

Official HP: 
Official E-mail:


French International School

after coming back from Japan,
petit morpho is being invited to attend the Christmas Fair
by the French International School in Hong Kong

....lots of kids and kids running here and there,
grabbing a pop-corn, and cotton-candy!

enjoying for the free stamping!!

Special Thanks to a French lady, Ms. Claude Reyes love petit morpho,
inviting us to have a fun time with the kids in the school...
and also different opportunities offering to french kids in school.

last time they invited us for the tunami charity,
however our schedule was crashed with the exhibition in May
truely, it is very happy to promote the joy of stamping;
and thank you for the greatest proposals...and hopefully we are able to schedule an extra curriculum activities with French kids next year for sure!


grab this book!!!!

please grab this book!!!
release very soon in the mid of December/2011!