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petit morpho represents a number of new invited and established artists, and is committed to introducing art with something at heart to an international audience by offering a long term collaboration and commitment. It shows and promotes both local, and international artists; the combination of established innovative artists, and younger talents makes the artistic profile of its actual, challenging, persistent, and unprejudiced.



yesterday, we went to get some Christmas decor for our entrance!!
However, I am having a Chinese New Year' shopping looking for a Chinese dress for next year to wear -_-"

Cambridge University

....received a scent far away from the Cambridge University

I bet you definitely fully-enjoy your study and life over there...
looking forward to your exhibition next year with your new stories.

刻 眞穂

do you remember the Flower Pen
....using the fabrics to handamde beautifully by

coqu maho

here is the calendar of 2012'
..again handmade by herself
carving the images and stamp on each handmade papers!!

amazingly beautiful!!

Sept Bleus @Spiral Showcase

Sept Bleus mentioned ...
she will have a Collection Show during our stay in Tokyo Exhibition.

luckily we had a chance to rush in to view her latest collection
at Spiral Showcase

I could not get in the conversation.....coz they are speaking French
I am playing myself with her hats here and there -_-"

never thought of...
she adviced me to pick any hat and accessories I like in her latest collection.

I picked this "birdie fascniator"
She said she used the antique french cross-stictched fabrics to make it!!
...beautifully-made~ Thank You!


(mini ME over there ...starring inside throuh the glass)

...oh it was closed!!!!
when we rushed to visit for the newly open...


I wanna get in......(wwuwuuwuwuu -_-")

very sad, couldnt get in for this time....
starring inside of the entrance hall through the glass window for while!

why there are so many chicken??

the person who invented the CUPNOODLES should be from Osaka ....
let me re-study the history of CupNoodles and チキンラーメン

Oriental Beach MOTOMACHI

I think you would definitely believe me ...
if I said I am in Oriental Beach in Thailand(?!)
from the pictures .....

You never believe that it is in Japan!! 

it is my first time experiencing this kind of oriental scent!!! in Japan...

looks like a hotel lobby....

interesting restaurant....
located on the toppest level of the commercial building.

Oriental Beach MOTOMACHI

second store: Petite Chambre de Yummy

we had a casual visiting of the second store of
Petite Chambre de Yummy

WOWOW!! ....what a huge space
..compared to Hong Kong, it is such a great deal without spending for extra money on renovation at all...
coz it had already furnished nicely with proper air-conditioner before moving-in!!

Yummy is a busy lady....
back and forth of the atelier and shop all the time

ummmm... a very high ceiling and a good nature day-light coming in!!!

when I mentioned about the shops she usually visits in Hong Kong
...are all disappeared due to the high rental.

She feels quite disappointed!

I am a Repeater!!!

I mentioned before our strongly recommendation of enjoying a 焼き鳥
is the one located at 新宿 called....鳥茂

I am a Repeater!!!!

the restaurant was relocated, and getting renewal due to the railway construction...
however I prefer the previous old building fulled of smoke inside of the restaurant!

First visitor of Tokyo Exhibition 2011'

actually "she" was waiting for the opening in the evening while we were setting up the display on November.20 (Sunday)....

waiting for 24 hours ....till the next day!!

our First visitor of Tokyo Exhibition is a cute 花ちゃん
living around the Gallery Sequel

this scenary is sooo interesting...see her legs!!!..and my legs!!

花ちゃん is thinking, "what Shizue is doing inside of the gallery?!"


Thank You! Gallery Sequel

(captured in the night time at Gallery Sequel on November.20)

....quickly setting up for the exhibition straight after landed on Sunday evening.

although it is a single week exhibition, and today is the last day!!
we received quite alot of positive feedbacks.

Thank You to Gallery SequelAyako san
for introducing our Artists' works during the exhibition period.

compared to the picture captured in the night time, 
how cozy of the gallery space during the day time...

we are tooo lucky enough, full of sun-shine during the whole week!

Thank You to Suzanne Woolcott,  Naoko Stoop for your great works,
We feel very proud of you two, first time showing your works to Japanese!

Thank You to Jua Love Flower
...delivering a pretty flowers to touch up the exhibition atmosphere

Thank You to Anna Cavaliere, her hats are receiving tremendous compliments of
its uniqueness design. Tailor-made ordering acceptable during and after the exhibition, coz Japan is just a beginning of getting in more colder weather.

if you would like to view more beautiful pictures,
please visit Gallery Sequel


new arrivals* LuLuCube

everyone....longing for her new collection!!!

LuLuCube prepared alot of her doggy and friends.

new arrivals* nico

for those who love bakery, or cooking, and you are crazy in "bear"...
then I believe you always fall in LOVE in nico' design!

a stylish brandnew packaging show her great sense of beauty!

new arrivals* SnowyCrystal

SnowyCrystal created a great design for the brandnew year!!
latest collection arrival....
her retro and sketching design always earn a Repeater to collect!


enquiry of the workshop

I received few similar enquiries regarding to the Tomoko Tsukui' workshop.

1) it is to given the comfortable environement to the attendees participating in the workshop, it is to fully-respect to the artist and the attendees......
it is strictly prohibited for other visitors in & out during the day from 10:30am-7:00pm of May.24 & May.25 (please do considerate to the other office(s)' people are working during the office hours)

2) the exhibition of Tomoko Tsukui starts from May.24
so it is allowed for all the attendees participating in her workshop to have an advance purchase of her exhibit items with side products before and after the workshop.

Thank You!


Request for the postcard & flyer - Stamp Show Hong Kong 2012'

if you would like to assist us for the flyer' distribution of the
Stamp Show Hong Kong 2012'

no matter you are in Hong Kong, or Overseas, if you want to place the flyer in your shops, offices, galleries, publishers, or just want to distribute to your best friends, and classmates.

please simply e-mail us anytime for the number you request with the postal address.

「スタンプショー 香港 2012」


Anna Cavaliere Hat Exhibition in Tokyo

at the same period of time on November.21-26/2011',
Italian Hat Designer - Anna Cavaliere
is going to show her stylish hats in Tokyo

the official annoucement will be made directly from Gallery Sequel by distributing the Press Release, and Exhibition Flyers within Tokyo.
it is good for Japanese to adopt her uniqueness hats to wear in Winter time!

a panda

being a panda again....

I dont want to carry the heavy coat to Japan next weekend,
but it is extremely feeling pity when you feel you dont carry enough clothes during the stay... I decided to wear a panda costume suit (if I have one) to wrap myself keeping warm in Japan -_-"

launch party

being invited to the Launch Party at
The Foreign Correspondents' Club Hong Kong
yesterday late afternoon

after that, had our annual dinner with Producer, Photographers...
getting very tired -_-"


funny scenary


funny scenary I met yesterday when I was searching for something chinese & chic souveniors for our business cooperation' parties in Japan.

these plastic piggy banks lining up on the slope very nicely!!
they are having sun-bathing.

new arrivals* DoodleTales


after his clear stamps' creation,
we received his latest collection by red leather stamp mounted on the block.
...with his kitty cat character with lots of humor!!

Naoko Stoop & Suzanne Woolcott Painting Exhibition in Tokyo: November.21-26/2011'

Naoko Stoop & Suzanne Woolcott are ready to show her Original works in Tokyo in November.21-26/2011'

the official annoucement will be made directly from Gallery Sequel by distributing the Press Release, and Exhibition Flyers within Tokyo.

If you have a chance visiting Tokyo during this period, why not poping in to say hi to them!



I was being forced to use my head to pre-modelling for the hair-piece creation by the Hair & Make-up Artist the day before yesterday.

one of the famous Photographers in Hong Kong, Mr. Almond Chu, was being invited to shoot the portraits using the pre-launch camera lens released from CANON

Chris needs to create several hair-pieces matching with the unique dresses made by stylist.
YES he is also an meet the needs offered by the clients.

the shooting held at the Forest like lcoation....
if by chances the clients love the works, you have a chance to see the real model styling interestingly with these hair-pieces from various channels.

new arrivals* ippo デコトボコ

ippo using the new name デコトボコ (means 凸&凹) switched to carved leather board from September, and his newly leather board collection arrived today!!
Now you understood why he changed the newly name for the collection released.

He prepared around (23) designs for the leather board debut collection to Hong Kong!
WOW!! very amazingly to see he handpainted for each block in different colours like a 積木

lovely of his handwritten postcard, with his handmade 2012' Calendar!!
Thank You ~



「分身不下」 is my current situation.
eventually we conglomerated all the details of next year' project....
but still please keep a patience for the flyer' released in various version!
general schedule had already updated >>>


Tsubuan Stamp is getting featured in the lifestyle magazine in Japan...
coz he was sooo shy of showing his huge close-up of the picture, so he used the pen to cover a part of...

he said, 「上手くなりたい!だからきょうも彫り続ける。」
"I want to carve skillfully, so I keep carving today!"

I can feel his passion, and motivation of Stamps-Carving...Bravo!!
He made the stamps already superb beautifully without any flaws.....
but he still wants to make each stamp more!
I believe eveyone may question him....
he is a very 謙虚 artist!