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petit morpho represents a number of new invited and established artists, and is committed to introducing art with something at heart to an international audience by offering a long term collaboration and commitment. It shows and promotes both local, and international artists; the combination of established innovative artists, and younger talents makes the artistic profile of its actual, challenging, persistent, and unprejudiced.


new arrivals* SnowyCrystal

I had a triple-surprise for the parcel received from SnowyCrystal
what a familiar character I found from the "fragile" tape for the envelope closure.
....take a pose first!! "say cheese!!"

second, although she didn't prepare alot for the latest collection for this time....
what a nice of her, she prepared alot "petit stamp gift" to the Customers who adopted her collection during the period of "Supportive Campaign of SnowyCrystal"

we will e-mail to each of the Customer who adopted her creation specially and keep it in-safe till your next visit, no worries!!