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petit morpho represents a number of new invited and established artists, and is committed to introducing art with something at heart to an international audience by offering a long term collaboration and commitment. It shows and promotes both local, and international artists; the combination of established innovative artists, and younger talents makes the artistic profile of its actual, challenging, persistent, and unprejudiced.


AsiaD: All Things Digital

you would definitely gain a lot from paying US$3,000 entry fee
the Conference held last week in Hong Kong, first time in Asia.

the creator of Twitter, Jack Dorsey is now changing the format of payments arena by introducing Square to the World.
wow...amazingly to understand his vision comes from his self-discipline.


world is small - 玄學 -

again...I admitted
the World is small....
Hong Kong is even a small city

I realized that I need to introduce my very best friend since a high school at International School: Clement Chan (who is an only son of Ghost Expert in Hong Kong) to this young lady: Thierry Chow (who is a daughter of well-known Feng Shui Master CHOW, and also a Designer of Monkey Made)

..coz they are in the same generation, I should introduce my friend to Thierry; and at the same time introducing Thierry to Clement for making friends due to the similar industry they are focusing - 玄學 - 

why is no harm for them!!
I can say it is not a coincidence, it is all about「縁」
everything is connected by 「縁」 

(cool name card....of Clement)

Clement just moved into a new office at Tsim Sha Tsui, had a casual greeting this afternoon by introducing Thierry to him.

We had a wonderful time by chatting this and that with some confidential information;
and also our business cooperation,
and dont forget to follow up his big day held next year October in Macau!!

(surely we will sponsor him a Preserved Flower Bouquet for his wedding) 

new arrivals* Kristiana Parn

a popular 4" x 6" panel artworks from
Kristiana Parn
always attract our Repeaters to adopt!!


white collar's professionals

we immediately rushed to have a group workshop last night
at the multinational company located at Pacific Place.

Thank you for allowing us to take a pictures during the workshop.

they prepared their favourite image to carve after learning the basic skills from the Instructor...starting from 7:00pm

how concentrated of the white collar' professionals
keep carving their favourite image..


Congratulations!! to Eric Luk

this is the photograph
...won the second place of "Keepod x Lomography" Contest 


no wonder he is getting busy...
 and I am also being like a bomb -_-" to wait for his updated portfolio to get prepared for the next year photography exhibition in Tokyo



please prevent from the mono-tone colours during Fall/Winter time,
let's have a colourful one to cheer up everyone on the street ^^

"All Creatures Great and Small"

Naoko Stoop is going to release her story book
next year March/2012'

"All Creatures Great and Small"

a little girl is Naoko herself?! ...
..or she is a Red Knit Cap Girl (where is her little cap?!)


a yearly change

always trying to stealing some time to do a renovation for the office...
unfortunately really have no time to arrange...almost close to the end of year 2011'
...wonder how I spent my day so far, sigh~

while my assistant was having a break in early October, we had an annual washing for the air-conditioner; and moved away the nice sound of speakers and shifted to the compact one...

ordering for a 桃花 for the next Chinese New Year approaching.

a yearly change to be done before and after the Chinese New Year.

if you have anything for the Christmas....

I am now preparing a Christmas Card with a gift to our Artists, and some of our valued Customers are very considerate enough and being nice to our artists, and suggesting they would like to send them something as well...

If you are also willing to send them "a surprise", please simply forward to petit morpho by the mid of November, coz I will visit Japan at the end of November, and arrange the mailing delivery when arrived to save the time and postage cost. I will do the postal arrangement for the rest of the Artists after I coming back in late November or early December.

If you are preparing Christmas Cards or gifts for Japanese Artists,
please simply forward it to us no latter than November.19 (Saturday) by 3:00pm;

if you are preparing for the rest of Local and Overseas Artists,
please forward it to us by November.30 (Wednesday)

Thank you very much!!


"clone" myself

what an exciting proposal received this morning...
regarding to year 2013'
YES...I am now already moving on for the two years after' schedule

from the day one, when I decided to run petit morpho;
it is difficult for me to stop and take a refreshment...
coz there are so many things approaching me to accomplish!
there are so many things for me to keep learning from....
running something related to ART always need to spend for the long-term invement;
sometimes being an Angel and a Devil for making a quick decision to proceed for the next step by applying for the "give & take theory"

I really want to "clone" myself to minimize my workload.

when I reached to 40 years old age, I will move on to my next dream career path to be a "Simultaneous Interpreter" to work globally (i.e. perhaps you have a chance to see me on WHO, WTO, United Nations' Conferences...etc that's what I dreamt for long to have this honour....who knows?!); six more years for me to makes something for you to WOW HAPPY with petit morpho, then I can pass it to someone to look after on behalf of myself.

Please Enjoy your LIFE, fulfilling yourself!!
I had already enjoyed 34 years in the past;
...and hopefully I still have 60 years to enjoy.


introducing: Monkey Made

You never believe these cute dolls are all made by Ms. Thierry Chow
the designer of Monkey Made

she is a daughter of a best known Feng Shui Master in Hong Kong, and now she is following her dad to master Feng Shui, and stealing time for making dolls!

they all make you SMILE for the funny facial expression.


her first debut collection in petit morpho already in-store, and they usually comes from the brooch pin, or phone strap for you to carry all daylong with your tote bag or on your blazer!

"Welcome to the dolly land of Monkey Made!

Everything in Monkey Made is made with soft felts and wools, like sweet colorful cotton candies.

My name is Thierry Chow and I am a doll maker, and it is a pleasure to share all my passion for the art of doll making.

Monkey Made is here today because I loved making dolls for loved ones around me, and so here and now it shall also be shared with all of you and your loved ones."


new arrivals* SnowyCrystal

I had a triple-surprise for the parcel received from SnowyCrystal
what a familiar character I found from the "fragile" tape for the envelope closure.
....take a pose first!! "say cheese!!"

second, although she didn't prepare alot for the latest collection for this time....
what a nice of her, she prepared alot "petit stamp gift" to the Customers who adopted her collection during the period of "Supportive Campaign of SnowyCrystal"

we will e-mail to each of the Customer who adopted her creation specially and keep it in-safe till your next visit, no worries!!


new arrivals* atelier g

unique object stamps from atelier g

this time she used the rubber board instead of leather board to the object stamps!
the texture of the handle is also different from the usual version.

....with 100+ different sizes and images of stamps.
please better hurry up to adopt your favourites!

new arrivals* BOUS

latest machine-made collection from BOUS
arrived in-store, most of the popular designs were quickly adopted by our valued customers...but still you can bet your luck!


this morning, I had quick organized at home of all the cards, and gifts received from the Artists and Customers...I received quite alot of greeting cards in large and small size in five years, and they goes to my "treasure"

I used the round hat box to keep them nicely!


a nice shape of "a heart" black colour



I won't forget about how impressed and excited of watching Ballet at
Palaris Garnier 5 years ago in France.
I really wanna visit this ancient building again!

the first thing pops up in my mind for the Christmas = Nutcracker
although I watched so many times from a kid with my mom, I never feel boring.

It is my only MUST entertainment in Christmas time.

....time to get a ticket!!


wall to wall

I had a cool reading this morning....
wall to wall



I had a rich conversation with a potential Architect this evening at

definitely broaden my vision towards the architecture industry in Hong Kong, and feeling very sad of knowing they are completely controlled by the major Developers. (same as other industries)

...there is less or even no opportunity for the potential Architect to reach their dreams (to build what they want due to the lack of potential lands and real Investors' sponsored)

through the conversation,
I feel I am sooooo LUCKY and THANKSFUL to what I have done before,
and what I have at this moment.
自我反省 for the whole evening -_-"


winter comes?!

winter comes yet?!

again, headache + running nose these days...
definitely my body temperature still not in a proper function.
when people says "wear more clothes!" (but I feel hot)
"very hot today!" (but I feel cold)
as usual "have an hour walk lazily" on the machine in the morning at PURE SOHO
should I take some Vitamin C tablet?!

I really wanna fly every weekend to Japan to get together with my mom and dad.

as mentioned one of my young brothers plan to get married next year-end, but he is focusing on his CFA Level III (頑張って!!) the other one is in LOVE LOVE with a flight attendant (頑張って!!) , dont know why he loves flight attendant -_-" sigh~



(a real 象牙?!)

my hair getting longer to the shoulder length, some clothes does not suit to my current image I keep them away for a while until I changed my mind to have a mushroom cut again.....but I can add some girly elements instead.


I am thinking to have a quick return to my second home after the Christmas Holiday for three days from December 27, see if I received the exhibit items on time before the Christmas, then I can consider to have a year-end break.

I never been to my new home in Japan....wanna visit my parents!
My mom usually take out the Santa Clause decor to display at the gate of the main door, I love to see him, especially with a spot light in the evening....very cool!


introducing: Studio Roxas

new designers' creation almost arrived in the same time...
I really LOVE STAMPS!!!
...especially the one from designers, thats why petit morpho takes a mission to carry what I like to share with everyone.

I wanna share these cute ninja series stamps from New York designer, do you remember I mentioned the monthly magazine "ChopSticks NY"before, yes she designed some of the cover illustration for this magazine....really want to grab a copy^^

Studio Roxas     Ms. Isabel Roxas

Studio Roxas is the production of Isabel "Pepper" Roxas with the help of some very creative, and industrious topiary bunnies.
She has been known to depict melancholy little girls, creepy vignettes involving a giant squid, and to associate with a small clan of ninja warriors (who shall remain nameless...).
She has a taste for the Odd, and for tales that go awry.

We are very excited to be in Hong Kong, and hope you all enjoy our little stamps and paper goods. Chibi warrior hails from Iga-Ueno and is guaranteed to ward off mischievous winds and tangled nerves. Heeeeyah!

immdiately want to frame this notecard for ...
the coming Chinese New Year home decor

Isabel' working space in New York.


"hide myself" come my "secret place" disappeared gaaaaaa!!!
it is so sad when my favourite spots closed down one by one due to the expensive rental.

Habitu Cafe located just on the opposite side of the Pacific Place III, is my usual visit to "hide myself", this place is my best pick....but it disappeared, wuwuwuuwuwu -_-"

I could not think of alternative one, any suggestion?!


when I was small, my mom drawed a lot beautiful pictures on the paper and let me add some colours freely...sometimes helped me to do the homework of my Art subject.

she is very good in drawing, and she actually wants to get into the Art School for the major in university...however my grandma pursuaded her to select the subject which is more useful in the society >>> English Language

...probably my beauty sense automatically educated by my mom from her selected clothes to my family members to the home furnitures, and decors.

I forgot where I get this little book fulled of the sketches of Hermes,
I think this book goes to the storage .....

my mom and I keep worrying of the storage fulled of our collection, how to pull them out "without a roomy space" -_-"

my dad said, "your mom needs a garden to place her boxes one by one, otherwise she cannot get organized properly"



室 麻衣子(Ms. Maiko Muro)visited me from Japan yesterday.

her colourful creatures made from ceramic are very unique with additional touch of her stay in the past at Mexico.

She won a lot of prizes, and collaborated with different industries with her creation.

You can check her website at


When I flapped over the Fortune magazine this morning.

The T-shirt needs help.
Because the cotton crop it's made from absorbs thousands of litres of water.
WWF is helping farmers grow thirsty crops, like cotton, rice and sugarcane, more sustainably with less water. This takes the pressure off freshwater ecosystems, benefiting people and nature. We also help businesses understand the amount of water in their raw materials and final products, so they can be more efficient, and look after nature as well as their bottom line.

seriously, I was sooo shocked of making a pair of jeans consumed 2,906 gallons of water.



I found these cute soldiers from the net last year,
and I adopted them home for the Christmas Tree decoration.

They are sooooo cute!!!

all little size ornaments and decors may attract me to adopt right away...maybe you see them as a toy for kids or rubbish, but they all goes to my collection!

I visited London when I was studying in university, and I crazily love to see the soldiers standing at the gate, they are really tall and I want to touch those black tall hat...but London is a real dirty city -_-" it is worth to visit the muesums, and see those beautiful buildings.


I miss my parents!

I am soooo alert on my health condition not to consume tooo oily and too tasty food
coz it is not in a stable condition after the recovery from last week -_-"

my mom will return to Japan tomorrow....
haven't seen my dad for two months, so I sent him a written postcard last week and he was so surprised of receiving, he said no one caring him but only me, hahaha
I miss my parents!!

again I need to take care of myself, my maid and my old cat (need to buy him a bag of cat food tomorrow...heavy)

wanna watch movies at Cyberport....
but all my friends are fully-packed of their schedule.