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petit morpho represents a number of new invited and established artists, and is committed to introducing art with something at heart to an international audience by offering a long term collaboration and commitment. It shows and promotes both local, and international artists; the combination of established innovative artists, and younger talents makes the artistic profile of its actual, challenging, persistent, and unprejudiced.



(Dragon is a very difficult creature to create....
somehow he had already made a 2012' New Year Greeting card -_-"
working hard, and moving ahead....powerful!!!)

indeed, he is a real hardworking Full Time Stamp-Carving Artist

Tsubuan Stamp

he is busy in running around in Japan, every corner of the cities...
to promote the joy and share the fun of Stamps-Carving.

He is one of the Excellent Artists that I have met.

apart those lovely designs...
sketching, and cool designs always attracted the majority of people who love art.

There are some customers keep requesting for his second visit to Hong Kong....
we will consider for this special arrangement.
Thank You!

「はんけしくん カラコレ」

o0h my god....
my favourite artists released their rubber board called
「はんけしくん カラコレ」
each pack includes their illustration

They are ....

津久井智子 in "sky blue & leaves"

ふわふわ堂 in "chai & herb"

yuki (BOUS) in "tomato & cream"

sorry, I have so many information need to output here...
but tell you one thing secretly here,
津久井智子 is now designing the flyer for the "Stamp Show Hong Kong 2012"


 Baymie International Co., Ltd
the company run by our Floral Designer: Yummy (Ms. Yumiko Ishii)
she established the second store in Japan

The Origin is an one-stop service with atelier, chapel, shop, and restaurants to meet the needs of private occassion for the customers by holding a wedding, floral lesson, anniversary celebration, or even a doggy training etc.

Now she splited out the atelier, and the shop for the roomy space of the expansion.
...busy her, she will visit Hong Kong again few days next month in October, to follow up the orders received from our customers, and if time available she will create some small pieces with baby-theme due to the majority of requests from the baby-boom these years -_-"

anyways, I am busy as usual....besides studying and working in some other day,
well~ I can control my time management very well.
Don't worry! I sleep 8 hours daily....

something "clay"

...just finished the last exhibition for this year, not in the best health condition but needs to work on for the next year a big project to follow up with the related parties.

petit exhibition runs annually introducing a creators selected from all over the world to Hong Kong. Thank you for everyone do appreciate of what we have done before, keep cheering us which is our great motivation to bring something new and exciting for everyone every time to broaden your vision, give you a happiness in your life!

petit exhibition 2012'
the first clay artist being shown in petit morpho
from Tokyo Japan

the exhibition flyer will be released in the mid of October


REALLY it is so hard to convey just how perfectly made these tiny porcelain creatures are,
you need to hold one in your hands,
feel the smooth,
glassy glaze next to the warm and fuzzy felt.

(the raw clay colour is beautiful too.)

introducing: Sieben Morgen

(one of my favourite country-side houses)

we would like to introduce a Stamp Designer: Ms. Tinee Häcker from Germany

she is a very considerable lady, well-packed nicely for each stamp with a pizza show everyone her debut collection in Hong Kong.

here is the message from her:

"Hello, my name is Tinee Häcker.
I'm a freelance artist, illustrator and printmaker from Stuttgart, Germany.

In 2007 I have launched my little label Sieben Morgen to offer original prints, handprinted paper goods and all kind of souvenirs from my printing studio. My favourite techniques are linocut, collage and handcarved rubberstamps.

The first stamp ever that I have carved was a classic chop stamp. I had brought some blank soapstone chops from a very inspiring trip to Bejiing some years before and this started everything.

Today, after 10 years of carving, I'm very happy to present the first Sieben Morgen Stamp Edition to Hong Kong here at Petit Morpho!
My early handcarved rubberstamps served as prototypes for these signature stamps. They are made of grey rubber which gives a great print, which is easy to clean and suitable for all kind of inks, mounted on eco-friendly beech wood from german origin.
Besides of my love for stamps and prints, I like cake for breakfast, singing cats and birds, polar bears and childhood stories. I like to think of my work as a tribute to every day's beauty. It's all about love, respect and dedication.

Thank you, Dankeschoen!"

but still ....

I thought I am getting better than last week from the illness....
but still ....not in the Best condition

catch up with the appointment with two young ladies who are going to hold their exhibition, and my former company' boss is coming to Hong Kong to say hi to me on this weekend, so I think I may need to take more rest either on bed or at the corner in the office -_-"

new stamp designers' from Germany and New York, their creation had already arrived in-store. Why not poping in to check them out before I dropped an introduction here!


Q: What is 「はんけしくん インストラクター Hankeshikun Instructor」?

はんけしくん インストラクター Hankeshikun Instructor」is the person with a unique character, and do promoting the はんけしくんHankeshikun and the joy of Stamps-Carving. All Hankeshikun Instructors obtained the officially qualification issued by Hinodewashi Co., Ltd after taking different level of certificates.

They are automatically qualified as one of member of H.K. Club (short form of Hankeshikun Club) carrying the mission of doing an official promotion. There are around 105 qualified Instructors in different areas in Japan, and other countries, treating Stamps-Carving as a hobby; as a job; as an Art by creating, and teaching.

けしごむ・はんこ・てん』 is usually selected a certain number of “はんけしくん インストラクター Hankeshikun Instructors” to show their works.

『けしごむ・はんこ・てん』 (pronounced: keshigomu-hanko-ten)

けしごむ = rubber/eraser

はんこ = stamp

てん = exhibition

If you are the qualified Hankeshikun Instructors, you might very familiar to the following names of Instructors, because they marked your certificates and dropped down valuable comments on each page. If you are being alert, you would recognize some of them are carrying in petit morpho.

 後藤美知子、清水みほ、坂林明博、yuki、岩澤美和、河内久恵、たわら*じゅんこ、木木屋、田中杏奈、竹之内ゆかり、テラピィ、みずの ゆか、井出美貴子、Okacchi、やまなかてるこ、ナカノリユミ、今川茂美、飯塚みどり、江連判子店、tugumi、SnowyCrystal、どやまゆか、はやしかな、吉岡かおる、とみこはん、うめつる、gilli、梶田千寿恵、石井朋子、ふねまる、SUNDAY、いとうまき、pino、かとうみのり、*みい*、じょうじゅんこ、ヤシマシホ、siro、yamarin、kiri、森本香、わだゆみこ、フルハタ、kei*choco、田島玲子、えみ~ご

Q: what is 「はんけしくん Hankeshikun」 ?

The origin of hobby of 「消しゴムはんこ Keshigomu Hanko」(rubber/eraser stamp) is in Japan.

The specific name of this hobby 「消しゴムはんこ Keshigomu Hanko」started by Hinodewashi Co., Ltd which is the company originally producing and making of Rubber Boards in Japan.

The rubber/eraser you are using for carving stamps are called 「はんけしくん Hankeshikun」.

Hinodewashi Co., Ltd is the first company produced a rubber board especially for the Stamps-Carving.

The first rubber board was invented in year 1995 collaborated and produced with the Stamps-Carving artist Ms. Nancy Seki; After that, the company keeps producing variety of products by collaborating with “Stamps-Carving Artists”.


we are going to give an information for everyone to pre-study first to understand more about the official organization, and the related committees for the next year Stamp Event we are going to hold.


Thank You!! Sept Bleus

First time to show hats in petit morpho...
First time to introduce Sept Bleus in Hong Kong...

the feedback was good, although we expected Hong Kong people are not used to wear hats on street, at least they would feel interests and amazed of the design and comfortable fabrics and texture of hats when trying on each.

men are always complaining for no choices of hats in Hong Kong...
Sept Bleus request the needs for them.

different nationalities of visitors in and out....
finally I was not feeling well on the last day of exhibition -_-"

Sept Bleus visiting Jaycow' studio

Jaycow Millinery invited Sept Bleus to her studio....
sharing information and the latest works she did.

visit so many times to Jaycow' studio, so I am playing with my ownself...
touch here and there....saying hi to her pet: turtles

ofcourse, not to forget to get an autograph from Sept Bleus...

Sept Bleus feels excited of all the hats made by Jaycow....
wanna try this and that, and Jay assists her to put properly on her head nicely

they both are stylish person!!...
however, I can see Jaycow' studio is getting more messy and messy each time I visited -_-"
seems she is living in a garage....

because Jay bought one of the hats from Sept Bleus' exhibition, so she is now getting me a cheque.....but Sept Bleus is having fun on her back being "Marie Antoinette" 

do you remember this hat with lots of feather in different colours were being shown in the window-display at Joyce boutique in Central before?

.....that was huge and heavy!!

.........checking out some books related to hats and fashion
see??!!! the white chair was feeling lonely.


Milliners' gathering in Hong Kong

that would be an exciting scenary to meet two greatest Milliners in Hong Kong.
They are Jaycow Millinery, and Sept Bleus....
First, here we are going to show you the scenaries of Jaycow' visiting on the First day of exhibition on September 16 (Friday)

exchanging namecards...both of them are very excited!!
FINALLY they meet in Hong Kong, by chance of this exhibition.

Jay loves all hats, especially the one made in 和紙 which is very new and amazed to everyone. Thats why she adopted one from the collection, and also the red heart brooch!!

Jay mentioned she immediately created a nice hat before the day she visits this exhibition to see the designer. Sept Bleus is trying Jaycow' creation on her hat!!!



try all the hats you want!!!!

are you ready to say "Bonjour", or "Konnichiwa" to the Hat Designer
- Sept Bleus -
Ms. Nanae Matsunobu

it is definitely an interesting scenary that you ever seen in petit morpho.
Three days exhibition will start from September 16, 17, 18/2011'
with a special opening from 12:00noon-6:00pm

why not be the first one to try all the hats with a personal consultation provided by the Designer!


9/16-18: SEPT BLEUS "The Dictionary of a Heart"

if you would like to understand more about Sept Bleus,
please refer to our past entry for more details at here

She is going to show you "The Dictionary of a Heart"
....with Hats, and Things!!

a kind note here, please save the date onSeptember.16-17-18,
special opening hours from 12:00noon-6:00pm for three days.

besides a variety of Hats you can freely try it on,
she will also show her side creations for your selection, such as fascinators, brooches, ceiling mobiles, and other decors.


my latest addiction

my hair getting longer and longer to the shoulder now....
so I am now addicted to collect different sizes and colours of hair-clips addiction always depends on that moment, thats why "my rubbish collection" kept in everywhere....and always feeling headache of the storage -_-"

a step-up of our Instructor

since the year of opening, our policy never change....
we don't offer any materials at all, even Customers are strongly requesting.
...coz I specially don't like facing those deadly materials everyday in-store, I prefer starring at our selected artists' creations which are more attractive to us!

nowadays, there are lots of people knowing the way to get the basic materials for Stamps-Carving, it is very good for everyone to easily start this hobby without worrying about the lack of materials, and tools.

Here is a quick update for our Japanese Instructor!

after the article released, she received an offer from the multi-national companies to be invited to give a group workshop from November onwards, if you are looking for her private workshop, please keep a patience till next year February/2012'

It is good for her to have a step-up to challenge and promote the joy of Stamps-Carving, spending time with a group of thirty people in 2.5 hours, ofcourse I will accompany her to assist and do a translation.....I think I would be the tirest one -_-"

we treat "them" as....

we treat "them" as FINE JEWELRY...
to place a security guard to accompany with "them" to prevent from any damages occured during the shootings.

if you notice from any Japanese wedding magazine, and Fashion magazine, they love placing the flowers to touch up a little bit; However in Hong Kong, we rarely can see the flowers, I mean a bouquet when presenting with the wedding dress (probably they dont have any additional budget on buying fresh flowers coz it is easily died, fresh flowers cannot stay for half days, or even a whole day), thats the reason....our preserved flowers are very popular for the location shootings, and decor a little bit for the background.

...especially for the "cascade" style (below), because they are large in size....and the colour combination is very comfortable-looking compared to any floral shops in Hong Kong.

if you view closely, and compared to any designs in the outside market...
the way of designing the handle and the ribbon arrangement are presented in very modern, not just simply wrapping around and tie it up a simple ribbon.

I notice majority of brides in Hong Kong are not realized that there is a rule of holding a bouquet in a correct way -_-"

each floral creation has their own name as an art-piece...
coz they are one-of-a-kind "floral-piece"

"Mist", and "Ocean Secret" are being used for the fashion shootings last week.



please don't eat too much moon-cake on Mid-Autumn Festival.



introducing: Alla Kinda

Alla Kinda (Txesco, and Yuyuka)
from Barcelona, Spain

....delivered a Hong Kong debut collection of "flipbooks"

There are (24) different flipbooks in-store.

"We are interested in the world of illustration and animation for about ten years. We would like to move our experience in these fields to the creation of daily objects. Among other things, we proudly do these little handmade flipbooks. They have 60 pages of funny animation! The measures are 9.5x4.5 cm. The cover is printed on Fabriano white ecological artist paper and they're also handmade bound.  We hope you enjoy them!"


"Stamp Show Hong Kong 2012"

tiny tiny routine works reached to a big project!
we accomplished each hurdle one by one.....

"Stamp Show Hong Kong 2012" planning ahead

..cooperating with the official Organization in Japan,
we will deliver the First Stamp Event in Hong Kong

more or less very similar to the stamp events in Japan,
....but we will present it in a stylish way to be more international.