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petit morpho represents a number of new invited and established artists, and is committed to introducing art with something at heart to an international audience by offering a long term collaboration and commitment. It shows and promotes both local, and international artists; the combination of established innovative artists, and younger talents makes the artistic profile of its actual, challenging, persistent, and unprejudiced.


a note

ippo adviced us to clear out all the existing creations in 50% OFF,
and he will start his new idea with new creation from next time!!

for those who loves trees and houses.......
it is a great chance to adopt in an attractive price, hurry up!!!

new arrivals* Tsubuan Stamp

what a busy full-time Stamp-Carving Artist,  
Tsubuan Stamp
...attending in different activities and events throughout the year
....but he never forget about us, our Hong Kong' Fans!!

keep your eyes open to select your favourite one!
he delivered (again) a hundred variety of designs of the latest creations today.



this is toooo cute
.....Red Knit Cap Girl with her bunny are swinging!!
it reminds me the circus.

Naoko Stoop & Suzanne Woolcott will have their first exhibition in Tokyo this coming November, to show their Originals.

we hope more and more people LOVE their works!



finally we selected a black stylish arm-chair to replace our existing brown colour one. Everything in the office spent days for nearly 7 years, renovation is planned to have during the winter time while we have no activities and events.

now I am working on the schedules for year 2012'

SUMMER SALE keeps continue....


MUST consume

I MUST consume the followings everytime I visit Japan:

waffles (very crispy)
soft-creams (milk is very good)
bread (butter smells so good)
banana (smells banana)
strawberry (why tastes sooo strawberry)
ice-sorbets (from different convenient stores, cannot find in Hong Kong)
cold noodles (cannot eat in Hong Kong)
sushi (fresh, and inexpensive)
toriyaki (cannot eat in Hong Kong)
you know what is too amazing to get what you see in the picture' menu.
they are serving you the exactly the same or better than the picture in the menu....
but in Hong will totally get disappointed -_-"

I never do shopping in Japan, only do eating......
if you do love shopping and eating, then you would easily get bankrupt in Japan!


please keep a patience to all the artists' their latest creations will be soon to delivered to petit morpho. Original artoworks and Framed Prints are showing in-store for your home renovation if you recently moved into a new apartment.

why not spare some time to deocrate your sweet-home!
I keep changing displaying what I love in petit morpho, and "they" are smiling to you every time^^


new arrivals* Schnick! Schnack!

new arrivals from Schnick! Schnack!

her tiny tiny "das Alphabet"
using her A-Z alphabet handmade stamps
indicated with each animal' in Dutch language...


Abercrombie & Fitch

really looking foward the 3rd flagship store of Abercrombie & Fitch will be launched in Central, Hong Kong....
(the current Shanghai Tang on Pedder Building will turn into a stylish A & F very soon)

have you visited the one in New York, and the one in Tokyo?!
just like you are in clubbing very dark inside with a loud music,
 all Sales are the fashion models....

please dont miss this 11-stories A & F flagship store in 銀座,
beautiful stairs captured from the 11th/Floor.

mini booklet

another quick annoucement of the Stamps Illustration mini booklet released by SnowyCrystal attached on the monthly interior magazine "my little home!"

grab a copy for your collection.



when I was doing a quick organized to bring down all the heavy magazines and books
from the top level of the bookshelf to the floor,
few times ups and downs....
finally I hurt my waist, and getting painful for a week.

feeling pain when lying on the bed;
feeling pain when trying to wear the pant;
feeling pain when bending my knee to have a nail polishing
feeling pain when laughing;

getting a little bit better for a short of time,
and again the pain returns yesterday....
today I walk quite slow just like an old woman -_-"


a tes souhaits!

as mentioned I had a meeting with the Clay Artist in Tokyo,
actually she is living in 吉祥寺, and she prepared a surprise from this famous patisserie:

why this patisserie is sooo hot in Japan lately?!
it is not only because he creates a delicious patissere;
but also he is very keen on using those macaron, chocolat, and candies to put them as one of the fashion elements.....

I carefully brought back some of her clay' creations,
they are toooo cute!!!

She is coming to hold her First Exhibition in Hong Kong
next year January/2012'

very looking forward!!!...
the details will be released in the latter half of this year.

ZEST Cantina

if you love to bet your luck to meet famous Japanese actors/singers/celebrities/models in Japan...ZEST Cantina may give you surprises.

it is built as a broken garage just like you are in America.
they served American cuisine, like chicken wings, pasta, pizza, ribs...and salads.

the interiors are very beautiful and stylish.....
for both indoors and outdoors!

ZEST CANTINA EBISU is the most stylish one!!

this time, we had dinner with the Floral Designer.


Many Thanks!

Many Thanks!

cute cute....hand-cut out the shape of "little Heart" by herself
and I believe this stamp would be a memorable stamp for her!

(if you remember, it is from our former artist: irodori-hanko)

Stamps Illustration Book

for the BOUS - Lovers.....
and I know there are quite a lot of people also like the artist called Mizutama....
they are grouping together with the another popular artist called Mogerin
to release an Stamps Illustration Book in this Summer.

Please grab a copy for your collection!!


"Tokyo Home Ateliers"

strongly recommended you to grab a copy of this book
"Tokyo Home Ateliers"
you can see the most well-known Tokyo Creators' their stylish home atelier decorating with pretty stuff, and check out their living styles.

Sept Bleus is one of the Creators featured in the book. 
Why not grab a copy before she comes to Hong Kong for the exhibition in September!
Now I am wearing her hats in the office ^^ Love it Love it~

my another favourite Creator - Murder Pollen - is also being featured in the book.

new arrivals* BOUS

BOUS delivered the latest coketti(s) and her latest stamps' collection directly to the Hotel during my stay in Japan...thats why I returned to Hong Kong with them to say hi to everyone!

SUMMER SALE starts from the 1st of July to the last day of August,
it is a great chance to adopt the favourite(s) in this summer!
since my assistants need to take a Summer vacation for July and August,
you may have a chance to see me in person!!

cuddly brown

銀座 is my favourite area that I can easily find the beautiful flagship stores located on the main street; and a stylish shops here and there.

this little cute bear attracted me to say hi to all the handmade teddy-bears.
it is called "Cuddly Brown"

less people in Japan

(comfy at the Business Class, no time to watch movies in Hong Kong...
so I watched Coco Chanel, Black Swan, and Somewhere on the flight this time ^^)

80% leisure, 20% business for this time gateaway to Japan.

very hot in Japan....
and it is not energetic as usual for this year even they are having a Summer Bargain.

less travellers,
less air-conditioner,
less electricity lights,
less people shopping on the street...

it is definitely ever the worst scenary I saw in Tokyo.
I could imagine how worst it was straight after the disaster happened in March.