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petit morpho represents a number of new invited and established artists, and is committed to introducing art with something at heart to an international audience by offering a long term collaboration and commitment. It shows and promotes both local, and international artists; the combination of established innovative artists, and younger talents makes the artistic profile of its actual, challenging, persistent, and unprejudiced.


new arrivals* nico

sweet sweet candy colours packaging from nico
the latest collection arrived in-store.



you never know
...our working members turned into various roles to assist the Floral Designer during her stay in Hong take it seriously to make an official introduction of
"Preserved Flowers"

I am not only a Spokesman of "The Flor by petit morpho",
but also being a Translator, a Cleaner, a Helper, an Assistant between all related parties...

the Floral Designer designed a stylish bracelet....supposed
however the Floral Stylist suddenly tried it out on my neck to see how it looks like. can see I have no facial expression at all ...
coz I just turned into that certain role when being asked -_-"

la la laaaa~ ♪this is cute decor right?

the Floral Designer created this little gift to the new 3 months baby-girl to the Photographer

we are not likely to use those typical iron/metal bouquet-stand,
how stylish it is for using a glass stand....with lots of sparkling crystal inside!!!

"round" is a very common and typical shape for Hong Kong people using it for bouquet...
or probably the majority don't know the other designs due to the lack of designs to select from the market?

besides round shape, only preserved flowers can create for this kind of flowing line called "Cascade", "Tear-dropped" shaped as well. 

each creation has its own name comes with the
"Completion Date" and "Designer' Signature"!!
it is because the Floral Designer created/designed each from the beginning.

it is the most expensive floral creations in the World...
but keeping "forever" just look alike a fresh flower as you want without watering.

my hair

enamel low heels is my latest favourite
...could wear in the rainy days!!

"mushroom" is not the trend anymore, my hair stylist said so....
but I like convenient, just using fingers to comb my hair every morning -_-"

when I keep asking for "please cut my hair...please please...very hot and annoying!"
he ignored me for every time of my requests....sigh~
now I am getting used to use a hair clip to simply clip it up.

I will be the FIRST sale sale!!!

be the FIRST.....
(yes, that would be for me to jump in the pool of good bargain fashion items at Lane Crawford?!)

my brother just announced he is going to get married next year-end,
my parents will return in the mid of July to have a host dinner.
....and I incidently (yes, dropped my notes -_-" ) grabbed a RED Valentino short blazer to attend.
...ummmm I have soo many excuses to buy nice clothes and accessories to attend for my brother's important day!!

they need to hold the Chinese-style banquet, and my parents are not likely to attend that kind of annoying gathering....hopefully they will make the stylish and compact one!!


"Thank You!"

(the card is from Schnick! Schnack! handpainted by the crayon....real nice!)

sorry of my tight schedule everyday delayed to say Thank You to everyone who poped in during the stay of the Floral Designer in Hong Kong.

I understood some Visitors felt disappointed of not seeing me in person for the casual greeting while I was accompanying with the Designer all day long.
my brain was indeed stucked by extreme tireness -_-"

Thank you for all cards, bakery cookies with lots of cheerful e-mail messages.
for sure, I will return my little compliment one-by-one after I returned from Japan!

"Thank You!" from the bottom of my heart!!

"one apple"

keep busying everyday...
and it is good to view this clear scenary at The Peak after the office work!

Thank you to myself to have a good health while socializing with the important guests.
although I had a pair of panda-eyes, maintaining a good health is the most important asset for myself to keep running petit morpho, and coping with related parties.

"one apple" is a MUST for everyday!!
You would easily find me biting an apple sometimes in the office -_-"


Pixar: 25 years of Animation' Exhibition

(wooooo....I am on the pizza-planet with lots of Aliens)

finally I can split out a time to visit the
Pixar: 25 years of Animation' Exhibition

we are afraid of the crowded when we arrived, but only a few group of primary school' students finished viewing the exhibition, and lining up at outside of the exhibition hall.

we spent for nearly 2 hours to view those detailed initial sketches using marker, and pencil....amazingly to see the beautiful effects by only using a pastel and acyrlic!!!
they are not only have a creativitiy; but also an extreme level of drawing and painting techniques.....some using the charcoal, and the hairspray are tooo awesome, they are a great artpiece I can tell.

if you havent' yet visited this exhibition, I strongly recommend you to go immediately.
Last day will be on the July.11/2011'


new arrivals* SnowyCrystal

new collection arrived from SnowyCrystal

slightly different from what she created in the past,
the designs are more in details!!

"Supportive Campaign" to SnowyCrystal keeps continue till the end of August.


a meeting in Tokyo arranged with the clay' artist in Tokyo in early July
to discuss about her next year early Spring' Exhibition in Hong Kong.

I am sure these 1.5-2.5 inches tall Critter makes you happy welcome for a brandnew year 2012'


floral shooting

I can tell was the most tireness week for everyone!

Yesterday we had a floral shooting at the studio.

Million Thanks to Mr. Calvin Wong,
a Photographer who specialized in Product's shootings.

We have a Make-up Artist, Mr. Chris Yu, immediately turns into a Floral Stylist to assist the Photographer for the floral arrangement & placement.

Floral Designer: Yummy is very excited of her creations is going to have an official introduction in Hong Kong.

Here is the design of the business card..
"The Flor by petit morpho 

the website will be officially released by the end of this month, after inserting few floral creations.....please keep a patience!!



check out these cute MONSIEUR series
...with different colours of scarf, and facial expressions

you still have 2 weeks to view her nice works!

Cosas Minimas
Ms. Blanca Gomez

from "early bird" to "late owl"

(leaves are also preserved from the fresh one, and need to create for each stem to make it more natural when arranging with flowers. it is amazingly to notice some leaves keep the scent from its original.  )

our working hours with the Floral Designer starting from this Monday is early morning to the late mid-night to accomplish our targetted numbers of creations by today Friday before having a studio shooting tomorrow.

truely, I had a Black Panda-Eyes -_-"



The Floral Designer Ms. Yumiko Ishii (Yummy: the pronounciation "you-mi")
...and myself are just like the above "Bees" working something together 
all related to flowers from this week Monday,
to have an official brandnew introduction of "Preserved Flowers" in Hong Kong to have a stylish concept of simplicity and elegant floral arrangements for all people who loves beautiful flowers, or treat it as a "floral-artpiece" to appreciate the colours, designs, and the arrangements in a different and unique ways.

Yummy gave me a pretty present ...
a pair of Bee' clip-earring!!!

tooo cute to clip on anywhere like on the plain colour heels to decor a bit besides clipping on the ears. (actually I had a ring exactly the same as this earrings....coz I love this design is because it is all HANDMADE from a European Designer!! It is made by glass!!)


new arrivals* Schnick! Schnack!

Schnick! Schnack! the latest collection arrived today!
her alphabetical series is my most favourite design ever seen before.
...too cute to have, coz she is learning German, so all the name of animals are in German language, she disclosed a little bit from her blog...check them out!!

You can simply pick up the initial of your name!!

two kind of animals' with (4) different facial expression in a pack to stamp on the post-it...
tooo cute!

label stamps are very useful for you to mail your letter to your friends!

 She promised us a real mini-size "alphabetic' dictionary" will be delivered next round.
arrrrrrrr.....they are tooo cute!!

about SnowyCrystal

this morning I received a message from SnowyCrystal...
...mentioning that her living is getting resumed little by little, and it is easier to get what she wants in her city in this month.

She feels very appreciated of what we have done in the supportive campaign, and she would like to send her new creations to Hong Kong!!

Although the "supportive campaign" continues till the end of August/2011',
please do keep support her existing and the new arrivals' collection,
as mentioned all funds will automatically donate directly to SnowyCrystal.

Thank You!


the coketti

for those who missed BOUS' solo exhibition 2009' and group exhibition 2010',
great news for you to check out her latest coketti(s) will be delivered to petit morpho
by this Summer

although the original shape of wooden coketti(s) discontinued;
she will create coketti(s) with a new shape to say hi to everyone!!

the BOUS latest collection will be released shortly after I returned from Japan in early July/2011' 


"three cities"

have you adopted your favourite piece from the current exhibition yet?

have you visited these three cities in your life yet?
...try to save money to visit at least once in your life time!!


The Flor by petit morpho

will be launched very soon...
...with the personal arrival of the
Preserved Flowers Designer Ms. Yumiko Ishii (Yummy)
coming to Hong Kong during the week of June.12-20/2011'

it is tooo NEW to Hong Kong people to get to know about the Preserved Flowers.

Preserved Flowers is not only made from the real fresh flowers, but also it is kind of a "floral artpiece" that you couldnt believe techniques and skills applied in each arrangement.

certainly, education is necessary to apply to Hong Kong people who didn't know about the Preserved Flowers.

the Designer will create few pieces of floral arrangements during her stay in Hong Kong.

we only accept an internal referral with the corporate clients at this moment;
but we also do accept the exceptional offers from the individual.

There is a few samples of large and small floral arrangements will be displayed in petit morpho, but majority would be transferred to the corporate clients.

Thank you for your understanding!


business card

it is time to "refresh" my own personal business card of petit morpho...

There are (6) different designs!

actually we only distribute the general business card of petit morpho, and I seldomly give away my own personal business card to Visitors....