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petit morpho represents a number of new invited and established artists, and is committed to introducing art with something at heart to an international audience by offering a long term collaboration and commitment. It shows and promotes both local, and international artists; the combination of established innovative artists, and younger talents makes the artistic profile of its actual, challenging, persistent, and unprejudiced.


beautiful effect

immediately having a display arrangement for tomorrow' June/2011' exhibition...
pretty and colourful works delivered by Blanca Gomez

you would see the beautiful effect when you check out this work closely!!(shown above)

...before displaying,
I was on the phone, and busy in preparing for the guest coming to Hong Kong on the following weeks; and at the same time
....arranging myself' itinerary to have a gateway to Japan in early July

6/1-30: Cosas Minimas petit exhibition in Hong Kong

after sova*, we will have a straight ahead petit exhibition delivered by the Spanish Artist 
Ms. Blanca Gomez      Cosas Minimas
She is a Graphic Designer, and Illustrator based in Madrid, Spain.
If you are used to flap over some of the design and culture' magazines and booklets, then you would very familiar to these eye-catching designs.

I was totally fell in LOVE in her illustration fulled of Mid-Century' colours


"sparkling pops" many things to manage and handle like being an Octopus -_-"
24 hours a day is not enough at all...
still need to split out some little time to handmade a pretty thing to free giveaway to our Visitors to cheer them up or giving them a little happy surprise!!

I quickly made these sparkling pops for the coming month' freebies for everyone!
I only prepared (20) pops for this time
....sorry cannot eat -_-"

...very HOT!

official introduction featuring our Stamps-Carving Instructor
to be published in the Summer issue.
(umm...very HOT!)


one week left...

one week left.....
for the sova* Exhibition

it is time to say Thank You & Good Bye very soon.
the Last day of the exhibition will be on May.29 (Sunday)

If you would like to keep checking out her creations after the exhibition in Hong Kong, you may simply go to her website for the latest event that she is going to participate, when you have a quick gateaway to Japan may have a chance to say hi to her!


introducing: LuLuCube

introducing our latest Stamps Artist: LuLuCube

She delivered (10) Handcarved Stamps .....
with a single set of handmade letter-set for your collection!

*LuLu Cube*のPoco*です。




..helping Gorjuss

due to the difficult situation they are now facing in the livings...
we supposed to keep her existing Original(s) to show in Tokyo in latter half of this year....

after thinking for one day, we changed our mind....
we would like to pull them out if you would like to adopt her Original(s), we treat the same as one of our SnowyCrystal who faces the disaster few months ago in Sendai-city....

we cannot do anything here in Hong Kong,
but at least we would like to show our support to cheer up Suzanne...
we would like to see her keep creating Gorjuss Girls!

petit morpho only have few Originals, Framed Prints, and few Limited Edition Prints at this moment......all available to adopt from this Saturday May.21/2011'


get to know about Gorjuss - Suzanne Woolcott

If you remember Suzanne was not feeling very well for her health condition since our last year group exhibition 2010', this moment.

we keep praying for her since then, and her partner: Grant keeps getting in touch with us for her health condition...finally he dropped a page telling us the real situation that they are now facing. Please read here if you love Gorjuss!


I am HAPPY to see ....
recently I found Gorjuss' merchandises offering in a mega bookstore in Hong Kong!
more and more people get to know Gorjuss Girls, designed by Suzanne Woolcott.

tooo adorable!!!

we are really looking forward to our upcoming exhibition
....delivered her "cosas minimas" to Hong Kong

we received her ALL ORIGINAL(s) today, and
they are tooooo adorable to collect any piece of her work!!

it is her first time to show her works in Hong Kong.
the show starts from June.1-30/2011'


Sept Bleus S/S 2011'

my hat finally received....carefully hand-delivery by Ayako san

actually I ordered the hat last year in Tokyo
when I visited the Sept Bleus' S/S 2011' collection,
wow...the fabrics of the hat is extremely nice,
and I love the shape of the hat....

another handmade creation for my closet collection,
if you would like to see Sept Bleus in person, she is coming to Hong Kong to say hi to everyone in September.16-17-18/2011'

no excuse

there is no excuse to pop in late in this sova* exhibition..
there is no excuse telling us that you didn't know this sova* exhibition...

still you have time to check out her existing creations,
understanding her concept behind of each creations.

very beautiful patterns, and colours that you never believe they are from the oldies

good bargain....fabric

we've been lots of different places here and there last week.
sova* ofcourse need to check out the fabric market at Sham Shui Po for the good bargain.

this time, Ayako's husband also joined the trip....
thats why we have to focus two important guests to have a good cuisine at The Chairman

indeed, very interesting scenary~


a good memory for the sova* workshop

two days' sova* workshop held on Saturday & Sunday
extremely happy for everyone to creat a beautifully cardcase with a vintage fabrics.

I am sure all the participants are very satisfy of the cardcase they made!
We cannot imagine we can made these cardcase with a simple materials.

Thank You to Ayako-san assisting half of the participants who needs your hands...

I was being a "verbal translation-machine" sitting next to sova* to deliver the languages throughout the workshops; and assisting at the same time for the rest of participants.

sova* mentioned ...
Hong Kong people are smarter than what she thought,
she insisted ...probably smarter than Japanese -_-"

...hopefully the exhibition and the workshop may give sova* and all the participants a very good memory in your diary!!

a casual demo...

on the First day of sova* exhibition,
a couple of press crew members to have an interview with sova*
for her exhibition in Hong Kong.

a casual demo....requested by the press!!

Thank You sova*

All the exhibit items are available to adopt right away during the exhibition,
if you are looking for some carrying bags,
we are afraid to tell you that it is a little bit late for you to pop in....
coz most of the popular designs were adopted on the first week.

it is the LAST chance to adopt the creations made by sova* in petit morpho

new arrivals* Jua Love Flowers

We have Repeaters keep adopting different style of preserved flowers...
seems they are addicted to it to collect various designs from Yummy

it is very sophisticated and presentable to send preserved flowers' gifts to someone you respect!!  After the Mother's Day, Yummy rushed to deliver some latest collection in the mid of this week....which are very adorable again.

new arrivals* nico

busy week with sova* exhibition and the workshops. arrivals from nico are secretly displayed in-store.


welcoming sova*

We open everyday during the sova* exhibition

the opening hours will be:

Monday-Friday: 12:00noon-6:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 12:00noon-4:00pm


5/11-29: sova* Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong

sova* Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong
"Cherishing the old; Creating the new"

She will give a precious workshop on May.14 & 15, to share the joy of happiness of using different vintage kimono fabrics to create a lovely cardcase.
sova* released her book as well, so if you love fabrics then you should get a copy at the bookstore in advance to have a study before her arrival.

Ms. Kaoru Ishikawa 
Fabric Designer

meeting with James Clancy

it is my pleasure to meeting Mr. James Clancy yesterday at Iaohin Gallery in Macau...
stepping my favourite Vivienne Westwood wedgie to have a casual walk at Macau-city before saying hi to the gallery.

I found lots of familiar faces, and ornaments here and there^^
it's been a whole year haven't visit the gallery since petit morpho anniversary group exhibition held in last year.

I am looking forward to view something colourful in the coming exhibitions...
to have an interaction with different age-groups of Visitors.

(the Founder of Iaohin Macau: Mr. Carlos Kuan,
looks like a little fans standing next to Mr. funny)

Thank you to Mr. Clancy for the Book just had published in Worldwide,
and it is my honour to have a chat and sharing the view of your photography.


Mother's Day!!

we arranged for "a welcoming gift "for all the Visitors on the first week of sova* exhibition, it is specially made from a young lady who learnt bakery in Hokkaido.

Mother's Day is coming very soon!!
one of the ladies selected a preserved flowers in a jewelry case for her mom, be adviced to ship to Overseas on time (yes we do have a delivery service to anywhere for anything you purchased in our gallery shop)

besides, some new machine-made stamps arrived secretly from last week, check them out before the sova* exhibition starts on May.11 

sova* workshop on May.14 & 15

"sova* workshop" May 14 & 15/2011'
The Designer of sova*, Ms. Kaoru Ishikawa, is coming to Hong Kong to give a precious workshop during her first exhibition in Hong Kong. She is going to teach you how to make a card-case by yourself of using vintage kimono fabrics without any needles and thread. If you are not keen on sewing, then it is a happy news for you to have a try to create one by yourself!

May 14 (Saturday)

May 15 (Sunday)

please kindly contact at for more details.



to say "Thank You" from the bottom of my heart
to my parents, to my partner,
and all the people I met in the past 30 years in my life.

petit morpho was officially founded in May/2008' ....
it is becasue of a Taiwanese Editor featured me in the book she was planning to publish,
the idea and concept of petit morpho immediately arose in my mind.

I set up petit morpho while I was still working as a Personal Assistant to the Executives.


I am going to turn into 34 years old age in the mid of May,
always....tell myself it is necessary to contribute my abilities and knowledges to the World, to the people who needs my assistance.

always...working in globally is my ideal in my life!

from today, petit morpho is not going to manage by my ownself due to the broaden streams we are going to focus, always.... happening  by chances cooperating with creative and smart people from different industries.

always....cooperation and contribution will occur in our projects!