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petit morpho represents a number of new invited and established artists, and is committed to introducing art with something at heart to an international audience by offering a long term collaboration and commitment. It shows and promotes both local, and international artists; the combination of established innovative artists, and younger talents makes the artistic profile of its actual, challenging, persistent, and unprejudiced.


Tokyo Exhibition for 2011/2012'

the schedules of Tokyo Exhibition for 2011/2012'
are all in progressing...

Naoko Stoop & Suzanne Woolcott
Painting Exhibition 


Anna Cavaliere
Hat Show 


Eric Luk & Kit Yip
Photography Exhibition


Kristiana Parn & Blanca Gomez
Painting and Illustration Exhibition


message from sova*




Hello everyone in Hong Kong!
I am sova* Kaoru Ishikawa

It is so glad to deliver my creations to Hong Kong,
I feel very happy of it.

All the creations I made are from Japanese antique kimono,
and vintage fabrics from Overseas.
These OLD items were supposed to thrown away by people,
but they are turning into NEW form.
This is what I would like to extend the meaning behind the people used;
 and connected to the present time.

They won't make you feel they are very old....
please enjoy these beautiful fabrics, and freshness patterns.
Looking forward to see you all in May!

Kaoru Ishikawa


"a signature"

"it is not only a name; but it is also a signature."

petit morpho is turning itself as a signature to classify into various streams!
we are now revising the main website,
....and the new version will be launched by this Summer.

[Macau] May.7-31 Photography Exhibition "Border Country" by James Clancy

if you remember....
 petit morpho had a group exhibition in Iaohin Gallery, Macau
last year 2010' for the anniversary celebration.

Iaohin is now gradually become one of the unique galleries in Macau.
The gallery is privately-owned by a Founder who loves Photography in his leisure time, and he has a passionate to invite different photographers and artists in the World to show their works in Macau, to give out valuable opportunities to the citizens and Art-Lovers to view closely!

a Photographer from Berlin  , coming to Macau in person on May.7 (Saturday)

it is free for everyone to participate to share the experiences with him,
if you have time why not poping in with a glass of champagne
during the Opening Reception starts from 3:00pm-6:00pm

*I will be there to have a relaxing time as a guest for this time!


4/30-5/30 "REVERIE" Exhibition

the exhibition is organized by "Mint"
after the pinhole exhibition we introduced in the previous entry,
again Eric Luk is very hot, to be invited one of the guests to exhibit his works in this "REVERIE" Exhibition as well.

it is great to see he keeps polishing up himself get challenging in different shows to earn his portfolios!  if you have time, why not poping in to have a cheer up support on the
Opening Reception April.30/2011' 4:00pm


a note.

due to our strategy consideration,
from September/2011',
we are more focusing on the Japanese, and International Artists
(no matter the category is from Stamp, Paper, Clay, Fashion etc)
we are NOT considered to committ with any local artists at all.
*local artists participating in exhibition arranged by petit morpho both in Hong Kong, and Overseas' will be treated in a one-time committment.

Thank you for your understanding!



If you want to study about the history of 着物 (Kimono),
you have to spend at least a decade to study about the history of Japan,
....and the story behind of each Kimono of its patterns, colours, fabrics etc.
it is truely difficult to get the exactly the same vintage Kimono fabrics in the market,
sova* is treasure this rare Kimono fabrics she hunted from different places, to extend its story behind to re-make into modern goodies for the present moment.

sova* is not only re-making,
but also expressing her feeling to treasure her Concept by creating these to us!
indeed, there are so many varieties of products you are able to select from different places in nowadays in a Commercial World. However, how many people may treasure what you are using in a everyday life?!
No matter your daily belongings are from your favourite brands;
or handmade by yourself;
or even re-making it from your favourite fabrics or materials...
sova* wants to express to
"treasure each vintage Kimono fabrics,
by re-making them to suit your needs,
to extend its valuable meaning behind!"


a sample of preserved cascade-bouquet

it's been a while from the last year the first collection Yummy carefully delivered by herself from Japan to Hong Kong in October 2010, after that we had 2 collection' deliveries were all adopted by the corporate clients internally, so most of the collection not be able to have a chance to leave it to petit morpho's Customers.
eventually, Yummy prepared quite a lot of small size of preserved flowers for this time.
..with a sample of preserved cascade-bouquet will be displayed in petit morpho for you to take a closer look!! "Cascade-Bouquet" is very popular in Japan right mentioned before, why not keeping it "forever" after your Big day or important occassions instead of throwing away.
.....and we do have a rental policy to meet your budget!

the price of Preserved Flowers are much higher than Fresh Flowers.

*all the orders will be taken priority through the internal referral.
Thank you for your understanding!


Pinhole Photography Exhibition "Primitive Vision"

If you dont have any knowledge regarding to "Pinhole",
then why not giving yourself a learning time to visit this interesting

Pinhole Photography Exhibition
"Primitive Vision"

organized by Mr. Martin Cheung the Photographer who is also a Pinhole-mania
with the other 14 pinhole lovers to share their works!

hurry up~ the last day will be on May.2/2011'
at LCX Art Gallery

it is my first time to see Naoko Stoop
....using the pink colour-tone for her creation.
I had a real complicated feeling when I first viewing this painting.
Most of the Hong Kong people prevented to visit Japan after the disaster, but it is definitely need to cheer up the Japan Economy by visiting Japan and spending in person, which is the most speedy and direct way to make everything resume to the normal life for every single Japanese. I am scheduling to say hi to Japan in late June for few weeks!

my mother just returned Hong Kong the day before yesterday, she said earthquake occurs at least 3 times everyday like taking a daily meal -_-" it is unusual and feeling not very well for the health condition for keep shaking that frequent.

she mentioned, there are not many choices in the supermarket, very short of pet-water bottles...but everything everyone keeps a peace of quiet, just hanging around the neighbourhood. if you have an experience visiting a poor country, then you would imagine the situation is......the department stores, banks, and supermarkets are sort of dark inside because of saving up the electricity power.



we received an official letter today informing us
one of the Hong Kong participants submitted...
...won the Prize
organized by Hinodewashi Co., Ltd

Her creation will be show and display in the coming "Japan Hobby Show" from
which is the largest Handmade Hobby Fair held in the Big Sight, Tokyo.
After this event, Hinodewashi Co., Ltd will also make an official annoucement for all the Winner's name and their creation on their website.


...proceeding internally

Yummy had informed us that she employed additional assitants to follow up the needs from the ordering in Hong Kong.....(she is a super busy woman, but she handles most of the designing, and leave the simple task to the assistants)  

everything settled....
plus our riched connection to the fashion people,
...and the experienced Professionals (Photographers, Make-up Artists, Event Designer etc)
no matter the wedding bouquet, seasonal arrangment, hotel/cafe interior decor, window-displaying, and small gift arrangement are able to use both fresh and preserved flowers.

preserved flower is made from fresh flower with organic chemical added to keep it as a real flowers, with soft texture, and beautiful colours....and it is "eco-friendly"!!
...after using in a single occasion, you can keep it as long as you can with your good care without any water spraying.

we have to save our planet of not wasting our beautiful flower...
why not keeping it "forever" instead of throwing away after using them?!

Yummy is an exclusive Floral Designer in petit morpho, with our well-known local is proceeding internally verbally with their clients who love Preserved Flowers! 

 it is also very welcome for anyone feeling interested in adopting a specially-made by Yummy in petit morpho to have a real look! (she will deliver another set of collection by this month-end....always her collection were adopted very quick by the corporate' clients)

YES, it is very amazing the flowers itself wont have any damages at all. Yummy usually ship the preserved flowers with the clear protective case and the base to make it stable, thats why when anyone adopted her collection, it comes with the protective case and the base as well, so that you can keep it with or without the case at home ^^ 

besides, Yummy will also handle all the exhibition' floral arrangement in Japan that we organized in the coming years.


"selected models"

which artists' creations caught their eyes to be captured in the article?
they are pulling out the antique chinese cabinet to set it as a little studio
....with their "selected models"


save the date on Sept.16-17-18/2011

everyone has their own role to accomplish in everyday....
every artist is spending days and time absorbing the update trends...
... to make use of his/her creations.

who is the Heroin?
...the artist herself/himself!

who makes Heroin feeling happy and satisfy in her/his stage?
....the surrounding supportive audience!

it is not happened in a short period of time to be chosen as a Heroin,
but it is awesomely cannot describing in a simple word from the people' appreciation.

........alot of tiny tiny or maybe a boring routine things gathering everyday,
may lead you a big succeed in one day!

Jaycow Millinery, is one of the hardworking creators in Hong Kong,
is looking for more and more audiences appreciate her Hats!

She mentioned she will make a nice hat to say hi to Sept Bleus in September!!!
Looking forward to see both Hats Designers in Hong Kong ^^
please "save the date on Sept.16-17-18/2011"

Spring has come....

Spring has come....

Let me have a quick note here!!

1) Supportive Campaign for cheering up SnowyCrystal will extend to August.31/2011', she has completely no mood to carve any stamps in this moment, and will take a rest for a while. The current situation at her homeplace is NO GAS to use.
Besides supporting her creations, you may consider to write a message in a notecard instead, we will deliver everything when the situation is getting resume to normal.

2) we have limited seats left for the sova* workshop on May.14 (Sat) and May.15 (Sun) sharing the period with Ms. Kaoru Ishikawa to "Cherishing the old; Creating the new" by using an antique kimono to remake a modern cardcase.

3) sorry for the media' inconvenience, we only accept Press interview once and twice in a year. "Press Release" will be specially issued ONLY for the Exhibition.

4) any matters would like to make an appointment with the Founder, Shizue Takehara, please simply contact at or through our Assistants.


additional information

petit morpho is now carefully managed by the Founder and the Assistants to have a systemetically documents organized and well-planned management!


we have a cheerful Assistant Manager Hoshino
.....and a charming Exhibition Planner Tomoko 
to manage all the general matters in petit morpho;
but it is always welcome to make an appointment with Shizue by e-mail or through our Assistants during the office hours.

Thank You!