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petit morpho represents a number of new invited and established artists, and is committed to introducing art with something at heart to an international audience by offering a long term collaboration and commitment. It shows and promotes both local, and international artists; the combination of established innovative artists, and younger talents makes the artistic profile of its actual, challenging, persistent, and unprejudiced.


introducing: Schnick!Schnack!

we are longing to have a new Stamps-Carving Artist to join from this year.
from the packaging, and presentation....with a high sensibility of her colours!!
you would definitely fell in love in her creations!
Schnick! Schnack!    Ms. Megumi Suzuki



Earth Hour 2011'

it is time to have a continued support to our annual campaign
Earth Hour 2011'
March.26 (Saturday) 8:30pm-9:30pm
Thank you to Kristiana Parn to design a campaign poster.
Her signature rabbits are turning into puffy clouds!


new arrivals* ippo

an attractive new collection from ippo
this time we have (5) creations comes with his original colouring postcard in the pack!

although he is living around the Osaka area,
he feels very cherishing of saying "good morning" everyday;
"very delicious" when eating rice;
and stay with the important people around you....


please contact directly to the official organization...for the Money Donation

Thank you very much....
to many of you concerning and offering an assistance for the Japan Earthquake.

Money Donations in support of "the Earthquake Relief in Japan" can be made by the official way indicated in the Consulate-General of Japan in Hong Kong

we keep receiving some cards and goods from the Visitors to instruct us to deliver to the specific artists in Japan, hopefully the messages and the items would cheer them up in their life to get rid of the difficulties.

However, the current postal service is stopped and being delayed due to the shortage of electric power, and the access of transportation between the provinces.

It is to securely deliver the cards and items to the specific artists in Japan, we will hold up until the services are returned to normal to prevent from the lost.
We will certainly make an annoucement of the delivery here in the blog after we shipped out. Thank you for your patience and understanding!


Supportive Campaign to SnowyCrystal

we believe she is not able to create for more until she resume her living as usual.

petit morpho will automatically donate all funds from her collection of each sales occurs to "SnowyCrystal and her family members" for our supportive energy.

*supportive campaign effective from today March.16 to August.31

We wish her to cheer up and get recovered from the fearness!

If you have any better way, would like to give her a supportive energy, please simply forward it to petit morpho...and we will gather everything together!

Thank You!


cheering up

actually I bought the flight ticket for myself in the early of this month for having a sakura-viewing in Japan with my parents, and assist for the house-moving at the same time...

due to the sadness tragedy, I may need to postpone the trip.
petit morpho will cancel all the anniversary' celebration. mom adviced me not to go, and better stay in Hong Kong for just-in-case.
it is not a funny joke, my mom bought alot of candles,
and instant food today to pack in her luggage.

some provinces have a shortage of electricity power, water, gas, and landline.
everyone is trying their best, cheering up themselves to get back on the usual livings....
...but it is very limited and a very big difficulties with various shortages.
people in Hong Kong should be very comfort of living in a lucky land!

Thanks God!

Finally I received all the artists they are all safe with their family from the disaster.
I feel very comfort from that, coz it keeps making me soooo worried from last Friday.
Thanks to BOUS for contacting me for the Happy News this afternoon about SnowyCrystal.

SnowyCrystal is safe with her family, they were actually spending days in their car,
and finally get back to her homeplace last night.
However it is difficult for her to spend days as usual,
so please give a supportive message to her to get recovered from this tragedy.


earthquake, tsunami, nuclear leakage.....
complicated situation....
Everyone had a complicated feeling for this "uncertain"

my parents are flying to Japan tomorrow,
and I have a worried, and complicated feeling.
everyone in Tokyo mentioning that this time the earthquake is tremendously huge,
and last for few they feel not comfortable and feeling sick by shaking for so long, and dropped and broke everything at home. Tokyo is like that situation, then you can imagine how powerful to the main location.



nuclear power leakage?!
another terribly unbelievable happening after the earthquake....
I am terribly worried about our artist:
and her family members


....lots of friends and customers keep calling me and texting me yesterday
and asked me "are you in Hong Kong or Japan???"
"your parents and grandma are in-safe or not?"
Luckily my parents are now spending days in Hong Kong,
but they are returning next week -_-"

no one knows how's my grandma' situation, coz everyone knows her house is 斜斜地 due to the frequent earthquake occured in the past 30 years -_-"

My home in Japan is located along the Tokyo Bay very closer to the sea-coast,
so we believe some damages could be find.

after the earthquake occurs,
I immediately worried about SnowyCrystal and her family
...coz she is living just in the centre of 仙台市.
She dropped the entries on Thursday evening regarding to the earthquake happened on the day before, her 40 years old town was heavily shaked she mentioned.
...then how about the one happened yesterday?!


iconic buildings

iconic buildings from all over the World...
designed by Yellow Owl Workshop from California
Ms. Christine Schmidt received her BFA from the Corcoran School of Art
and has exhibited across the US.

She recently published her first book:
"Print Workshop; Hand-Printing Techniques and Truly Original Projects"


it is a little bit late to say Thank You to ippo in here...
but we could feel from his words in e-mail, and letter.
.....during the exhibition period,
he was creating something NEW for his upcoming events, and
also reserved a few for Hong Kong. if you love mature designs, then please don't miss the new collection will be in-store.

He is a "Cool Creator",
you may feel mysterious in his works!

"Toy Story" ....on her working desk

I agree!!!
 it is too cute for this folder from "Toy Story"

...and now we found lots of ornaments on her working desk from our
Stamps-Carving Instructor, ハン先生

She immediately made a stamp!!!
very funny and cute, just like a children' drawing.


"passion & motivation"

no matter you are very busy in raising your kids at home;
no matter you are in the mid of career;
if you love your works....

"passion & motivation" are always connected!

Jaycow loves Eason; Eason loves Jaycow' creations.
They respect and appreciate each other.
it is truely MONEY cannot buy the relationship between each other.
we can feel it from the bottom of our heart, and time may tell us the truth^^
what a passionate Milliner in Hong Kong.
Jay is a real passionate towards her hat-making, and she immediately gets back to her works in her atelier after delivering her second baby-boy after the Chinese New Year!

petit morpho the 4th Anniversary Celebration Exhibition' Invitation Project

petit morpho the 4th Anniversary Celebration Exhibition' Invitation Project

"Let's Celebrate with YOUR Photographs!"

It is to celebrate our 4th years anniversary, we would like to invite everyone to get participate by displaying YOUR Favourite Photogaphs in petit morpho.

Everyone can particiapte, and display any kind of photographs.

It is a Casual, Fun, and Free exhibition for everyone!

Exhibition period: April.1-30/2011'

Exhibition theme: FREE

The size of photograph: 4R size

Participating Fee: FREE
(*each participant is only allowed to display maximum 5 photogrpahs)

Delivery Deadline: Please deliver your photographs by the image files by e-mail at; or printed photographs on or before March.27/2011 (Sunday) in person or by mail to petit morpho - 506 Commercial House, 35 Queen's Road, Central, Hong Kong

*We will label the name of each participant under their photographs.
*all photographs will be kept in the project album after the exhibition ends.


introducing: Baking Maniac

we received these sweets from the popular
"Baking Maniac" in town. we immediately share these with the Visitors today!
His mother is famous to teach an Indian Cuisine, and Cooking classes are usually held in her lovely homeplace, and also in the CitySuper Culture Club occassionally.